Sunday, February 25, 2007

AGROTÓXICO & RASTA KNAST : Marcas da Revolta (2003 - Split CD) @ 192 kbps

Two killer hardcore bands in one split CD. Rasta Knast is from Germany, in this little silver disc they cut 5 tracks, the most interesting is the fact that they try to sing in portuguese. Ação Direta from Brasil recorded 5 tracks too, and off course they try to sing in German language. The result is pretty good, the tracks are amazing. You will find cover versions of classics from : CÓLERA, INOCENTES, RATOS DE PORÃO e ZUMBIS DO ESPAÇO, CANAL TERROR, SLIME, RECHARGE e MOLOTOW SODA. Rasta Knast is a band that frequently plays in Brazil.

1. Dia e Noite, Noite e dia (RASTA KNAST)
2. Marcas da Revolta (RASTA KNAST)
3. Escombros (RASTA KNAST)
4. Diabos Mutantes (RASTA KNAST)
5. Crucificados pelo Sistema (RASTA KNAST)
8.Das Ende Der Welt (AGROTÓXICO)
9. Saufbach (AGROTÓXICO)
10. Laborratte (AGROTÓXICO)
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