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STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: (1994) Live in Concert - BBC Radio 1 (Windsong)

Unlike the truly vintage XTC, Skids, Bunnymen, and Ruts/Penetrations releases in this BBC Live series, all of which are must-buys, this one is a disappointment. The recording quality, though crisp as always on these BBC recordings, is not quite as hot as the above-named, but the real problem is the show itself. Recorded April 8, 1981, at London's Paris Theater, this catches the band promoting their third LP, Go For It, the (by far) weakest of their four albums; the only (mild) clunker in an otherwise brilliant career (we mean the first go-round, 1977-1982), and with the least of their three drummers, Jim Reilly. Sadly, all eight selections here are from that only decent third LP, which means none of the songs that made Stiff Little Fingers one of the best live bands in history are here -- you have to go back to the god-awful Hanx live LP, or the much better but post-reunion See You Up There! -- for those. Hearing songs such as the flaccid-rockabilly "Gate 49" here makes you wonder how Jake Burns and pals briefly lost their way so badly, and "The Only One" and "Hits and Misses," though OK songs, sound bloated. Mind you, all is not completely lost, thanks to the perpetual magic of that LP's few highlights: "Piccadilly Circus" is still a gripping epic, the punk/pop (a style they perfected a year later on Now Then) "Just Fade Away" (introduced in mock tribute as "an Undertones-like song" -- boy those two Irish bands hated each other!) is fine live, and their interpretation of "Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae" skips mightily, and the band did indeed have a great deal of chops on-stage. But the narrow scope of SLF's major-league past presented here does this in a just little too much.... by Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover, All Music Guide

1. Roots, Radicals, Rockers & Reggae
2. Just Fade Away
3. Safe as House
4. Gate 49
5. Hits & Misses
6. The Only One
7. Silver Lining
8. Piccadilly Circus
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
** Time: 31:44
** pw:

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VA: Riot City Records - The Punk Singles Collection

One of the most popular titles of the punk collectors series, Riot City Records Punk Singles Collection vol 1, is now to be released on Limited Edition Picture Disc. The label was founded in 1980 and released 32 singles and 10 albums. This collection features 30 of the 32 singles released by the label.

Bands & Tracks:
/VICE SQUAD Last Rockers / Young Blood
/ THE INSANE Politics
/ ABRASIVE WHEELS Vicious Cirlce
/ CHAOS UK Four Minute Warning
/ UNDEAD Undead
/ CHAOS UK No Security
/ MAYHEM Dogsbody
/ EJECTED Have You Got 10p
/ UNDEAD Dead Revolution
/ THE EXPELLED Make It Alone
/ RESISTANCE 77 Nottingham Problem
/ EJECTED Fast'n'loud
/ NO CHOICE Cream Of The Crop
/ EMERGENCY Points Of View
/ CHAOTIC DISCHORD Never Trust A Friend
/ SEX AIDS Back On The Piss Again
/ MAYHEM Gentle Murder
/ ULTRA VIOLENT Crime For Revenge
/ THE UNDERDOGS East Of Dachau
/ THE VARUKERS Die For Your Government
/ EJECTED Russians
/ THE VARUKERS Led To The Slaughter
** Covers: (yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
** pw:

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VA: Raw Records: The Punk Singles Collection (Anagram)

Raw Records was one of the UK's first ever independent labels, having been formed in 1977 by Lee Wood. Bands such as The Users, Killjoys, Lockjaw and The Unwanted later provided members for the likes of The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, UK Subs and Dexy's Midnight Runners whilst the scarcity of Raw's releases made them highly prized collectors' items. 30 of the label's best tracks feature here alongside a comprehensive discography of one of the most important but vastly underrated indie labels of our time.

Bands & Tracks:
/THE USERS Sick Of You
/ THE USERS I'm In Love With Today
/ THE KILLJOYS Johnny Won't Go To Heaven
/ THE UNWANTED Withdrawl
/ THE UNWANTED Bleak Outlook
/ SOME CHICKEN New Religion
/ SOME CHICKEN Blood On The Wall
/ LOCKJAW Radio Car Sign
/ LOCKJAW The Young Ones
/ SOME CHICKEN Arabian Daze
/ SOME CHICKEN Number Seven
/ THE GORILLAS My Soul's Alive
/ THE UNWANTED Secret Police
/ THE UNWANTED These Boots Are Made For Walking
/ LOCKJAW Journalist Jive
/ THE UNWANTED The End Is Nigh
/ THE SICK KIDS Kids On The Street
/ THE PSYCHOS Straitjacket
/ ACME SEWAGE CO I Wish You Dead
/ ACME SEWAGE CO I Don't Need You
/ THE G/T/'S Millionaire
/ THE PSYCHOS Young British And White
** Cherry Red & Anagram Records
** Covers: (Yes)
** pw:

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VA: The Son Of Oi! (1983)

The fifth volume in the never ending Oi! compilation series, ''Son Of Oi!'' was first released by Syndicate in 1983 and the usual mixture of music and `street poetry' includes contributions from the likes of Cock Sparrer, The Gonads, The 4 Skins, Angelic Upstarts, The Business and Vicious Rumours as well as the brilliant Prole.

COCK SPARRER - Chip On My Shoulder (Live) | KRAUT - Onwards | PROLE - Generation Landslide | GARRY JOHNSON - The Young Conservatives | PARANOID PICTURES - Tomorrows Whirl | THE GONADS - Jobs Not Jails | CLOCKWORK DESTRUCTION - Violent Playground | PHIL SEXTON | MICK TURPIN - Joe Public | ALASKA COWBOYS - Herpes In Seatle | GARRY & THE GONADS - Lager Top Blues | TERRY McCANN - Made In England | MICK TURPIN - 6.27 To London | ORGASM GUERILLAS - Sing Something Swindle | ATTILA | NEWTOWN NEUROTICS - Andy Is A Corporatist | Mindless Version | THE 4 SKINS - On The Streets | GARRY JOHNSON - Boy About Town | THE BUSINESS - Out In The Cold | MANIAC YOUTH - Make Mine Molotov | ANGELIC UPSTARTS - I Understand (Live) | OI! THE ROBOT - Manifest Oi! | PHIL SEXTON - Top Of The Pops | VICIOUS RUMOURS - This Is Your Loife | L.O.L.S CHOIR - Jerusalem | OXO`S MIDNIGHT STUMBLERS - Beano

** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
** pw:

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VA: The Oi! Of Sex (1984)

The sixth official volume in the Oi! compilation series and originally issued by Syndicate Records in 1984, ''The Oi! Of Sex'' features the likes of Cock Sparrer, Prole, The Gonads and the vastly under-rated Burial as well as `ranting poetry' from the likes of Jimmy Mack, Little Dave and Swift Nick. The liner notes give a full insight into the making of this legendary opus.

