Saturday, February 17, 2007

BUZZCOCKS: Modern (1999) @ 320kbps

The Buzzcocks emerged from Manchester in the late 70's with their self released EP "Spiral Scratch". From there they rode the punk wave, releasing a string of brilliant singles (collected in "Singles Going Steady"). But while they wore the punk mantle, they were essentially a pop band that embraced punk's energy and sense of humor. They disbanded in the early 80's, and after various solo outings (Notably Pete Shelley's "Homosapien" and Steve Diggle's "Flag of Convenience"), sank into obscurity.
A complete box set ("Product") appeared in 1989, and in the early 90's the band regrouped for a tour. 1993 saw Shelley and Diggle (with new rhythm section (Phil Barker and Tony Barber) release "Trade Test Transmission", which remarkably picked up right where the band left off in 1980. 1996's "All Set" was also amazingly strong. In an unlikely turn of events, Toyota chose "What Do I Get" for a TV commercial campaign in 2000.
Which leads us to the album at hand, "Modern". I wonder why they chose this title...the last thing I want the Buzzcocks to sound is modern! The album is infused with too many synthesizers and drum machines to sound like classic Buzzcocks, and is spotty through the first six tracks. Then the album abruptly rights itself with "Runaround" and "Doesn't Mean Anything" and doesn't falter again.
If you are new to the band, search out one of the early compilations such as "Operator's Manual". If you were a fan of the early Buzzcocks and have been leery of the 90's version start with "Trade Test Transmission". "Modern" shows the band maturing somewhat, but considering that most of the band's charm was its immaturity, that isn't necessarily a plus.
All that said, this album is far better than you'd have any reason to expect of a 70's punk band that has decided to keep on plugging.

1. Soul on a Rock
2. Rendezvous
3. Speed of Life
4. Thunder of Hearts
5. Why Compromise?
6. Don't Let the Car Crash
7. Runaround
8. Doesn't Mean Anything
9. Phone
10. Under the Sun
11. Turn of the Screw
12. Sneaky
13. Stranger in Your Town
14. Choices
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