Thursday, February 15, 2007

TÉLÉPHONE: Au Coeur de La Nuit (1980) @ 320kbps

I was on my first visit to France and I went into a record store to buy Ca Plane Pour Moi, by Plastic Bertrand, which was a big hit at the time (we're talking the punk era here). The guy who served me said, you don't want that [...], you want something decent, and he recommended this Telephone disc. I bought it on spec, and am so glad I did - it was my introduction to probably France's best rock/punk band. Melodic and intense, this is intelligent music for people who want more than a mindless pop song. Bernardinho (Sydney, Australia)
1. Au Coeur de la Nuit
2. Ploum Ploum
3. Pourquoi n'Essaies-tu Pas
4. Seul
5. Laisse Tomber
6. Un homme + une Femme
7. Les ils et les Ons
8. Argent Trop Cher
9. Ordinaire
10. 2000 Nuits
11. Fleur de ma Ville
12. La Laisse
13. Le Silence
** EMI
** pw =


Jefferson said...

I am very interested in this, but where is the download link?

Nagiants40 said...

Hey Jeff you don't see the HUGE, BIG download box button ?? there'sa message "click to download"..


Zé said...

Great, tanks.

kaplan said...

I beg to differ but Telephone was maybe the worst french rock band ever ! it was mostly stones riff with very naive pre-adolescent lyrics.The guys who sold you this was probably joking if you tell you'bout "decent" music. As a frenchman, I can tell you there was in those days Great bands like Marquis de Sade,Taxi Girl, edith Nylon, Stinky Toys, Métal urbain & more...I'll be glad to send some albums if you request...

Anonymous said...

I'm agree with Kaplan.
Telephonne was a band for adolescent...
They are many great rock-bands in France.
Now : the Film, Phoenix, Naast..
In the past like kaplan and more : Starshooter, Asphalt Jungle...

Nevertheless, thanks for your great site !

leopnd said...

Telephone are cool!
But you can upload some bands that you mentioned!

Keep the good work!

Anonymous said...

TAXI GIRL will gladly be appreciated, especially "Cherchez le Garcon"!! :-)

btw I like Téléphone; "Un autre Monde" is a classic.

Greetings and thanks for this great site!!


Trailer Trash zine said...

I fucking love Telephone and have been listening to them since 1981 and I still don't get tired of them. Thanks for posting this so others can check them out.