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BUZZOCKS: Alive Tonight (ep) 1991

Buzzcocks are an English punk rock band formed in Leigh, Manchester in 1975[1], led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Pete Shelley for nearly their entire existence. They are commonly regarded as an important influence on the Manchester music scene, the independent label movement and punk rock/post punk in general. They are primarily remembered for their singles, a string of would-be hits that combined a strong grasp of pop song craftsmanship with rapid-fire punk energy. These were collected on Singles Going Steady, the CD version of which is a complete document of their 7" releases. The widely-covered "Ever Fallen in Love?" remains one of their best-known songs. The name "Buzzcocks" comes from a Manchester slang term "cock" meaning "youngster" and its use in the 1970s ITV television drama serial Rock Follies when the line "that's the buzz, cocks" or "give me a buzz, cock!" was heard.[2]....
*** CD released 1991 (UK) as Planet Pacific PPAC3CD
Vinyl 12 inch also released as Planet Pacific PPAC3
Vinyl 7 inch released with only tracks 1 and 2.
From 1991 demo sessions for the Trade Test Transmissions album.
(See 1991 demos entry for complete list of tracks recorded during these sessions).
Produced by BUZZCOCKS
Songs written by [a] Diggle [b] Shelley

1. Alive Tonight [a]
2. Serious Crime [b]
3. Last to Know [b]
4. Successful Street [a]
** pw = hangover
D** Link :-))))


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