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ANGELIC UPSTARTS: Angel Dust (1983-Anagram)

Formed in South Shields, England in 1977, the Angelic Upstarts was one of the period's most politically-charged and thought-provoking groups; though technically a skinhead band, their records attacked the racism and fascism so prevalent throughout the skinhead community, and while also technically a punk unit, their music quickly evolved beyond the movement's limited scope.
The Angelic Upstarts were led by the rather nasal vocalist Mensi (born Thomas Mensforth), whose impoverished childhood became a frequent lyrical touchstone; along with a highly-fluid line-up which initially comprised guitarist Mond, bassist Ronnie Wooden and drummer Sticks, the group debuted with the 1979 single "Murder of Liddle Towers," a scabrous attack on police brutality. The record caught the attention of Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey, who produced their debut album Teenage Warning, which, like its 1980 follow-up We Gotta Get Outta This Place, roundly ridiculed the oppressive policies of Margaret Thatcher while offering an outpouring of sympathy for the working class.
As the Upstarts' popularity surged, so did the levels of violence at their live shows; they became mortal enemies of National Front fascist supporters, who railed against the band after first misinterpreting their leftist songs as supportive of their cause. At the same time, the band's music was becoming more complex and accomplished; by 1983's Reason Why?, the strongest Angelic Upstarts record, Mensi's songwriting skills had become tighter and more melodic, even branching out into reggae and folk, while the group's base broadened with the addition of keyboards and saxophones.... by Jason Ankeny, AMG

1. the murder of liddle towers
2. police oppression
3. i'm an upstart
4. teenage warning
5. never had nothing
6. shotgun solution
7. last night another soldier
8. two million voices
9. kids on the street
10. england
11. heath's lament
12. i understand
13. never say die
14. woman in disguise
15. solidarity
** Anagram Records
** hangoverhard
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