Sunday, February 04, 2007

VICE SQUAD: Last Rockers The Singles (Bootleg)

This is not an official VS release...

1. Last Rockers
2. Living on Dreams
3. Latex Love
4. Young Blood
5. Humane
6. Ressurection
7. Out of Reach
8. What for the Eighties
9. Sterile
10. Stand Strong, Stand Proud
11. Tomorrow's Soldier
12. Rock and Roll Massacre
13. Darkest Hour
14. Upright Citizen
15. Scarred For Life
16. Faceless Men
** ??? Recs.
** pw =
D** Link >>>>

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Anonymous said...

Vice Squad was a great band back then. This isn't really a bootleg (with for example unauthorised -live- songs) but more a ripoff copy of the CD called the complete punk singles collection. Same line up of numbers but only the first 16 in stead of 24. But he, who is counting?

Great posting!