Saturday, February 03, 2007

MAGAZINE: Magic Murder and The Weather (1981)

Magazine's final studio album, Magic, Murder and the Weather, finds Dave Formula's washes of cold, brittle keyboards dominating the bitter and cynical music. Occasionally, Howard Devoto's weary lyrics surface through the icy mix, but it's clear that Devoto and Magazine have both had better days. It's not a graceful way to bow out, but the album has enough strong moments to prevent it from being an embarrassment as Stephen Thomas Erlewine

1. About the Weather
2. So Lucky
3. The Honeymoon Killers
4. Vigilance
5. Come Alive
6. The Great Man's Secrets
7. This Poison
8. Naked Eye
9. Suburban Rhonda
10. The Garden
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devotoed said...

Quality album but the password disnae work. ??

Nagiants40 said...

is missing an "n" after ha(n)

Thanks cheers

devotoed said...

thanks! shoulda spotted that :-)

Anonymous said...

Song 1. About the Weather is missing.

thebarguest said...

Magazine's best and most sophisticated album. A criminally underrated "intelligent rock" band.
Much better than Radiohead (who love the Mag boys).

Craccum said...

this is SO MUCH BETTER than I remember.

At the time there was a sense, after The Correct Use Of Soap following two disparate, excellent albums, that Magazine could do no wrong. Then they played Mainstreet in Auckland c. 1981. All seemed like a perfect storm.

This album came across as a let down then. Which just goes to show the weight of expectation. Then Jerky Versions of the Dream (HD's solo effort) seemed liked redemption.

In retrospect, the odd track aside, this is now looking like the stonger set.

Morcego Platónico said...

hi!!! the password is wrong! can you tell me, please, the correct password? I have already try a diferents combinations, but nothing... can you tell, in the simple way, the correct password? thanks a lot.

Nagiants40 said...

Morcego se voce lesse todos os comentários já teria solucionado o problema kkkkkkk :-) Estava faltando a letra ''n'' na senha, já esta corrigida.. abraços