Tuesday, April 17, 2007

CONFLICT: Standard Isseu Vol. 2 88-94

Remixed by C P Jerwood, the fourteen tracks are taken from various Conflict projects and packaged as a follow up to Standard Issue Mort 40.

The Ungovernable Farce
The Ungovernable Force
The A Team
These Things Take Time
Slaughter of Innocence
A Message to Who?
The Right To Reply
Climbing the Stairs
No Island of Dreams
Great What?
Punk Innit (Live in the USA)
As Others See Us (Live in the USA)
Banned from the UK (Live in Brixton)
** pw = hangoverhard

D** Link :-))) http://lix.in/b50f03


7inchcrust said...

thanx for the Conflict stuff and especially for The house that man built 7". and great blog with awesome stuff!

Las said...

cheers from Denmark and thanks a lot for putting all these records up.... great stuff from all favorite subgenres of r´n´r ! Keep up the good work!