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the VIBRATORS: Guilty & Alaska 127 (2001) @ 192 kbps

One of punk rock's longest running bands, the Vibrators emerged from the UK punk scene in 1976 and quickly found themselves sharing the stage with such notable acts as the Sex Pistols. Their initial releases were minor hits in England, and the band was able to weather frequent lineup changes, which started with bassist Pat Collier's exit in 1977, until 1980 when the band called it quits. But, as with most UK punk acts, reformation was in the cards. The original lineup came back together in 1982 and released the LPs Guilty and Alaska 127.
The original lineup of Ian Conochan, Pat Collier, John Ellis, and Eddie the Drummer was hit again with more turnover during the 1980s and 1990s. By the time of the band's 20th anniversary, Mikcie Owen (guitar), Mark Duncan (bass), Nigel Bennet (guitar), Darrell Bath (guitar), and Nick Peckham (bass) had all been associated with the Vibrators. In 1999, the more stable three-piece lineup of the band made their way across America with fellow punk veterans the Misfits, the Exploited, and the U.K. Subs.
While most of their albums in the 1980s and 1990s were overlooked, the early catalog was enough to keep them fueled for more than 20 years. The Vibrators released a live collection and a rarities disc in 1999 on Gig records.
In 2001, Anagram released Guilty/Alaska 127, which contained two albums -- Guilty (1983, originally issued on Anagram) and Alaska 127 (1984, originally on Ram) -- by the Vibrators on one compact disc..... by Chris True, All Music Guide

1.wolfman howl
2. rocket to the moon
3. sleeping
4. parties
5. jumpin' jack flash
6. watch out baby
7. do a runner
8. we name the guilty
9. baby, baby
10. fighter pilot
11. the day they caught the killer
12. kick it
13. a dot ain't a lot
14. claws in my brain
15. amphetamine blue
16. somnambullist
17. baby blue eyes
18. peepshow
19. 4875
20. 3-D jesus
21. jesus always lets you down
22. flying home
23. shadow love
24. mx america
25. flash flash flash
26. furnish me with kisses
** Anagram Records
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

TONY ADOLESCENT & ADZ : Where Were You ? @ 192 kbps

In the vein of the good ole west coast party punk sound (Adolescents, D.I. etc.); this does have some routine, but it's still enjoyable, although Tony can be hardly described as "adolescent" anymore.

1. ADZ
2. Where Were You??
3. Frightened
4. Cry
5. Flyswatter
6. Some Kind of Fun
7. Riot on Sunset
8. Car Crash
9. Rikki Headcheese
10. Solitaire
11. Self Destruct (Live)
12. No Way (Live)
13. Wrecking Crew
14. Cry (Live)
15. Solitaire (Live)
** Tracks 11-15 recorded live at KUCI Radio, 17.8.1992
** Bitz Core Records
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RYKER'S : From Cradle to the Grave @ 160 kbps

Bringing out the style of New York hardcore to their home country of Germany, Ryker made their debut with the EP "Payback Time" in 1993, a release that paid homage to the sound of their heroes Sick of it All, Slapshot, the Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front, among others. Following the release of their 1994 full-length "Brother Against Brother" and the "First Blood" EP in 1995 -all of which were put out by Germany's We Bite Records- Ryker's first full-scale tour of Europe soon came about. For the next two years, the band moved on to Warner Brothers, who released their next two full-lengths -1996's "Ground Zero" and 97's "A Lesson in Loyality"exclusively in Europe. After a two year hiatus and another label change to Century Media Records, the members Kid D (vocals), Chris (bass), Grobi (guitar) and Meff (drums) made their American debut with their fourth album Life's A Gamble...So is Death in 1999.... by Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide

CD 1
1. Intro - First Blood
2. Lowlife
3. End of Line
4. Truth
5. To Whom it may Concern
6. Lifeline
7. Past the Point
8. Strangehold
9. Gone For Good
10. Hunting Season
11. Forever and a Day
12. Nothing to Regret
13. As the Laugher Dies
14. Cold Lost Stick
15. True Love
16. Witching Hour
17. You'll Never Walk Alone
18. Slowly
19. What We Once Said
20. Justice
21. Once I Believed
22. Together
23. Brother Against Brother
24. Beg to Differ

CD 2
1. Judas Reward
2. From Cradle to the Grave
3. Sad and Done
4. Attitude
5. C'mon Let's Go
6. Don't Thread On Me
7. Dirty Deeds
8. London Leatherboys
9. End of the Line (Remix)
** Century Media Records
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FUGAZI : Steady Diet Of Nothing (1991) @ 192 kbps Re-Up!

