Tuesday, February 13, 2007

TÉLÉPHONE: Téléphone (1977)

Telephone fused the swagger and energy of hard rock with the urban aggression of punk to emerge as the most admired and influential French band of the post-student revolt era. Their roots lie in Sémolina, an unheralded trio formed in late 1975 by singer/guitarist Jean-Louis Aubert, bassist Daniel Roux, and drummer Richard Kolinka. When their lone WEA single, "Et J'y Vais Déjà," vanished upon its mid-1976 release, Sémolina quickly split; Aubert and Kolinka remained roommates, however, frequently jamming in the cellar of their Paris home. In late autumn of 1976, Kolinka secured a gig at Paris' American Centre, but when his regular band was unable to commit to the date, he and Aubert recruited Louis Bertignac, a gifted guitarist previously known for supporting singer Jacques Higelin, and bassist Corine Marienneau to assemble a set list comprised of classic rock hits and Aubert's first original compositions. On November 12, Telephone made their debut performance, playing a largely improvised set to a few hundred patrons; loud, snotty, and defiantly primitive, the band effectively reinvigorated French rock in one fell swoop. Though by no means the classic frontman, Aubert nevertheless transcended his limits as a vocalist and guitarist with sheer aggressive energy, becoming the poster boy for a new generation of French rock icons, while Bertignac's raw, electrifying guitar solos evoked antecedents from Keith Richards to Jimmy Page.... more >>>>

Tracks: Anna / Sur La Route / Dans Ton Lit / Le Vaudou / Téléphomme / Hygiaphone / Métro / Prends ce Que tu veux / Flipper
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** My Five-cents : This is one of the best punkrock'nroll albums form the seventies....get this fast!!!



rock of lamb said...

Thanks - I heard this at a party 15 years ago, "borrowed" the cassette, then lost it...great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Telephone was not a punk rock band ?!....Forget it and play -please- the dogs, bijou, metal urbain, Olivensteins, Gazoline, little bob story, asphalt jungle etc (and so much bands)..., than this rip off rock stars.