PROLE - We`ll Never Say Die | COCK SPARRER - The Sun Says | THE GONADS - S.E.7 Dole Day | THE BURIAL - Old Man`s Poison | VICIOUS RUMOURS - Vicious Rumours | JIMMY MACK - Zombie Mind Eaters | RAT PATROL - Rat Trap | CROSSED HAMMERS - Here We Go | SWIFT NICK - The Sun | THE BURIAL - Friday Night | PROLE - Destination Room 101 | ORGASM GUERILLAS - Frankie Goes To Pot | LITTLE DAVE - Being Short | NICK TOCZECKS BRITANARCHISTS - Stiff With A Quiff | VICIOUS RUMOURS - Take The Blame | ABH - Don`t Mess With The SAS | DOGSBODY - Murder | GARRY JOHNSON - If Looks Could Kill

** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (VBR)
** pw:

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CONFLICT: Do Not Question Authority Mudcrow Bootleg

Conflict is an anarcho-punk band originally based around Eltham in South London. Formed in 1981, the band's original line up consisted of: Colin Jerwood (vocals), Francisco 'Paco' Carreno (drums), Big John (bass), Steve (guitars), Pauline (vocals), Paul aka 'Nihilistic Nobody' (visuals). Their first release was the ep "The House That Man Built" on Crass Records. By the time they released their debut album It's Time to See Who's Who on Corpus Christi Records, Pauline and Paul had left the band. Conflict later set up their own Mortarhate label, which put out releases by other artists including Hagar the Womb, Icons of Filth, Lost Cherrees, The Apostles, Admit Your Shit and others.
In 1983 Steve Ignorant, at the time a member of the band Crass, guested on the band's pro-animal rights single "To A Nation of Animal Lovers". After the dissolution of Crass, Ignorant later became second vocalist for Conflict on a semi-permanent basis. This followed a 1986 gig in Brixton, London wherein he had joined the band on stage for a few numbers.The band have always been outspoken regarding issues such as anarchism, animal rights, the anti-war movement and in their support for the organisation Class War, and a number of their gigs during the 1980s were followed by riots and disturbances. The band's 'Mortarhate' logo, originally designed by 'Nihilistic Nobody' is claimed to be a reference to the initials CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) as well as incorporating two 'A's for anarchy and autonomy, and an 'N' for nihilism. The logo originally appeared around 1980 in Thanatos, a small circulation pamphlet produced by Toxic Graffity (sic) fanzine editor Mike Diboll. The band continues to exist today and are currently on tour in America, with further gigs lined up around England throughout 2007.

1. a declaration of independence
2. a message to who
3. barricades and broken dreams
4. berkshire cunt
5. blood morons
6. do they owe us a living
7. exploitation
8. force or service
9. from protest to resistance
10. increase the pressure
11. meat means murder
12. mighty and superior
13. neither is this
14. no island of dreams
15. missing ***
16. pink inn'it
17. radio trash
18. someday soon
19. the a team
20. assured mutual destruction
21. banned from the uk
22. the day before
23. i heard a rumour
24. the final conflict
25. the ungovernable force
26. tough shit mickey
27. the positive junk
** Covers: (No)
** Bitrate: (128kbps)
** pw:

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Chron Gen: Live at The Waldorf

Chron Gen was formed in January 1978 and the line-up was: Glynn Barber (vocals, guitar), John Johnson (drums), Pete Dimmock (bass), John Thurlow (guitar). It took some time before band released it's first single as D.I.Y. After that record labels changes fast and bands style developed more and more melodic. Best success band had with the Chronic Generation LP which hit the Top 100 for one week - position 53. The last studio LP was pure melodic pop.

1. Lies
2. Jet Boy, Jet Girl
3. Clouded Eyes
4. Reality
5. Fiasco
6. Houndsofthe Night
7. Behind Closed Doors
8. Misadventure (Nowhere to Run)
9. Wasted Love
10. Breakdown
11. Outlaw
12. Mindless Few
13. Subway Sadist
14. L.S.D.
15. Abortion
16. Living Next Door to Alice
** Razor Records
** Covers: (No)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
** pw:

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ANTHRAX (UK): They've Got It All Wrong (EP, Small Wonder Records, 1982)


Anthrax were an anarcho punk band formed in Gravesend, Kent, England in 1980. They released singles on the Crass Records and Small wonder labels, as well as having tracks on the Crass Records released Bullshit Detector Volume 2 in 1982 and A Sides Part Two 1982-1985 compilations, recording their first demo in 1982 at Oakwood Studios. They toured outside the UK twice in the Netherlands with Dutch band The Ex...Wikipedia

1. P.P.B.
2. Got It All Wrong
3. Exploitation
4. What Will Tomorrow Bring
** Covers: (No)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
** pw:

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SHAM 69 : (1986) Angels With Dirty Faces

40 Tracks Including all the Single plus the Best Tracks from their Four Polydor Albums and the Very Collectable, Original Version of 'what have We Got'. Also Featured Are 'borstal Breakout', 'hurry Up Harry' and 'hersham Boys'.

1. i don't wanna (live)
2. ulster (live)
3. red london (live)
4. borstal breakout
5. We Got a Fight (live)
6. rip off
7. george davis is innocent
8. they don't understand
9. family life
10. hey little rich boy
11. tell us the truth
12. angels with dirty faces
13. if the kids are united
14. leave me alone
15. who gives a damn
16. that's life
17. hurry up, harry
18. evil way
19. sunday morning nightmares
20. is this me or is this..
21. question and answers
22. hersham boys (12'' version)
23. money
24. fly dark angel
25. joey's on the street
26. cold blue in the night
27. mr you're a better man
28. lost on highway 46
29. voices
30. tell the children
31. the game
32. human zoo
33. lord of the flies
34. give a dog a bone
35. in and out
36. dead or alive
37. deja vu
38. run wild run free
39. unite and win
40. what have you got
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SHAM 69 : (2004) The Complete Collection (Box Set)

Sham 69, one of the leading lights of Britain's late-'70s Oi movement, turned the anti-authoritarian punk of the Clash and Sex Pistols into a blunt instrument of savage grace and blue-collar sociopolitical power. They preached an often-misunderstood message of peace and unity. The hooligan element of the band's following mistook the football chant choruses and raucous power chords as expressions of ignorant proletarian violence.
I'm not a Sham 69 expert. Until I bought this a few weeks ago I'd only heard "Hurry Up, Harry", "If the Kids Are United", and my favorite, "Borstal Breakout". Those are all good songs and 70's Brit-punk is my favorite music, so I picked this up. Anyway, I'm glad I got this. The music's great, especially the first disc (minus the 1988 songs at the end).
My only question is, what do they mean by calling this "the complete collection"? The third and last CD is all live tracks, many of which I don't recall hearing on the first two CD's. A few are covers, I do realize, but most of the 3rd disc songs say they were written BY Sham 69. So, I'm thinking they were published as studio versions before they were recorded from live shows. So, where ARE those studio recordings? Is this really a "complete collection". I don't think so, but hey, it's still a good Mikey Scars (Maryland)

Disc: 1
Disc: 2
12. JACK
13. I'M A MAN, I'M A BOY
Disc: 3
** Original Recordings Remastered
** Uploaded by REBEL REBEL, THANKS MAN!!!

