Sunday, February 25, 2007

RYKER'S : From Cradle to the Grave @ 160 kbps

Bringing out the style of New York hardcore to their home country of Germany, Ryker made their debut with the EP "Payback Time" in 1993, a release that paid homage to the sound of their heroes Sick of it All, Slapshot, the Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front, among others. Following the release of their 1994 full-length "Brother Against Brother" and the "First Blood" EP in 1995 -all of which were put out by Germany's We Bite Records- Ryker's first full-scale tour of Europe soon came about. For the next two years, the band moved on to Warner Brothers, who released their next two full-lengths -1996's "Ground Zero" and 97's "A Lesson in Loyality"exclusively in Europe. After a two year hiatus and another label change to Century Media Records, the members Kid D (vocals), Chris (bass), Grobi (guitar) and Meff (drums) made their American debut with their fourth album Life's A Gamble...So is Death in 1999.... by Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide

CD 1
1. Intro - First Blood
2. Lowlife
3. End of Line
4. Truth
5. To Whom it may Concern
6. Lifeline
7. Past the Point
8. Strangehold
9. Gone For Good
10. Hunting Season
11. Forever and a Day
12. Nothing to Regret
13. As the Laugher Dies
14. Cold Lost Stick
15. True Love
16. Witching Hour
17. You'll Never Walk Alone
18. Slowly
19. What We Once Said
20. Justice
21. Once I Believed
22. Together
23. Brother Against Brother
24. Beg to Differ

CD 2
1. Judas Reward
2. From Cradle to the Grave
3. Sad and Done
4. Attitude
5. C'mon Let's Go
6. Don't Thread On Me
7. Dirty Deeds
8. London Leatherboys
9. End of the Line (Remix)
** Century Media Records
** pw =
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