Friday, February 02, 2007

UK DECAY : For Madmen Only (1981)

Fusing artsy theatrics with nasty thrash-punk, UK Decay made their proper debut with the Black EP in early 1980. At that point, their lineup consisted of vocalist/guitarist Abbo, drummer Steve Harle, bassist Martyn Smith, and five-string guitarist/keyboardist Steve Spon. After a couple of self-released singles, Smith passed away and was replaced in short succession by Lol, Dutch, and Eddie Branch. The full-length For Madmen Only was issued on Fresh in October of 1981. The Rising From the Dead EP was released in 1982, further moving the band away from their early sound. Splitting by the end of the year, the band minus Spon formed Slave Drive, only to morph into Furyo. Spon formed In Andy Kellman

duel / battle of the elements / shattered / stage struck / last in the house of flames / unexpected guest / sexual / dorian / decadance / mayday mayday / for madmen only.
** Fresh Records
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John Liedown said...

One of favourite ever lp's what can i say. I never bother with requests cos at some point you'll post it.

Nagiants40 said...

Thanks for that kinds of words make me strong to keep this blog alive...


Anonymous said...

thank for abbo group .......
there was another group of abbo do you have something? the music was very decadent strange (i love it)
bye and good work

sorry for request

Highlander said...

superb - i will be adding a link over at cactus mouth informer and, for the abbo fan at the end, I have just uploaded both Furyo EP's.

Anonymous said...

Nice, thanks from a Luton Lad.

Tim said...

Thanx - Wonderful stuff

the saucer people said...

One of my all time favourite albums as well...still stands the test of time most definately....They reformed recently as I am sure everyone knows, there is some Youtube footage floating around of a gig they did in Spain, my gods, they can still belt out "For My Country"!

Great post! Anyone have a decent rip of the Werewolf 12 Inch?