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Attila the Stockbroker (born John Baine, October 12, 1957 in Southwick, West Sussex, England) is a punk poet, folk punk musician and songwriter. He started performing in 1980, inspired by the spirit and do it yourself ethos of punk rock, particularly The Clash's overtly socialist stance. He started out as a performance poet, playing various musical instruments. He was often the support act for punk bands, and he toured with John Otway as Headbutts and Halibuts. He has been a regular performer at the Glastonbury Festival cabaret tent, and this continued to be true as of 2006. Notable works from his 1980s heyday include the biting poem Contributory Negligence; various Russians-themed poems satirizing the supposed Cold War Russian threat in the context of Margaret Thatcher's Britain (such as Russians in the DHSS); and the surreal Nigel series, such as Nigel wants to go to C&A ("...but I don't understand why / 'cos they don't sell nerve gas in C&A / not even to SDP members in cashmere sweaters").
He is a supporter of Brighton & Hove Albion F.C., and has been the team's poet in residence since 2000. Attila the Stockbroker formed the band Barnstormer in 1994. Their music combines punk rock and medieval music. The band released its debut album The Siege of Shoreham in 1996. They perform regularly all over Europe...more >>>

1. Haider!
2. The Ghost Road
3. Game Boy/ Rude Boy
4. Scumball Pinochet
5. The Worm & The Archer
6. Çero
7. His Master's Voice
8. Another Country
9. The Ballad of Comrade Enver
10. Twenty Years
11. Just One Life
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quigley said...

Good to see Attila and Barnstormer getting some recognition. Any chance of the "Zero Tolerance" album, pleeeze? Next we`ll be seeing some Blyth Power?!!