Monday, February 19, 2007

HUSKER DU: Northern Lights (Demo Tape) 1979

Studio demo. These tracks, which also appear on the collection circulated as "Savage Young Du," were recorded by Colin Mansfield, who was kind enough to provide the following background info: "I was involved in recording most (probably all -- it's a long time ago) of the recordings made in the basement of Northern lights. Both Greg and I were working there (Greg in the record/head shop, and I was setting up Twin Cities Imports in the basement). My band at the time, Fine Art, had already released an LP and was getting some radio play, and the boys (well, Greg and Grant, I think Bob was satisfied with their choice) asked me if I would record and produce some demos for them. (I owned a 4-track reel-to-reel, a mixer and mics and was more than happy to help out some friends). Anyway, the sets [on the 'Northern Lights' and 'Colin Mansfield' demos] are pretty much the same thing and while it may be of interest to collectors to separate them out, I did record more than the three tunes [listed as 'Colin Mansfield Demos']."

1.Picture Of You
2.Can't See You Any More
3.The Truth Hurts
4.Do You Remember?
5.Sore Eyes
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