Saturday, February 17, 2007

the RUTS: The Crack (1979) @ 320kbps

The Ruts... Pretty much one of the best bands ever, and completely underrated. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in the fusion of punk and reggae/dub. The song Jah War perfectly personifies the marvelous hybrid that is punky reggae music (even though the title confuses me). It is a shame that the Owen died before they could record again, but that doesn't stop you from getting the album they did with Mad Professor as the Ruts DC (even though you will have a hard time findin it at a decent price). But back to the review, this album is superb. Jah War is by far my favorite track (think Johnny Was by SLF or White Man (in Hammersmith Palais) by the Clash) and is also politcally charged. Other notably good tracks are Babylons Burning (obvious Clash influences) and SUS, both sharp critiques on British society. Just get this album now, whether you are a punk or a Rasta. I also suggest any album by the Clash, the Slits first album, Forces by the Terrorists, Rhythm Collisoin by the Ruts DC vs. Mad Professor, and Y by the Pop Group (strictly dub influences on this one). Ken Bruce (Columbus, OH)

1. Babylon's Burning
2. Dope For Guns
3. S.U.S.
4. Something That I Said
5. You're Just A...
6. It Was Cold
7. Savage Circle
8. Jah War
9. Criminal Mind
10. Backbiter
11. Out Of Order
12. Human Punk
13. Give Youth A Chance
14. I Ain't Sofisticated
15. The Crack
** EMI Records
** pw =


Anonymous said...

Supurb album, got this as an lp but as no deck at the moment this will do me a treat.

If you like 70's English punk then this is a must !!

BrooklynBastard said...

thanx for this...
...i heard that this lp has 2 releases...each with a different alternate track...does anyone know if this have both or just one...or am i wrong?

pvc said...

in my humble opinion "better than the clash"

Anonymous said...

I like Ruts D.C. album Animal Now
what I have on vinyl.Great thing,but
I must say this one is superb too.Songs like Babylon´s Burning,Dope For Guns are my fave

MADRAB said...

your blog is the dogs bollox,well done. :O) , did u ever post punk n disorderly vol 1? think i may have missed it.

Nagiants40 said...

@ madrab, thanks for the comments..

and no I never post P & D Vol.1,,but it's doubt about...


John Liedown said...

After Never Mind The Bollocks & The Clash's first this is THE punk LP fantastic band. Poor old Malcom Owen.
nagiants, you've been busy again. Thanks your a legend mate.

Nagiants40 said...

@ john liedown..

Thanks for the words..:-)

A Legend = Old man :-)

Anonymous said...

that is what i call dignity: 320kbs for the ruts!!! great!

Anonymous said...

This album kick ass!
This is the best punk album ever the world!
"Jah War" the best white reggae song ever wrote by white artists!
This CD sounds amazingly young.
For me, i was in England in 1979, RUTS was the best BAND of this year.
Respect for them !

Pascal French Fan

Ad Nauseam said...

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Every Dave said...

I downloaded this album from itunes you can get crack as a double album with Grin and bear it. good price too unless your gonna burn it.