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BUZZCOCKS: Chronology - Demos and Outtakes (1997)

The band was formed by guitarist/singer Pete Shelley (real name Peter McNeish) and singer Howard Devoto (real name Howard Trafford), both students at Bolton Institute of Technology (now the University of Bolton). They shared common interests in electronic music and American proto-punk groups like The Stooges and The Velvet Underground. In late 1975, Shelley and Devoto recruited a drummer and formed an embryonic version of Buzzcocks that never performed and which dissolved after a number of rehearsals. After reading an NME review of the Sex Pistols' first performance, Shelley and Devoto travelled to London together to see the Sex Pistols in February 1976. Shelley and Devoto were impressed by what they saw and arranged for the Sex Pistols to come and perform at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester, in June 1976. Buzzcocks intended to play at this concert but were unable to recruit other musicians in time for the gig. Once they had recruited bass guitarist Steve Diggle and drummer John Maher, they made their debut opening for the Sex Pistols' second Manchester gig in July 1976. A brief clip of DeVoto-era Buzzcocks performing The Troggs "I Can't Control Myself" appears in the Punk: Attitude doumentary.
By the end of the year, Buzzcocks had recorded and released a four-track EP, Spiral Scratch on their own New Hormones label, making them perhaps the first punk group to establish an independent record label. Produced by Martin (Zero) Hannett, the music was roughly recorded, insistently repetitive, and energetic. "Boredom" announced punk's rebellion against the status quo while templating a strident musical minimalism (the guitar "solo" consisting of two repeated notes). The demos recorded while Devoto was in the band were later issued officially as Time's Up. Long available as a bootleg, this album includes the alternative takes of all the tracks from the Spiral Scratch EP as well as early version of tracks that later appeared on the official debut Another Music in a Different Kitchen.
After a few months, Devoto left the group; he returned to school for a year, then formed Magazine. Pete Shelley continued as vocalist; his high-pitched, melodic singing stood in stark contrast to the gruff pub rock vocal stylings of many punk contemporaries. Diggle switched from bass to guitar, and Garth Smith joined on bass; due to Smith's alcoholism, he was quickly replaced with Steve Garvey. This new line-up signed with United Artists Records.....

1. Boredom
2. Sixteen
3. Fast Cars
4. No Reply
5. Whatever Happened To?
6. Oh Shit
7. I Need
8. Fiction Romance
9. Autonomy
10. Just Lust
11. Esp
12. Lipstick
13. Promises
14. Mother Of Turds
15. You Say You Don't Love Me
16. I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
17. I Don't Know
18. Run Away From Home
19. The Drive System
20. Jesus Made Me Feel Guilty
21. You Know You Can't Help It
22. I Believe
23. No Friend Of Mine
** pw = hangover
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