Monday, February 19, 2007

HUSKER DU: Do You Remmeber (Single)

This is a mistery for me again...if anyone can help will be a blast :-)

1. Celebrated Summer
2. Keep Hanging On
3. Hare Krshna
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helmut said...

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Robert said...

Hello Nagiants.

Thx for posting all these Hüsker Dü:

Heres some info:

Its from the Compilation:
HÜSKER DÜ - Do You Remember?
(1994 US 21-track promotional-only compilation CD, features tracks taken from eight different albums,
plus the 'Metal Circus' EP including the non album track Hare Krsna, custom picture sleeve and back insert PRO-CD-6853).

"The first two tracks are live versions from "The Living End".
"Hare Hrsna" is live version that was too long to include on The Living End.
"Statues" is the 7" version. All other versions are from studio albums.

Look at the Contents: The lenght of the tracks are the same as the ones you posted.

*Celebrated Summer 4:32*
*Keep Hanging On 3:20*
*Hare Krsna 8:50*
Could You Be The One? 2:33
Actual Condition 1:50
Hardly Getting Over It 6:02
Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely 3:30
Makes No Sense At All 2:34
Green Eyes 2:57
I Apologize 3:38
Terms of Psychic Warfare 2:19
Chartered Trips 3:37
Pink Turns To Blue 2:43
Real World 2:23
Diane 4:40
Everything Falls Apart 2:13
Wheels 2:07
In A Free Land 2:52
Statues 4:34
All Tensed Up 2:04
Data Control 5:22
and from:

The only "Single" called Do You Remember" is:
"Live On The Joan Rivers Show 1987" (but this one has other tracks....)


Nagiants40 said...

Great Robert..thank you so much for the information...


d. said...

can you re-up this? i've been trying to find this live hare krishna for a while. thanks

Nagiants40 said...

Ok d. ... I'll try tomorrow

d. said...

figured i'd drop a reminder about this. thanks again