Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ALIEN SEX FIEND: Curse (1990)

A product of Britain's early-1980s Batcave gothic punk movement, the North London-based Alien Sex Fiend was led by the eccentric Nick Wade, better known as the macabre Nik Fiend. A staple of the London scene as a member of such relatively obscure groups as the Earwigs and Mr. and Mrs. Demeanour, he made his recording debut under the name Demon Preacher; several other short-lived projects followed before he formed Alien Sex Fiend in 1982 with wife and synth player Christine (a.k.a. Mrs. Fiend), guitarist Yaxi Highrizer (born David James), and drummer Johnny "Ha Ha" Freshwater.
Mixing the theatrical horror-movie antics of Alice Cooper with the menacing synthesizer pulse of Suicide, Alien Sex Fiend debuted with the single "Ignore the Machine," a favorite among Goth club denizens; the full-length Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain? appeared in 1983. A series of indie-chart hits followed in 1984, including "R.I.P.", "Dead and Buried" and "E.S.T. (Trip to the Moon); " the success of the album Acid Bath further increased the group's visibility, and in Japan, Alien Sex Fiend became major stars, resulting in the 1985 live release Liquid Head in Tokyo.... more

Tracks: Katch 22 / Now I'm Feeling Zombified / Stress / Blessings of the State / Eat! Eat! Eat! / Ain't Got Time to Bleed / Bleeding Reprise / Dali-Isms / Burger Bar Baby / I Think I Mad Daddy Drives a U.F.O./ Wuthering Wind / Radio Jim / Hands of The Silken / Blessing in Disguise
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