Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chron Gen: Live at The Waldorf

Chron Gen was formed in January 1978 and the line-up was: Glynn Barber (vocals, guitar), John Johnson (drums), Pete Dimmock (bass), John Thurlow (guitar). It took some time before band released it's first single as D.I.Y. After that record labels changes fast and bands style developed more and more melodic. Best success band had with the Chronic Generation LP which hit the Top 100 for one week - position 53. The last studio LP was pure melodic pop.

1. Lies
2. Jet Boy, Jet Girl
3. Clouded Eyes
4. Reality
5. Fiasco
6. Houndsofthe Night
7. Behind Closed Doors
8. Misadventure (Nowhere to Run)
9. Wasted Love
10. Breakdown
11. Outlaw
12. Mindless Few
13. Subway Sadist
14. L.S.D.
15. Abortion
16. Living Next Door to Alice
** Razor Records
** Covers: (No)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
** pw:

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mcoak said...

Very good band.
I know Reality and Lies, but couldn remember from where and who played.
I search the discography band over various sources but could not discover the record year in Waldorf:(