This is punk rock slowed down to a lope, transformed into angry meditations on, well, a number of things--sometimes alienation, sometimes the fashion industry, and sometimes things too vague really to specify. Fugazi are always interesting, if only because of their absolute willingness to overturn every established punk rock convention (and what could be more punk rock?). On this record, inventiveness generally outpaces quality, and protest songs without catchy melodies--for all their good intentions--are pretty quickly forgotten. Regardless, their trademark staccato guitar attack and fractured rhythms are here in force, and at least two songs, "Reclamation" and "Nice New Outfit," rank with their best. --Percy Keegan

1. Exit Only
2. Reclamation
3. Nice New Outfit
4. Stacks
5. Latin Roots
6. Steady Diet
7. Long Division
8. Runaway Return
9. Polish
10. Dear Justice Letter
11. KYEO
** Dischord Records
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DESCENDENTS : I Don't Want to Grow Up (1985) @ 192 kbps

What's to be expected given the title track, with a hilarious 'nyah nyah!' line on top of the chorus! Give a closer ear to the song, though -- where the reason not to grow up is that it might "mean being like you" -- and the band's core message of having fun and dealing with things as best one can in a stupid society is still there. When the four want to be straight up and perfectly poppy, they can and do with smashing success, with surprisingly mature, emotional lyrics and playing that doesn't rely on all-speed all the time. "Can't Go Back" is a great lost power-pop classic, with some of Aukerman's best singing, a wonderful chorus and a tuneful reflection on not reliving past mistakes. "Christmas Vacation" is another winner, a heartfelt and sharp depiction of a relationship on the skids with some great, melancholy harmonies, while "My World" draws on Aukerman's college years with a tale of personal frustration in an unfamiliar locale, all while rocking hard and strong. For all this there's ridiculous humor everywhere -- thus "Pervert," which is at once frank and funny, saying "I'd hate to think that romance is just a pose/But all I want to do is rip off your clothes." "Rockstar," which immediately follows, is a hyperspeed trashing that's the understandable sequel to "Loser," demolishing the title character with a series of brief putdowns before concluding with a drawled "Let's exploit rock and roll to its fullest potential." But of course.... by Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

1. Descendents
2. I Don't Want to Grow Up
3. Pervert
4. Rockstar
5. No FB
6. Can't Go Back
7. GCF
8. My World
9. Theme
10. Silly Girl
11. In Love This Way
12. Christmas Vacation
13. Good Good Things
14. Ace
** SST Records
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BUZZCOCKS : All Set (1996) @ 192 kbps

Hooking up with Neill King as producer for All Set was an amusing turn on the part of the Buzzcocks, given that King had engineered Dookie, the breakthrough album from open Buzzcocks worshippers Green Day. Apparently the group felt a little acknowledgement back was in order, even going so far as to record the album in that trio's stomping ground, Berkeley, CA. Far from trying to capture the MTV audience with a variation on "Basket Case," though, the quartet here sounds like -- the Buzzcocks, if again essentially the pop-friendlier side of the band. Opening song "Totally From the Heart" is actually one of the strongest numbers yet from the newer version of the band, with a great chorus and all-around soaring crunch. King definitely earns his pay with his producing and engineering work; things haven't sounded this crisp and clear for the band even since the late '70s. The Barber/Barker rhythm section has by now well settled in, with Barker in particular showing more individual flashes and flair than before. Shelley and Diggle throw in a couple of almost mainstream guitar solos along the way, but otherwise are as dedicated as always to the virtues of high-volume, brisk poppiness. Happily, hints of trying to breathe once again beyond the basic formula do crop up here and there. Hammond organ adds a nice extra touch here and there, as on the lower-key groove of "Hold Me Close," one of Shelley's tenderer love songs, while Diggle pulls off a rock-of-the-gods epic start for "Playing for Time." The concluding two numbers both have something to them in particular -- "Pariah" has a quirky rhythm crunch to it à la "Sixteen," while Diggle's "Back With You" starts off with an acoustic guitar and turns into a string-synth-swept declaration of love. Otherwise, it's generally effective business as usual.... by Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

1. Totally from the Heart
2. Without You
3. Give It to Me
4. Your Love
5. Point of No Return
6. Hold Me Close
7. Kiss 'n' Tell
8. What Am I Supposed to Do
9. Some Kinda Wonderful
10. What You Mean to Me
11. Playing For Time
12. Pariah
13. Back with You
** I.R.S. records
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AGROTÓXICO & RASTA KNAST : Marcas da Revolta (2003 - Split CD) @ 192 kbps

