Friday, February 02, 2007

VA: Carry On Oi! (2000)

At last a proper release as befitting this classic title.Packaged in a full colour slip case with a free postcard and a detailed 12 page booklet with new liner notes by original compiler Garry Bushell. ''Carry On Oi!'' was the most successful Oi! compilation, reaching the UK National Top 75 on it`s original release in 1981. Now has the bonus of Red Alert`s ''We`ve Got The Power'' which was supposed to go on the album but was left off due to time restrictions. Every collection should have this release. Research

1. United (Garry Johnson)
2. Dambusters March (JJ All Stars)
3. Suburban Rebels (Business)
4. Each Dawn I Die (Infa-Riot)
5. Arms Race (the Partisans)
6. East End Kids (Ejected)
7. Transvestite (Peter & The Test Tube Babies)
8. Nation on Fire (Blitz)
9. King of the Jungle (Last Resort)
10. Tuckers Ruckers Ain't no Suckers (The Gonads)
11. Evil (4-Skins)
12. Product (Business)
13. SPG (Red Alert)
14. Guvnors Man (Oi! The Comrade)
15. Maniac (Peter & The Test Tube Babies)
16. What Am I Gonna Do (Ejected)
17. No U Turns (the Partisans)
18. Youth (Blitz)
19. Walk On (Oi! The Choir)
20. We've Got The Power (Red Alert) **missing, ripping problems
** Captain Oi!
** pw =
** Recording Date = 1981
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