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T.S.O.L.: Hell & Back Together 1984-1990

Poor T.S.O.L. had long ditched any musical evidence of a punk rock past and jumped into the Los Angeles hair metal scene by the time this compilation was released. Although this transformation was more than just a quick changeover, the band went from a politically motivated hardcore band in 1981 to a superficial hard rock band in 1991 with a completely different lineup featuring no original members. The transformation is documented here with an emphasis on their latter-period material, making the change seem like a "growth" when it essentially documents a band falling apart and being put back together by musicians with no interest in the original goal of the band. Thus you are presented with a record that almost seems like two different groups, one that made excellent gloomy alternative rock and one that sounded like Guns N' Roses lite. The material from Revenge and Change Today stands out for being the best on the collection, but the lack of material from the latter is quite disappointing. Still, tracks like "Flowers by the Door" and "Nothin' for You" display a passionate band on edge, making vital L.A. post-punk that practically crackled with electricity and intensity. The rest of the music is passable hair metal that hardly even sounds like the same band, shuffling through simplistic riffs and dull covers with a pedestrian delivery that betrays everything the original lineup stood for. Any album they released up to 1986 is unquestionably an important document of the Los Angeles club scene, but this fails to do anything more than turn people away from a band that was much better than this uneven record would have you believe....Bradley Torreano, AMG

1. the name is love
2. one shot away
3. flowers by the door
4. gimme shelter
5. colors
6. it's too late
7. in the wind
8. strange love
9. revenge
10. hit and run
11. nothin' for you
12. red shadows
13. let me go
14. all along the watchtower
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STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: (1988) No Sleep 'til Belfast (Kaz)

Another greatcompilation of this legendary punk band....

1. Alternative ulster
2. roots, radicals, rockers and reggae
3. silver lining
4. wait and see
5. gotta gettaway
6. just fade away
7. wasted life
8. the only one
9. nobody's heroes
10. at the edge
11. listen
12. barbed wire love
13. fly the flag
14. tin soldiers
15. no sleep 'til belfast
16. suspect device (live)
17. johnny was
** Kaz
** 192kbps
** Another great contribution from my friend rebelrebel...THANKS MAN!!!

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Attila the Stockbroker (born John Baine, October 12, 1957 in Southwick, West Sussex, England) is a punk poet, folk punk musician and songwriter. He started performing in 1980, inspired by the spirit and do it yourself ethos of punk rock, particularly The Clash's overtly socialist stance. He started out as a performance poet, playing various musical instruments. He was often the support act for punk bands, and he toured with John Otway as Headbutts and Halibuts. He has been a regular performer at the Glastonbury Festival cabaret tent, and this continued to be true as of 2006. Notable works from his 1980s heyday include the biting poem Contributory Negligence; various Russians-themed poems satirizing the supposed Cold War Russian threat in the context of Margaret Thatcher's Britain (such as Russians in the DHSS); and the surreal Nigel series, such as Nigel wants to go to C&A ("...but I don't understand why / 'cos they don't sell nerve gas in C&A / not even to SDP members in cashmere sweaters").
He is a supporter of Brighton & Hove Albion F.C., and has been the team's poet in residence since 2000. Attila the Stockbroker formed the band Barnstormer in 1994. Their music combines punk rock and medieval music. The band released its debut album The Siege of Shoreham in 1996. They perform regularly all over Europe...more >>>

1. Haider!
2. The Ghost Road
3. Game Boy/ Rude Boy
4. Scumball Pinochet
5. The Worm & The Archer
6. Çero
7. His Master's Voice
8. Another Country
9. The Ballad of Comrade Enver
10. Twenty Years
11. Just One Life
** Roundhead Records
** no password
** ripped and uploaded by rebelrebel

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VA - A Country fit for Heroes

Great LP compilation from No Future Records.

01 - Blitzkrieg - The Future Must Be Ours
02 - The Violators - Die With Dignity
03 - The Violators - Government Stinks
04 - Hostile Youth - Fight Back
05 - The Samples - Government Downfall
06 - One Way System - Jerusalem
07 - Attak - Blue Patrol
08 - Protest - Orders
09 - Crux - C L A
10 - Distortion - Action Man
11 - Pseudo Sadists - Power Schemes
12 - Chaotic Youth - Whose Bomb
** pw = hangoverhard

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CONFLICT: Standard Isseu Vol. 2 88-94

Remixed by C P Jerwood, the fourteen tracks are taken from various Conflict projects and packaged as a follow up to Standard Issue Mort 40.

The Ungovernable Farce
The Ungovernable Force
The A Team
These Things Take Time
Slaughter of Innocence
A Message to Who?
The Right To Reply
Climbing the Stairs
No Island of Dreams
Great What?
Punk Innit (Live in the USA)
As Others See Us (Live in the USA)
Banned from the UK (Live in Brixton)
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CONFLICT: (1989) Standard Issue 82-87

Released in February 1989. This album contains what someone who knows considers to be the best Conflict recordings remixed from various albums and singles.