Two killer hardcore bands in one split CD. Rasta Knast is from Germany, in this little silver disc they cut 5 tracks, the most interesting is the fact that they try to sing in portuguese. Ação Direta from Brasil recorded 5 tracks too, and off course they try to sing in German language. The result is pretty good, the tracks are amazing. You will find cover versions of classics from : CÓLERA, INOCENTES, RATOS DE PORÃO e ZUMBIS DO ESPAÇO, CANAL TERROR, SLIME, RECHARGE e MOLOTOW SODA. Rasta Knast is a band that frequently plays in Brazil.

1. Dia e Noite, Noite e dia (RASTA KNAST)
2. Marcas da Revolta (RASTA KNAST)
3. Escombros (RASTA KNAST)
4. Diabos Mutantes (RASTA KNAST)
5. Crucificados pelo Sistema (RASTA KNAST)
8.Das Ende Der Welt (AGROTÓXICO)
9. Saufbach (AGROTÓXICO)
10. Laborratte (AGROTÓXICO)
** Red Star Records
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Saturday, February 24, 2007

DAYGLO ABORTIONS: Feed Us A Fetus (1985) @ 192 kbps

Like quality blues records, quality punk records often have careers punctuated with messy legal suits. To reduce such a story to its simplest terms, Feed Us a Fetus -- festooned with its classically derisive and inflammatory cover of the Reagans seated before a fetal meal -- was lost in limbo when Fringe Records sued the Dayglo Abortions for 750 million dollars. Finally triumphant (not the typical outcome in such scenarios), the record is now available through God Records, run by Dayglo Abortions drummer Jesus "Bonehead" Whitehead and part of A&R Records International. The '80s recordings marked a high-water mark in tight hardcore musicality marked with controversial, rabid, radical anti-Republican sentiments and a healthy dose of anti-Christian venom. Remember "Argh Fuck Kill," "Stupid World," "Kill the Hosers," and "I'm My Own God"? ("Kill the Hosers" was a bit of an exception for the group, so full of bully-like pro-mosh pit violence it was rarely performed at U.S. appearances.) Well, these post-punk party anthems are all here, fully remastered and including two unlisted bonus tracks. One is extremely muddy in production -- it doesn't sound like the Dayglo Abortions. The only words distinctly understandable are "bitch," "rape," and "kill." It could have been easily left off. The second bonus track is very Dayglo Abortions-sounding and contains the lyric, "I'm whiter than Hitler/But ain't no f***in' Nazi." This record is one of the classics of North American punk and hardcore....by Tom Schulte, All Music Guide

1. stupid songs
2. argh fuck kill / die sinner die
3. bedtime story
4. my girl5
5. dogfarts
6. inside my head
7. wake up america
8. proud to be a canadian
9. stupid world
10. ronald mcraygun
11. kill the horses
12. religious bumfucks
13. 1967
14. i killed mommy
15. i'm my own god
16. used to be in love
17. suicide
18. the idiot
19. germ attack
20. scared of people-black sabbath
21. black sabbath
22. i want to be east indian
** God Records
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

VANILLA MUFFINS: Hail! Hail! Sugar Oi!! @ 192kbps

Amazing, Switzerland football's punk oi! band...

1. sugar oi! come on
2. elvis is dead
3. we're disturbing you
4. chelsea west ham
5. smash all your feelings
6. out of hope
7. capuccine
8. tribute song
9. for what i fight with you
10. i'm nearly evil
11. and old flame
12. storm over england
13. ladies choice
14. duke of coventry
15. long wrong way
16. blue red rose
17. my angel
18. i wanna be your monster
19. always on the wrong side
20. have you seen your mother, baby
1. you come back to switzerland
2. didn't see you i'll hate again
3. young blooded rebel
4. bamn, and the battle cries
5. scoring goals
6. you're strong
7. winters keeping you warm
8. never ask about that
9. i don't like you
10. ultra fine day
11. i wanna be somebody
12. up your irons
13. you better go now
14. she's not my age
15. FCB
16. breakdown
17. chelsea westham (live)
18. tribute song (live)
19. mommy's wonderful (live)
20. blue red forever (live)
21. ladies choice (live)
22. FCB (live)
23. basier hurensoehne (live)
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VANILLA MUFFINS: The Drug is Football (2003) @ 192kbps

Amazing, Switzerland football's punk oi! band...

