Saturday, February 03, 2007

MAGAZINE: Secondhand Daylight (1979)

Secondhand Daylight must have been committed in the cold. You can practically see the steam coming out of Howard Devoto as he sneeringly spews out lines like "Today I bumped into you again/I have no idea what you want" in "Permafrost." You can picture Dave Formula swiping frost off his keys and Barry Adamson blowing on his hands during the intro to "Feed the Enemy," while Johns McGeoch and Doyle zip up their parkas. More than anything, Daylight is a showcase for Formula's chilly but expressive keyboard work; he appears to release as many demons as Devoto does throughout the course of the dark album. Detached tales of relationships damaged beyond repair dominate the album, and it's not nearly as bouncy as Real Life or The Correct Use of Soap -- the only real chugger is "Rhythm of Cruelty." Despite the sub-zero climate and lack of dance numbers, it isn't a completely impenetrable record. It's not as immediately satisfying as their first and third albums, but it deserves just as much recognition as Magazine's other stellar works. by Andy Kellman

1. Feed the Enemy
2. Rhythm of Cruelty
3. Cut-Out Shapes
4. Talk to the Body
5. I Wanted Your Heart
6. The Thin Air
7. Back to Nature
8. Believe That I Understand
9. Permafrost
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panos1 said...

Yes!i got them in vinyl now in mp3's just in case of a damage!

Feed the enemy is a masterpiece!

ReaL life was the first album by them and i was surprised!

I believe that Magazine are one of the best and unforgetable new wave groups!
I like also Boomtown rats [
"mongo bongo" and "v deep"]are still missing from my collection difficult now to find them]
And ofcource Positive NOise!i use to have 2 albums of them ["hearts of darkness" and "change of"] in cassettes but they all gone among many others!!!

Glad to see albums i bought when i was young uploaded and i highly recomment to everyone to get them before its to late!

Regards from greece,and i hope if you find out some of the albums i was refered to remember me!
Sorry fom my english!

RRRobert said...

Brilliant band indeed. A pitty that they seems to be forgotten nowadays, because there are a lot of Britpop band these days who wouldn't have sounded anything like they do know thanks to bands like Magazine.

I only managed to replace my vinyl copy of 'Real Life' for a CD-copy very recently, I did not found the other ones yet, so I'm very glad ow shared. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for Magazine I have not. I have got only one theirs album The Correct Use Of Soap and it´s great
Karlos,Czech Rep.

thebarguest said...

"Quality will always out".
At the time, these were quite obscure, but over the past 25 years maybe have received the retrospective acclaim they should have had in 1979 ! Sadly, the singer has been in a "day job" for many years ; Thom Yorke (Radiohead) should be in that job, and Howard D. touring the world !

bunka said...

Thanks for these gems - Magazine deserve to be remembered!

Anonymous said...

3 brilliant albums (the 4th one was a bit dodgy), the best of which must be Secondhand Daylight - it needs repeated listening but every track is spectacular.

Craccum said...

Magazine were top quality - and having reformed this year (2009) are finally getting some credit for what they did. Dave Formula's keyboards are exquisite. John McGeoch's guitar is world class. Barry Adamson's bass suggests his off-kilter solo career writing music for movies. But frankly, Howard Devoto is a genius.

I remember buying this in 1979 and being told by the man in the record shop that their debut, Real Life, was so much better. But I couldn't buy it on cassette in NZ, so had to settle for this. Then I got it home and realised it was genius. I agree with 'Anonymous' 30 years later. 3 brilliant albums, but this is the best.

30 years ago I used your soap...

kitzOgen said...