Monday, February 19, 2007

ELECTRO HIPPIES: Play Fast or Die (1986)

The band was formed back in 1985 by Simon (drums) and Bruno (bass) withe the intention of playing fast/aggressive hardcore punk with a metal influence. Andy (guitar) joined with Phil (guitar) and Kate (vocals). This line up lasted one rehearsal as Kate went back to America and Phil left as well. The remaining members carried on as a 3 piece. The first gig was played during '85 in Liverpool. Then in '86 Phil came back as 2nd guitar and Jeff joined on vocals. But Phil left the band again for his own reasons.
The 'Killing Babies is Tight' Demo *1 was then recorded and the band were asked to record a self financed split 12" with Generic. This was done. Bruno and Jeff departed the band towards the end of '86 and Dom came in on bass. In January 1987 the 'Killing Babies for Profit' Demo *2 was recorded. The band gigged and went to Europe etc. and at the end of '87 the band recorded the LP 'The Only Good Punk' for Peaceville Records. Simon then departed the band. Whitey took his place on drums at the beginning of 1988. The band rehearsed and gigged etc. Then on the 15th April 1989 the band played their final/ultimate/last ever gig at Planet X in Liverpool before splitting.... link >>>

1. intro
2. acid rain
3. run ronald
4. wings of death
5. terror eyes
6. theme toon
7. am i punk yet
8. the reaper
9. next time
10. vivisection song
11. profit from death
12. more armaggedon death
13. the horns of hades
** Necrosis Records
** pw =

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