Saturday, February 17, 2007

ELVIS HITLER: Hellbilly (1993) @192kbps

The sound of the music on this album could be described as like a punk crossover mixed with a little straight hard rock/heavy metal. The entire album has a campy white trash theme and there are some weird songs on here. They all sound cool though. The whole album is good.
Anyone who is a Dead Kennedys fan who remembers the version rawhide off of the in god we trust album, just imagine an entire album with that kind of a humoruous theme. Oh, and there are no nazi sentiments contained on this record either so don't be thrown off by the name. A couple of years ago the lead singer (Elvis Hitler) responded to an email I sent him and explained how the band was finished soon after their last album and now they are all working "tried and true day jobs". I wonder what they're doing? But this album. It's a 5 star!! Captain_Blade "-the metal rambo" (Everett, WA)

1. Showdown
2. Hellbilly
3. Ballad Of The Green Berets
4. Teenage Surf Slave
5. Booze Party
6. Gear Jammin' Hero
7. Revolving Blues Of Death
8. Crush, Kill, Destroy
9. Hang `Em High
10. Don't Blame Me If You Die Tonight
11. Black Death On A White Horse
12. Dance Of The Living Dead
13. Misanthropes
** Restless Records
** Original Recording Date = 1989
** pw =

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