Saturday, February 17, 2007

ELVIS HITLER: Disgraceland (1993) @ 192kbps

Not only is this album full of hilarious lyrics, but the music is full of energetic fun. The name alone will probably offend most people and scare most them off, not because of the Elvis part but the Hitler part, which is all right. If a person is afraid of a name then they probably won't see the humor in it. While the lyrics are full of humor, some may think the music shouldn't be taken seriously either, which is big mistake. If this music doesn't make you get up and move there is something wrong with you. And if you like things to get a little weird then "Green Haze(Pt. I & II)", the music from "Purple Haze" and the lyrics from "Green Acres", then this song is for you. Fans of the Cramps and the Rev. Horton Heat will love this album and all other Elvis Hitler albums. Songs like "Ten Wheels For Jesus", "Hot Rod To Hell", and "Berlin To Memphis" are just pure rockabilly mayhem.
The only problem is this "Disgraceland" has been out of print for a long time and it is extremely rare on CD. I paid [many]dollars for the CD. Rykodisc owns the rights to Restless Records, which published all of Elvis Hitler's albums. People need to e-mail or write Rykodisc and demand that they re-release the Elvis Hitler catalog. Do it in the name of the Lord!!! Janitor X (The Mountains)

1. Cool Daddy in a Cadillac
2. Live Fast and Die Young
3. Hot Rod to Hell
4. Rocking Over Russia
5. Berlin to Memphis
6. Elvi's Ripoff Theme
7. Battle Cry of 1.000 Men
8. Green Haze Parts 1&2
9. I Love Your Guts
10. Ten Wheels For Jesus
11. Black Babies Dancing On Fire
12. Crush Yuor Skull
13. Disgraceland
** Restless Records
** Original Release Date: 1988
** pw =


Anonymous said...

Is it me or are there no links anymore? These are some great albums (like always) and worth tp promote!

Great job anyway!

Nagiants40 said...

I think the problem is in your browser.. try tu use Firefox..

The lnks are perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Never had problems with your absolutely brilliant website before...I'll check. Thanks for your reply, mate!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nagiants40,
I was trying to get the Elvis Hitler Disgraceland LP, and I went to the link and downloaded the file but when you come to unzip it is password protected. There dosent seem to be any obvious way of getting the password, can you help ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nagiants40,

OK scrub that last one, I saw where it was, thanks, keep up the good work.

Brian said...

Great band from Ypsilanti, Michigan. It was actually released in 1988 by Restless Records. Warren Defever (bass) went on (after they broke up in 1992 or so) to found His Name is Alive and Princess Dragonmom. I think Elvis Hitler coined the phrase hellbilly, but don't quote me on that. Damian Lang (Drums) also played in His Name is Alive and the Detroit Cobras.

Roddus said...

Yeehaa, finally found this sfter years of looking, a mate brought this for 5 bucks in a bargin bin here in new Zealand , cos he dug the name and it spent many drunken weekends rockin' our world.

Thanks, ande this blogs is fucken great, will visit again.