Monday, February 19, 2007

VANILLA MUFFINS: Mommy's Wonderful (ep) 160K

Vanila Muffins is a punk rock band from Switzerland. The main focus of your lyrics is about football, this guys are freakish addicted to this sport, they sounds like British Oi! very fun listen this guys..

1. Mommy's wonderful
2. an old flame
3. blue red rose
4. for what I fight with you
5. out of hope
6. mommy's wonderful (live)
** alehouse recs.
** pw =


Toxxy said...

Ah...the Muffins :) LOVELY! Gotta love this band! Cheers Nagi!

Maestro said...

Hi! thanx for this upload,but i can't download it under :( Any sugestions??
Sorry for my bad english.
Best wishes from Poland