1. brigade loco
2. pride of the north
3. the gang from kannenfeldpark
4. all roads lead to rome
5. 3 comrades
6. want some gas, thats all!!
7. the mob from kannanfeldpark
8. viva el fullham
9. you're just ugly
10. no punk rock in my car
11. the drug is football
12. mexican radio
13. the one and only
14. the pride of the north II
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VARUKERS: How Do You Sleep ? (2000) @ 192kbps

Banda de Punk/Hardcore do Reino Unido. O Varukers surgiu na segunda geração do Punk Rock britânico juntamente com ícones do movimento como The Exploited, GBH e Discharge. Após o início do Punk Rock clássico com bandas como The Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers ou Sham 69, o Varukers entre outros grupos que iniciaram suas atividades em meados de 1979, se caracterizavam pela sonoridade mais agressiva e suja que foi logo classificada como Hardcore. Em 1981, o grupo gravou seu primeiro single e tocou muito no circuito de pubs do Reino Unido. Com algumas turnês pela Europa na bagagem, muitas mudanças na formação e vários problemas de ordem pessoal, o vocalista e fundador do grupo Rat, decidiu dar um tempo, e em 1985, o Varukers parou com suas atividades. Em 1993, Rat resolveu reformular o Varukers, quando voltaram na ativa com força total até os dias de hoje. Em 1994 firmaram a volta aos estúdios com o single Nothing´s Change e em 1995 regravaram vários clássicos lançando o álbum Still Bollox, but still here! Enfiaram o pé na estrada e ficaram 3 anos em turnê, passando por grande parte da Europa, Japão, Austrália e EUA. Em 1997, finalmente um álbum com mísicas novas foi lançado. Murder trouxe de volta o nome do grupo ao meio com shows memoráveis, em São Paulo dividiram o palco com Gritando HC, Olho Seco e Ratos de Porão. Após esta turnê, eles não deram uma parada, e tocaram sem parar pelo mundo todo. Em 2000, eles gravaram um novo álbum pelo selo nova-iorquino Go-Kart, intitulado How Do You Sleep????, seguido de novas turnês nos EUA e Europa.

1. how do you sleep?
2. gun crazed kids
3. modern for destruction
4. bleed us dry
5. memo to me
6. where is your god
7. as good as it gets
8. no restrictions
9. under attack
10. absolution
11. piss off (i've paid)
12. die
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VARUKERS: Bloodsuckers (1983) @ 128kbps

The Varukers are an anarchist hardcore punk band formed in 1979 by vocalist Rat. The Varukers originally split in '88 as the various members went their separate ways. But in '93 vocalist Rat decided to put the band back together. Stylistically their music resembles the traditional UK82 style exemplified by bands such as GBH and The Exploited. Since the band had former members of Discharge, a definite D-beat sound developed as time went on. The band has gone through many line-up changes over the years with the only constant member being Rat on vocals. They have recently released a retrospective CD on SOS Records.
Still to this day they continue to tour rapidly all over the world, even with Rat splitting his time between them and Discharge. They shared a headlining spot with such acts as Broken Bones, The Adicts, Vice Squad and GBH at this year's ill-fated British Invasion 2k6 concert festival in San Bernardino, California which ended in mass rioting and alleged police brutality.
They are currently writing new material for a new album to be released in the near future.
1.protest and survive
2.nowhere to go
3.no masters no slaves
4. don't conform
6.march of the SAS
7.nodda machine
8.government's to blame
9.tell us what we all wanna hear
10.don't wanna be a victim
11.what the hell do you know
12.school's out (maybe)
** Riot City Records
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RASTA KNAST: Bandeira Pirata (2002) @ 192 kbps