The Guilt and the Glory
From Protest to Resistance
Tough Shit Mickey
Reality Whitewash
Whichever Way You Want It
The Serenade is Dead
The Positive Junk
The System Maintains
This is Not Enough
Neither is This
Mighty and Superior
To Whom it May Concern
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BUZZOCKS: Alive Tonight (ep) 1991

Buzzcocks are an English punk rock band formed in Leigh, Manchester in 1975[1], led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Pete Shelley for nearly their entire existence. They are commonly regarded as an important influence on the Manchester music scene, the independent label movement and punk rock/post punk in general. They are primarily remembered for their singles, a string of would-be hits that combined a strong grasp of pop song craftsmanship with rapid-fire punk energy. These were collected on Singles Going Steady, the CD version of which is a complete document of their 7" releases. The widely-covered "Ever Fallen in Love?" remains one of their best-known songs. The name "Buzzcocks" comes from a Manchester slang term "cock" meaning "youngster" and its use in the 1970s ITV television drama serial Rock Follies when the line "that's the buzz, cocks" or "give me a buzz, cock!" was heard.[2]....
*** CD released 1991 (UK) as Planet Pacific PPAC3CD
Vinyl 12 inch also released as Planet Pacific PPAC3
Vinyl 7 inch released with only tracks 1 and 2.
From 1991 demo sessions for the Trade Test Transmissions album.
(See 1991 demos entry for complete list of tracks recorded during these sessions).
Produced by BUZZCOCKS
Songs written by [a] Diggle [b] Shelley

1. Alive Tonight [a]
2. Serious Crime [b]
3. Last to Know [b]
4. Successful Street [a]
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BUZZCOCKS: Chronology - Demos and Outtakes (1997)

The band was formed by guitarist/singer Pete Shelley (real name Peter McNeish) and singer Howard Devoto (real name Howard Trafford), both students at Bolton Institute of Technology (now the University of Bolton). They shared common interests in electronic music and American proto-punk groups like The Stooges and The Velvet Underground. In late 1975, Shelley and Devoto recruited a drummer and formed an embryonic version of Buzzcocks that never performed and which dissolved after a number of rehearsals. After reading an NME review of the Sex Pistols' first performance, Shelley and Devoto travelled to London together to see the Sex Pistols in February 1976. Shelley and Devoto were impressed by what they saw and arranged for the Sex Pistols to come and perform at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester, in June 1976. Buzzcocks intended to play at this concert but were unable to recruit other musicians in time for the gig. Once they had recruited bass guitarist Steve Diggle and drummer John Maher, they made their debut opening for the Sex Pistols' second Manchester gig in July 1976. A brief clip of DeVoto-era Buzzcocks performing The Troggs "I Can't Control Myself" appears in the Punk: Attitude doumentary.
By the end of the year, Buzzcocks had recorded and released a four-track EP, Spiral Scratch on their own New Hormones label, making them perhaps the first punk group to establish an independent record label. Produced by Martin (Zero) Hannett, the music was roughly recorded, insistently repetitive, and energetic. "Boredom" announced punk's rebellion against the status quo while templating a strident musical minimalism (the guitar "solo" consisting of two repeated notes). The demos recorded while Devoto was in the band were later issued officially as Time's Up. Long available as a bootleg, this album includes the alternative takes of all the tracks from the Spiral Scratch EP as well as early version of tracks that later appeared on the official debut Another Music in a Different Kitchen.
After a few months, Devoto left the group; he returned to school for a year, then formed Magazine. Pete Shelley continued as vocalist; his high-pitched, melodic singing stood in stark contrast to the gruff pub rock vocal stylings of many punk contemporaries. Diggle switched from bass to guitar, and Garth Smith joined on bass; due to Smith's alcoholism, he was quickly replaced with Steve Garvey. This new line-up signed with United Artists Records.....

1. Boredom
2. Sixteen
3. Fast Cars
4. No Reply
5. Whatever Happened To?
6. Oh Shit
7. I Need
8. Fiction Romance
9. Autonomy
10. Just Lust
11. Esp
12. Lipstick
13. Promises
14. Mother Of Turds
15. You Say You Don't Love Me
16. I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
17. I Don't Know
18. Run Away From Home
19. The Drive System
20. Jesus Made Me Feel Guilty
21. You Know You Can't Help It
22. I Believe
23. No Friend Of Mine
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D.O.A.: Triumph of the Ignoroids (Single)

Canada’s legendary Punk Kings,who helped spread punk rock counterculture around the world, approach a momentous milestone. For nearly 25 years D.O.A. has been happily slashing away at all manner of philosophical enemies. They’ve travelled the globe almost continuously since they formed in 1978; they released their first snarling piece of vinyl, the "Disco Sucks" EP in June of that year. That slab of plastic opened the door to international prominence, riots, rip-off record companies and three generations of fans.
In 1981, D.O.A. made the term "hardcore" their own and pushed it into the common vernacular with their legendary album "Hardcore 81" and subsequent tours. Consequently, D.O.A. has been cited as a major influence for tons of bands ranging from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Green Day to Rancid to The Offspring. They followed that up with their ground breaking EP "War on 45" and "Bloodied But Unbowed." D.O.A. has always worn their politics on their sleeves.They’ve done a lot shit disturbing along the way.They’ve been harassed and busted and survived all that crap. D.O.A.’s blatant slogan,TALK-ACTION=0 sums it all up. The stuff the band’s worked on through the years; they’ve played benefits for Rape Relief, anti-racism, rock-for brains, anti-globalization, OXFAM, first nations rights, anti censorship and environmental causes amongst many others.
D.O.A.’s sound and philosophy has been held together by Canada’s Godfather of punk Joey "Shithead" Keithley’s songwriting, singing and guitar playing. D.O.A.’s sound, although always rooted in punk rock, has managed to create a fair bit of consternation for those who would like to choose musical boxes. It’s punk,but it incorporates rock n’ roll, reggae, metal,and ska. Whatever the hell their sound is, it’s pulled out a "Yeah,that’s the shit!" from the likes of Henry Rollins,The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, Jello Biafra, Bif Naked, John Doe, Randy Bachman, Dave Grohl, Pete Seeger, Yada,Yada,Yada, you get the picture.
To celebrate the 25th anniversary, Sudden Death has released the definitive D.O.A. album, "War and Peace," a 25-track compilation of D.O.A.’s greatest recorded moments. War and Peace starts at the roots of "Disco Sucks", "The Enemy" and "Liar For Hire" right through to their modern blitzkrieg sound of "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and "Just Say No To The WTO."....

