Monday, February 19, 2007

the VIBRATORS: Pure Mania (1977) @ 256K

The Vibrators are a long-lived British punk rock band, formed in 1976. Originally, they were comprised of Ian "Knox" Carnochan (born 4 April 1945 in London), bassist Pat Collier, guitarist John Ellis, and a drummer known as "Eddie" (John Edwards).
They first came to public notice at the 100 Club when they backed Chris Spedding in 1976. On Spedding's recommendation, his record company, RAK, signed them. They released their first single, "We Vibrate", produced by Mickie Most, and also backed Spedding on his single "Pogo Dancing". The next year they supported Iggy Pop on his British tour. They signed to Epic Records and released their follow-up single "Baby Baby".
Despite numerous line-up changes, The Vibrators are still touring to this date, as a three-piece: Carnochan & "Eddie" being the only original members. They have also been largely supported by bands from local areas, including The Front.
During the 1980s, John Ellis recorded and toured frequently with Peter Hammill, and subsequently The Stranglers, eventually joining the latter full-time during the 1990s.
The Northern Irish punk / rock band, Stiff Little Fingers, took their name from a Vibrators song.
Their discography is notable for adding a vast haul of live albums, outtakes round-ups, and best-ofs. One of the more recent is Live Near The Seedy Mill Golf Course, released in the UK by Invisible Hands Music in 2003.
1. into the future
2. yeah yeah yeah
3. sweet sweet heart
4. keep it clean
5. baby baby
6. no heart
7. she's bringing you down
8. petrol
9. london girls
10. you broke my heart
11. whips & furs
12. stiff little fingers
13. wrecked on you
14. i need a slave
15. bad time
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thebarguest said...

Brilliant rock / punk album. Great
musicianship - should be up there with Clash, Pistols, Stranglers.
Their second album, V2, is also
excellent, with clever lyrics and zestful music ; criminally underrated.
Thanks to Hangover. And "Yes", you are far more likely to have a heart attack if you are hungover (Scandinavian research)ha ha....
Maybe that was Joe Strummer's fate.

Stephen from Liverpool

Anonymous said...

thanks very much - great blog

Anonymous said...

thank you

francesco said...

I've had the big luck to see them in a little club 5-6 years ago in a village in the emilia romagna mountains-italy-well..
they were really great, sing and play for 200 people?maybe more less..but they were us!it was a big party and their van?a 20 years old and some destroyed..
that's I call punk..attitude..that's great!
vibrators rules!!