Saturday, February 24, 2007

DAYGLO ABORTIONS: Feed Us A Fetus (1985) @ 192 kbps

Like quality blues records, quality punk records often have careers punctuated with messy legal suits. To reduce such a story to its simplest terms, Feed Us a Fetus -- festooned with its classically derisive and inflammatory cover of the Reagans seated before a fetal meal -- was lost in limbo when Fringe Records sued the Dayglo Abortions for 750 million dollars. Finally triumphant (not the typical outcome in such scenarios), the record is now available through God Records, run by Dayglo Abortions drummer Jesus "Bonehead" Whitehead and part of A&R Records International. The '80s recordings marked a high-water mark in tight hardcore musicality marked with controversial, rabid, radical anti-Republican sentiments and a healthy dose of anti-Christian venom. Remember "Argh Fuck Kill," "Stupid World," "Kill the Hosers," and "I'm My Own God"? ("Kill the Hosers" was a bit of an exception for the group, so full of bully-like pro-mosh pit violence it was rarely performed at U.S. appearances.) Well, these post-punk party anthems are all here, fully remastered and including two unlisted bonus tracks. One is extremely muddy in production -- it doesn't sound like the Dayglo Abortions. The only words distinctly understandable are "bitch," "rape," and "kill." It could have been easily left off. The second bonus track is very Dayglo Abortions-sounding and contains the lyric, "I'm whiter than Hitler/But ain't no f***in' Nazi." This record is one of the classics of North American punk and Tom Schulte, All Music Guide

1. stupid songs
2. argh fuck kill / die sinner die
3. bedtime story
4. my girl5
5. dogfarts
6. inside my head
7. wake up america
8. proud to be a canadian
9. stupid world
10. ronald mcraygun
11. kill the horses
12. religious bumfucks
13. 1967
14. i killed mommy
15. i'm my own god
16. used to be in love
17. suicide
18. the idiot
19. germ attack
20. scared of people-black sabbath
21. black sabbath
22. i want to be east indian
** God Records
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Anonymous said...

The Feed Us A Fetus Album by The DAYGLOW ABORTIONS is The BEST punk Album out of Canada EVER!!!
There are so Many classic Songs on it,"Proud 2 Be Canadian" "Bedtime Story" "Stupid World" "Black Sabbath" "I Killed Mommy" "I'm My Own God" It just goes on & on,They are Awesome Live to Boot!!!
Cheerz 2 the Day-Glo's!!

668 said...

Link is dead

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Even tho I wuz possibly supposed to be an original member (of the Sick F*cks, me and Brian (Bonehead) worked out some scenarios). I never heard any of Brian's bands' stuff to this day.. But hey y'know what was one of the biggest influences on the band? you'll never guess! it was Syd Barrett's solo stuff..