1. Nazi Training Camp
2. Want Some Bondage
3. Rich Bitch
4. Let's Fuck
** pw = hangover
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SPLODGENESSABOUNDS : Splodgenessabounds (1981)

Splodgenessabounds is a British punk rock band, associated with the Oi! and Punk Pathetique genres. Their frontman is Max Splodge.
The band was originally fronted by Splodge and his girlfriend of the time, who was known as Baby Greensleeves. The band is best known for their 1980 track, "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps", coining a phrase that lent its name to a BBC sitcom. Peculiarly, the song was the B side of a single. The less-popular A side was "Simon Templar", a souped-up version of the theme tune of the ITV TV series, The Saint. In 2006, the band appeared on Harry Hill's TV Burp, after being featured on Rock School with Gene Simmons. Hill made fun of the Kiss frontman, and the band performed at the end of the show, accompanied by Hill dressed as "The Demon", Gene Simmons.
In the band's early days, they were noted for playing pranks. These included leaving Splodge stranded on top of a seat of speakers for an entire set; supporting themselves when the support band failed to show by playing the wrong instruments badly at deafening volume levels; and a stunt where Splodge was rumoured to be held in Maidstone Prison and came on stage handcuffed to a prison officer. Splodgenessabounds' stage show sometimes went to carnivalesque extremes. Police were frequenting their live shows by December 1979, due to reports of public nudity and "farting on demand" during renditions of "Michael Booth's Talking Bum", and "Blown Away Like A Fart In A Thunderstorm", during which "Max gets a blowjob onstage from his female singing partner."[1] The group was prone to humorously grandiose press release claims, such as the announcement that their debut album would be a triple, including a side of "old material transcribed from their own cassettes, coupled with their 'Pathetic Movements Manifesto'", and including a free Christmas tree with every copy....

1. The Malcolm Opera
2. Whimsy Zoom Zoom
3. It's That Sound
4. I Feel in Love with a Female Plumber from Harlesdn...
5. Anarchy Chaos Stanley Ogden
6. Blown Away Like a Fart in a Thunderstorm
7. Poison Babies Vs. Batman (Featuring The Pints)
8. Two Little Boys
9. Rolf
10. I've Got Lots of Famous People Living Under the Floorbo...
11. Porky Scratchings
12. Simon Templer
13. Desert Island
14. What's That Funny Noise
15. Wiffy Smells
16. Two Pints (dub)
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** Captain OI Records reissue this album with 14 bonus track, this is the original version..
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FLAG OF DEMOCRACY: Shatter Your Day (LP - 1986)

Amazing hardcore band from '80s. formed in 1982.

1. Houses Made for Mannequins
2. Love Song II
3. Metal Plate
4. Kid Called Me
5. Shatter Your Day
6. The Family Knows
7. Science Patrol
8. Mad House
9. Carousel
10. Everythings OK
11. Cheep Alcohol
12. Hoe Down
13. Shadows of Children
14. Serene Danker
15. Guimos' Theme
16. Black Light
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THE OPPRESSED: Oi Oi Music (1984)

March 1981, Russel (DUCKY) Payne is released from Borstal and I get released from Prison. At the time we didn't know each other and it's just coincidence that we were both banged up for violence. Anyway, Ducky (GUITAR), his brother Ronnie (BASS) and Gary Tier (DRUMS), all Cardiff Skins, along with Martin Brennan (VOCALS) a valley Skin, form an Oi! band.
After tossing a few names around, including FORCED OPPRESSION, they decide that THE OPPRESSED fits the bill. So it was that with not much ability and a ton of enthusiasm the boys set out to have a ball. While all this was going on I was forming INSANITY SQUAD with me on guitar, my brother Dom on bass, his mate Vince King on vocals, and a nutter called Ed Flemming on drums. Me and Vince was Skins and Dom and Ed was Punks so that made us Cardiffs first Skunk band. We played a few local gigs, recorded nothing and fell apart after trying play a gig so pissed we couldn't see straight.
Back at Duckys house Ronnie had left the band. No big story, he just wasn't into it. Looking for a new bass player they ask my mate, Paddy (SUEDEHEAD) Murphy if he wanted to join. Suede couldn't play a triangle so he suggested me. Me and him had seen their first gig and I remember telling Jayne ( ' ER INDOORS ) how "I should be in that band". So Ducky, Gary and Brennan eventually turn up on my doorstep and make me an offer I couldn't refuse. I suggested Dom on Bass with me as second Guitarist and the boys were all happy. This was around Xmas 1981 and this line up lasted about a year. Brennan and Gary had decided to leave so I took over vocals and we found the Kid, Lee Jenkins, to take care of drumming. Lee was from Risca, about 20 miles out of Cardiff, a 16 year old Skin who told me "I'm fucking brilliant" when I asked him if he was any good, and "course I have, that's why I'm fucking brilliant" to "got a kit?" This line up lasted about 2 years and recorded nearly everything issued in the eighties. Almost all our gigs ended in a ruck (boys will be boys) and eventually we just got pissed off with whole thing. We did get together in the studio with Juan Garcia, a punk from near Cardiff on drums. We recorded 3 cover versions but played no gigs. So that was it for the eighties. Less than 4 years but it seemed like a lifetime......

1. we're the oppressed
2. leave me alone
3. violent society
4. urban soldiers
5. chaos
6. gun law
7. riot
8. joe hawkins
9. fight for your life
10. ultra violence
11. goverment out
12. run from you
13. skinhead girl
14. don't look back
15. magistrate
16. work together
17. victims
18. bad man
19. angles with dirty faces
20. A.C.A.B.
21. urban soldiers (original)
22. run from you (original)
23. ultra violence (original)
** Oppressed Records
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VA: 1-2-3-4 - Punk & New Wave 1976-1979 (Box Set)

This box set is absloutely fantastic, ok!, the punk section have a lot of very knowed punk bands and music. But you can find really true gems like ''Ain't Bin to No Music School'' by The NOSEBLEEDS, bands really hard to find nowdays. ''Johnny Won't Get to Heaven'' by The KILLJOYS, The WASPS with the track ''Can't Wait 'till '78'' is another one. In fact , 100 outstanding cuts from 1976-1979 by top punk & new wave bands, including XTC, Devo, P.I.L., the Dead Kennedys, theClash, the Dickies, Sex Pistols, Siouxsie & The Banshees,the Damned, the Ramones, the Saints, Buzzcocks, Stiff LittleFingers, the Undertones and much more... I'm pretty sure that this is one of the best box sets of Punk rock hat I listen iin twenty years...

1. Complete Control - The Clash
2. Anarchy In The UK - Sex Pistols
3. New Rose - The Damned
4. The Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones
5. Shadow - The Lurkers
6. Thinkin' Of The USA - Eater
7. Ain't Bin To No Music School - The Nosebleeds
8. Borstal Breakout - Sham 69
9. I Hate School - Suburban Studs
10. G.L.C - Menace
11. One Chord Wonders - The Adverts
12. Right To Work - Chelsea
13. Johnny Won't Get To Heaven - The Killjoys
14. Bone Idol - The Drones
15. Where Have A Ll The Boot Boys Gone - Slaughter
16. C.I.D. -UK Subs
17. Can't Wait 'Til '78 - The Wasps
18. Ambition - Subway Sect
19. Stranded(I'm) - The Saints
20. Orgasm Addict - Buzzcocks
21. In The City - The Jam
22. Your Generation - Generation X
23. First Time - The Boys
24. Grip(Gaet A)(On Yourself) - The Stranglers
25. Don't Dictate - Penetration
26. In A Rut - The Ruts
27. Big Time - Rudi
28. Don't Ring Me Up - Protex
29. Justa Nother Teenage Rebel - The Outcasts
30. Solitary Confinement - The Members
31. Emergency - 999
32. 19 & Mad - Leyton Buzzards
33. I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher - Not Sensible
34. Romford Girls - Riff Raff
35. Sick Of You - The Users
36. Gabrielle - The Nips
37. Where Are You? - The Mekons
38. Murder Of Liddle Towers - Angelic Upstarts
39. Oh Bondage Up Yours! - X Ray Spex
40. Sweet Suburbia - Skids
41. Televison Screen - The Radiators From Space
42. Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers
43. Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
44. Teenage Depression - Eddie And The Hot Rods
45. Rich Kids - Rich Kids
46. Baby Baby - The Vibrators
47. Suffice To Say - Yachts
48. Roadrunner - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
49. Don't Care - Klark Kent
50. Nervous Wreck - Radio Stars
51. Up Against The Wall - Tom Robinson Band
52. So It Goes - Nick Lowe
53. Police Car - Larry Wallis
54. Hard Lovin' Man - Johnny Moped
55. Love And A Molotov Cocktail - The Flys
56. Where's Captain Kirk? - Spizzenergi
57. Sonic Reducer - Dead Boys
58. Search And Destroy - The Dictators
59. Born To Lose - The Heartbreakers
60. The Modern Dance - Pere Ubu
61. Fuck Off - The Eletric Chairs
62. California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys
63. Blank Generation(I Belong To The) - Richard Hell
64. 10:15 Saturday Night - The Cure
65. Rip Her To Shreds - Blondie
66. I Can't Stand My Baby - The Rezillos
67. All I Want - Santch
68. Looking After No. 1 - The Boomtown Rats
69. Take Me I'm Yours - Squeeze
70. Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll - Ian Dury And The
71. Spanish Troll
72. Is She Really Going Out With Him? - Joe Jackson
73. Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric
74. Part Time Punks - Television Personalities
75. Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart - Patrik Fitzgerald
76. You Can't Put You Arms Around A Memory - Johnny
77. Psycle Sluts(Part 1) - John Cooper Clarke
78. Jilted John - Jilted John
79. Kill - Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias
80. Paranoid - The Dickies
81. Public Image - Public Image LTD
82. Warsaw - Joy Division
83. The Staircase(Mystery) - Siouxie And The Banshees
84. Damaged Goods - Gang Of Four
85. You - Aus Pairs
86. How Much Longer - Alternative Tv
87. Read About Seymour - Swell Maps
88. Young Parisans - Adam & The Ants
89. The Monochrome Set - The Monochrome Set
90. We Are All Prostitutes - The Pop Group
91. Typical Girls - The Slits
92. Mannequin - Wire
93. Shot By Both Sides - Magazine
94. Science Fiction - XTC
95. Do The Standing Still - The Tables
96. "Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones
97. Young Savage - Ultravox!
98. Puppet Life - Punishment Of Luxury
99. Jocko Homo - Devo
100. Marquee Moon - Televison
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FORGOTTEN REBELS: The Pride and Disgrace (1996)

Reissue of the classic 12'' from 1986. Derivative but entertaining, Ontario's Forgotten Rebels delivered trashy glam-punk with the snottiness of the Sex Pistols, the dopey humor of the Ramones, and the big hooks of Gary Glitter and T. Rex. The group got its start with a 1978 demo entitled Burning the Flag, which was followed with an independent EP, Tomorrow Belongs to Us (both were later collected on a 1997 reissue titled after the latter). The original lineup featured vocalist Mickey DeSadist (b. Mickey Gerlecki), guitarist Tony Madelina, drummer Angela Madelina, and bassist Carl "Chris Suicide" Johnson, and like most of the Forgotten Rebels' lineups, it was short-lived, as new drummer Pete "Treason" Latimer joined in between recordings and left just as quickly.
For the band's 1980 debut album, In Love With the System , a new lineup coalesced around DeSadist: guitarist Alan "Al McCombo" Smolak, bassist Chris "Pogo Au Go Go" Houston, and drummer Larry Electrician. In Love sported a harder-edged punk sound than either previous or subsequent records; following its release, Houston left to form a backing band called the Sex Machine, with whom he recorded an album in 1986. For that matter, the remainder of the band left as well, leaving DeSadist to recruit an all-new lineup of Mike "Taster" Mirabella (guitar), John Welton (bass), and Robert Allan (drums). This unit recorded the glammed-up This Ain't Hollywood... (1983), which featured covers of "Save the Last Dance for Me," "Eve of Destruction," and Gary Glitter's "Hello Hello (I'm Back Again)," plus one of the group's signature songs, "Surfin' on Heroin." 1985's The Pride and the Disgrace found DeSadist and Mirabella matched with a new rhythm section of bassist Mike "Spike" Lumen and drummer Dave McGhire. 1988's Surfin' on Heroin was mostly a collection of newly recorded versions of previously released songs, with Mike Szykowny temporarily replacing Lumen. Lumen was back in the fold for 1989's Forgotten Rebels (also known as Untitled ), which also featured McGhire, new guitarist Jeffrey Dee Campbell, and an inexplicable new spelling for DeSadest's last name. A long hiatus ensued, but the Rebels regrouped in 1994 with a surprisingly similar lineup -- DeSadest, Campbell, McGhire, and bassist Chaz Butcher -- and a new LP, Criminal Zero . In addition to the Tomorrow Belongs to Us compilation, 1997 also saw the release of Executive Outcomes , which welded early demos onto a 1990 live perfomance. Butcher soon left the group in favor of Steve Mahon.... by Steve Huey, All-Music Guide

Graveyard Rock
Little Girl
Hideing In Your Room
I Am King
Bomb Russia
Matchstick Man
Live Strippers
Surfin On Heroin
Bonus track
Bomb Russia (Replay)
** OPM
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DAILY TERROR: Durchbruch Gefühl und Härte (2003)

Founded in 1980 by Pedder Teumer, the Oi! Punk band Daily Terror didn't take long to become a hit; only a little after its inception, Daily Terror was offered several slots on the legendary No Fun sampler. However, it took them until 1982 to release their first album, Schmutzige Zeiten ("Dirty Times"). They started out on the famous AGR (Aggressive Rock Productions) label, with which many great German punks worked at that time - legends such as Slime, Neurotic Arseholes, and Toxoplasma. On AGR, Daily Terror released the aforementioned Schmutzige Zeiten, Aufrecht ("Upstanding, Rightous"), Durchbruch ("Breakthrough"), and the mini-LP Gefühl und Härte ("Feeling and Hardness"). Through hits such as "Todesschwadronen" ("Death Squads") and "Hinterlist" ("Cunning"), not to mention their incredible performance at the 1983 Chaostage* in Hannover, Daily Terror quickly became one of Germany's most respected and popular bands.
After the shift from AGR to A.M. Music, the albums Die Abrechnung ("The Reckoning, The Account") and Apocalypse appeared. They didn't seem to be of the same quality that Daily Terror's earlier releases had been, but were nonetheless respectably populated with facet-rich German Oi! Punk. After a new shift to the Impact Records label (Duisburg) in 1994, Daily Terror released the spectacular Gnadenlos Live ("Merciless Live"), re-establishing themselves as one of Germany's finest acts. Later that year, a split 7" record with Dödelhaie, another German band, was to follow. Also on Impact Records, Daily Terror's sixth studio album "Krawall 2000" (Vandalism and Unruliness 2000) showed up in 1997. Songs such as "Falscher Fuffziger" (lit: Counterfeit Fifty [mark bill] / fig: Real Crook) and "Verstörte Kids" ("Destroyed Youth") proved that they hadn't lost anything.
Daily Terror took a pause in 1998 when Pedder became a father, and released Andere Zeiten ("Other Times") in 1999 to make up for the long pause. This compilation featured unreleased and rare tracks from their early years, and made way for a whole new wave of fans that has taken them into the new millenium. After 20-some-odd years, Daily Terror remain among the most famous and well-loved German punk bands of all... link >>>

1. Für Charlie
2. Der Stachel des Verrats
3. Der Tanz der Teufel
4. Kein Zurück
5. Hungrige Träume
6. Stony (Kein Mitleid sondern Recht)
7. Stell' Dich
8. 99 Stunden
9. Europa (Für Tim)
10. Dresden
11. Meineid
12. Jeder stirbt für sich allein
13. Bis zum bitteren Ende
14. Establishment
** Smd Agr
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SLIME: Schweineherbst (1994 - Indigo)

Slime was a German punk rock band, founded in 1979 and disbanded in 1994. The pre-Slime band was called Screamer, and the post-Slime band is – contrary to the occasional rumors – not Emils (Slime backwards), but Rubberslime, with the member Elf. The band was founded by Elf (Guitar), Eddie (Bass) and Ball (Peter Wodok – Drums). Some months later, Dirk joined as vocalist. Christian joined the band in 1980 as second guitarist, and Ball left in 1981 and was replaced by Stephan Mahler. Slime were very influential to the German punk culture and their first album Slime I was actually the first German punk album banned. They are often considered to be the prototypical German punk or deutschpunk band.
Notable songs are "Deutschland muss sterben (...damit wir leben können)" ("Germany must die (... so we can live) (an allusion to "Deutschland muß leben, auch wenn wir sterben müssen" (Germany must live, even if we have to die), a World War I motto), "Bullenschweine" (police pigs), "Polizei SA/SS" (police SA/SS), comparing police to the SA and SS and "A.C.A.B." ("All Cops Are Bastards")..... more >>>

1. schweineherbst
2. stillstand
3. zweifel
4. feuer
5. hoffnung
6. zusammen
7. gewalt
8. der tod ist ein meister aus deutschland...
9. ich war dabei
10. brullen zertrummern und weg
11. die leere
12. joe ist zuruck
13. aufrecht gehen
14. genug
15. goldene turme
** Indigo
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REVILLOS: Rev Up (1980)

First time on CD for this legendary album, originally released in 1980. Includes the singles 'Motorbike Meat', 'Scuba Diving' & 'Hungry For Love' & 5 bonus tracks 'Where's The Boy For Me', 'Scuba Scuba', 'Voodoo 2', 'The Fiend' & 'No Such Luck'. Packaged in original album sleeve, plus notes. 2001. Emerging more than a year after Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds broke a nation's heart by dismantling the Rezillos, the Revillos' Rev Up debut set the stage, immediately, for a mission that was going to take the last band's sound into an entirely new universe -- one that had, sad to say, already been visited by the B-52's' and the Cramps' recent doings, but which was nevertheless ripe for serious exploration. A dramatic hybrid of day-glo rockabilly, B-movie glitter, and post-punk trash, Rev Up is a howling good time, a blur of wacked intentions and wired energies that settle for a moment on one, two, a dozen classic boogies, but never hang around for long, because there's always another planet to build a drive-in on. And so, "Secret of the Shadow" blurs into the title track; "The Rock-A-Boom" leaks into "Voodoo"; and the semi-classic single "Motorbike Beat" incinerates everything in sight... by Dave Thompson, AMG

1. secret of the shadow
2. rev up
3. the rock-a-boom
4. voodoo
5. bobby come back to me
6. scuba boy hop
7. yeah yeah
8. hungry for love
9. juke box sound
10. on the beach
11. cool jerk
12. hippy hippy sheik
13. motorbike beat
14. where's the boy for me
15. scuba scuba
16. voodoo 2
17. the friend
18. no such luck
** Captain Oi Recs.
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THE ADVERTS: Crossing the Red Sea with The Adverts (1978 - Bright)

With their raw, enthusiastic immaturity, the Adverts were a bright, though short-lived, light of the punk era, distinguished by the fact that their bassist, Gaye Advert, was one of the first female stars of punk rock. After they (barely) mastered one chord, the Adverts began playing at London's Roxy Club in 1976, where they quickly came to the attention of the Damned's guitarist Brian James. James offered the band an opening spot on the Damned's tour and directed them toward Stiff Records. Stiff released their self-deprecating debut single, "One Chord Wonders," in 1977, when the band could still barely play, but when they released their second single, the disturbingly funny "Gary Gilmore's Eyes," the group rocketed into the U.K. Top 20 in a storm of controversy. The Adverts' first album, Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts, fulfilled the single's promise, but the second, 1979's Cast of Thousands, sounded like they poured all of their musical ideas into their first album; the group broke up the following Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG...

1. One Chord Wonder
2. Bored Teemagers
3. New Church
4. On the Roof
5. Newsboys
6. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
7. Bombsite Boy
8. No Time to Be 21
9. Safety in Numbers
10. New Day Dawning
11. Drowning Man
12. On Wheels
13. Great British Mistake
** LP version (I Guess)
** Bright
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RUTS: The Crack (1979 - Virgin)

Early punk's greatest glory, and greatest flaw, was that most of the bands were signed before they'd reached true musical proficiency. No wonder they sounded so unique -- they weren't capable of imitating their influences yet. Not so with the Ruts, who were able to deliver a powerful musical punch with their debut album, something virtually unique among old-school British punk bands. Easily able to recreate not just first-wave punk stylings, but classic rock as well, the Ruts' influences ran the gamut of genres from Motörhead to Marley, the New York Dolls to the Banshees. Thus, The Crack was one blindingly original album, far removed from its contemporaries. At the core, the quartet's sound was based primarily on '70s rock, played fast and hard, bringing them into the sphere of the street punks, an evolving genre later tagged Oi!, and eventually mutating into both speed metal and hardcore. The album features a clutch of headbanging pogo-til-you-puke blasts of fury, anthemic shout-alongs one and all. But the Ruts were capable of much more than simplistic punk-rockers in a metal mode. Some songs feature a wondrous gothic drone; "It Was Cold" was indebted to both Magazine and the Police, while other tracks give nods to pub rock and R&B. Out of this mass of sounds and styles, the Ruts hammered out intriguing hybrids, darkly shadowed, but occasionally emerging into the pop light. "Dope for Guns," for example, weds a hard rock verse to an anthemic poppy chorus, then ties the knot with a reggae riff, while "Is It Something That I Said" pushes toward Buzzcocks territory. The seminal "Jah War," inspired by the Southall riots, is simmering roots reggae/dub, but seared by classic rock guitar leads, totally redefining the rockers genre. The group was, if anything, even stronger lyrically. "Babylon's Burning" turns a powerful punk-rocker into an epic, with singer Malcolm Owen capturing the anger, frustration, and horror of anyone caught up in a riot. On "Jah War," he deliberately cools his passions, giving the words more nuanced power than if he allowed his anger to break free. On the sinister "S.U.S.," a response to England's infamous stop and search law, the group combines to create an ominous atmosphere of paranoia, a sound more chilling than that of any modern black metal band. The CD reissue also includes the B-sides from the group's three singles, the dub-heavy "Give Youth a Chance," the slamming, if somewhat silly "I Ain't Sophisticated," and the jokey "The Crack," where more excellent dub is interspersed with the group's rather amusing take on early rock & roll... by Jo-Ann Green, AMG

1. Babylon's Burning
2. Dope for Guns
3. S.US.
4. Something That I Said
5. You're Just A...
6. It Was Cold
7. Savage Circle
8. Jah War
9. Criminal Mind
10. Backbiter
11. Out of Order
12. Human Punk
13. Give Youth a Chance
14. I Ain't Sofisticated
15. The Crack
** Virgin
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ABRASIVE WHEELS: Black Leather Girl (1984 - Clay)

The Abrasive Wheels were by far the biggest punk band from the Leeds area, who specialised in the sort of massive rowdy choruses that could put an ear-to-ear smile on the face of a dead man. Like so many of those intense bands of the time, their fire burnt brightly for just a relatively short time, but the shadows it cast, and the colourful musical legacy they bestowed the punk scene, were both important and influential. The band recently reformed and has been playing sporadic shows and even writing a new album.
"Me and Dave were at the same school together, in the same year," recalls vocalist Phil ‘Shonna’ Rzonca. "We met each other when we were eleven on a football pitch doing trials for the school team. We weren’t best friends then, but we knew each other to speak to. We got into punk in 1976, both at the same time… that Summer was really hot, if I reme mber rightly, and punk was just breaking whilst we were on our school holidays. I was about fifteen and starting to get into different music; I’d just been to see The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. But after Slade (who were my favourite band) lulled in ’73 or ’74, it was all just Disco crap, wasn’t it? And I wanted something louder and more aggressive… and along came punk! I read all about it in the tabloids, and saw the Pistols on TOTP, and then I started delving deeper, buying Sounds and stuff.
"When I was sixteen, I went to see The Vibrators at Leeds Poly, and I can remember being frightened to death, haha! But the atmosphere was so electric, you could cut it with a knife. At the Alex Harvey show, everyone had been sat down… and the punk show was just so wild by comparison. From then on, I thought, ‘right, I’m a punk rocker’!..more >>>

1. maybe tomorrow
2. christianne
3. sea of madness
4. law of the jungle
5. the prisoner
6. drummer boy
7. jailhouse rock
8. strain of love
9. searching for the truth
10. black leather girl
11. nineteen
12. devil on my shoulder
** LP version
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ANGELIC UPSTARTS: Angel Dust (1983-Anagram)

Formed in South Shields, England in 1977, the Angelic Upstarts was one of the period's most politically-charged and thought-provoking groups; though technically a skinhead band, their records attacked the racism and fascism so prevalent throughout the skinhead community, and while also technically a punk unit, their music quickly evolved beyond the movement's limited scope.
The Angelic Upstarts were led by the rather nasal vocalist Mensi (born Thomas Mensforth), whose impoverished childhood became a frequent lyrical touchstone; along with a highly-fluid line-up which initially comprised guitarist Mond, bassist Ronnie Wooden and drummer Sticks, the group debuted with the 1979 single "Murder of Liddle Towers," a scabrous attack on police brutality. The record caught the attention of Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey, who produced their debut album Teenage Warning, which, like its 1980 follow-up We Gotta Get Outta This Place, roundly ridiculed the oppressive policies of Margaret Thatcher while offering an outpouring of sympathy for the working class.
As the Upstarts' popularity surged, so did the levels of violence at their live shows; they became mortal enemies of National Front fascist supporters, who railed against the band after first misinterpreting their leftist songs as supportive of their cause. At the same time, the band's music was becoming more complex and accomplished; by 1983's Reason Why?, the strongest Angelic Upstarts record, Mensi's songwriting skills had become tighter and more melodic, even branching out into reggae and folk, while the group's base broadened with the addition of keyboards and saxophones.... by Jason Ankeny, AMG

1. the murder of liddle towers
2. police oppression
3. i'm an upstart
4. teenage warning
5. never had nothing
6. shotgun solution
7. last night another soldier
8. two million voices
9. kids on the street
10. england
11. heath's lament
12. i understand
13. never say die
14. woman in disguise
15. solidarity
** Anagram Records
** hangoverhard
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