RASTA KNAST foi formado por Martin K. (ex-WONDERPRICK) e Höhnie (ex-PISSED SPITZELS) em janeiro de '97. Em apenas um mês, eles gravaram o compacto "Probegepogt". A banda ainda era um duo (Martin K.: bateria, guitarra, baixo e vocais - e Höhnie: guitarra e vocais). Surpreendentemente o EP foi um sucesso e se esgotou em pouco tempo.
Em janeiro de '98, durante a produção do primeiro LP, "Legal Kriminal", Konrad (ex-ABSTÜRZENDE BRIEFTAUBEN) juntou-se à banda como baixista. Para os shows, eles chamaram o batera Carsten (ex-EMILS) e, mais tarde, Eric (ex-GAINSAY!). No outono de '99 o RASTA KNAST lançou o álbum "Die Katze beißt in Draht" ("O Gato Morde o Arame") que pulverizou o disco anterior, "Legal Kriminal". Em março de 2000, Eric sai da banda por problemas na coluna. Por sorte, eles encontrar o batera Phil, do ANTIKÖRPER, que era mais rápido e técnico, e que continua no RASTA KNAST até hoje.
Foi com essa formação que eles vieram pelas primeira vez ao Brasil e fizeram shows memoráveis (com o Olho Seco no Hangar 110, com o Agrotóxico e Calibre 12 no Alternative, etc). O CD "Die Katze beißt in Draht" também foi lançado
aqui pela Red Star Recs.
Depois da tour brasileira, o baixista Konrad sai da banda por problemas de saúde.
Em março de 2000, eles lançam um compacto ("Turistas Alemanes Asesinos") com 2 músicas próprias e 3 covers de antigas bandas da Espanha. Todos os álbums do RK são produzidos por Martin em seu estúdio DNA e ele também cuida da parte gráfica. Pouco depois da saída de Konrad, Höhnie deixa o RK por problemas pessoais. Os substitutos são Florentin (ex-THE ANNOYED) e Thomas do FFA. Além de tocar, esse novos integrantes também cantam e enriquecem o trabalho da banda.
Depois de split com a banda sueca TROUBLEMAKERS, o Rasta grava seu terceiro LP: "Bandera Pirata". O álbum saiu simultaneamente na Alemanha e no Brasil. Por aqui, o título foi aportuguesado - a pedido da banda, claro - e ficou "Bandeira Pirata". Para promover esse lançamento e tomar muitas caipirinhas, o Rasta Knast voltou ao Brasil e se surpreendeu com sua popularidade por aqui. Tocaram para 700 pessoas no Hangar 110, em São Paulo, com todo mundo cantando junto (em alemão inventado, claro!).
Em 2003, o RK concretizou um projeto que tinha tido com o Agrotóxico, quando estes excursionaram na Europa: gravar um split em que uma banda cantaria no idioma da outra. Assim, saiu "Marcas da Revolta", que mostra o Rasta interpretando (em português!!) covers maravilhosos de Cólera, RDP, Inocentes, Agrotóxico e Zumbis do Espaço.
1. intro
2. das ende der welt
3. trauma
4. schachmatt
5. einer mehr oder weniger
6. manchmal kommen sie wieder
7. reich geworden
8. faust, feuer, luge
9. angstzustand
10. bandeira pirata
11. 3 30
12. freier fall
13. ost berlin
14. rauberstaat
15. quando yo reviente
** Red Star
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Monday, February 19, 2007

G.B.H.: The Punk Singles 1981-1984 (2002)

The influential, long-lived punk metal band G.B.H. rose to prominence in England during the early '80s when hardcore punk began inching toward heavy metal. Originally formed in 1979 in Birmingham, England, G.B.H. initially called itself Charged G.B.H. to differentiate itself from another band called G.B.H. The leather-clad, hair-spiked foursome began recording for the Clay label in the early '80s, releasing some singles before unleashing their influential debut album, City Baby Attacked by Rats, in 1982. City Baby's Revenge followed two years later in 1984, by which time the band had become one of the leading punk metal bands of the era. G.B.H. continued recording and releasing albums throughout the '80s, though their influence progressively waned as a new wave of bands such as Slayer emerged and pushed punk metal toward what became known as speed metal and, in turn, thrash. Despite its waning influence, G.B.H. soldiered on, recording new albums throughout the '90s and into the next millennium. By this point the band was often cited by both metal and punk bands as a huge influence, and a renewed interest in G.B.H.'s early recordings resulted.by Jason Birchmeier

1. race against time
2. knife edge
3. lycanthropy
4. necrophillia
5. state executioner
6. dead on arrival
7. generals
8. freak
9. no survivors
10. self destruct
11. big women
12. sick boy
13. am i dead yet
14. slit your own throat
15. give me fire
16. mantrap
17. catch 23
18. hellhole
19. do what you do
20. four men
21. children of dust
22. do what you do (concrete mix)
** Castle
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VANILLA MUFFINS: Mommy's Wonderful (ep) 160K

Vanila Muffins is a punk rock band from Switzerland. The main focus of your lyrics is about football, this guys are freakish addicted to this sport, they sounds like British Oi! bands..is very fun listen this guys..

1. Mommy's wonderful
2. an old flame
3. blue red rose
4. for what I fight with you
5. out of hope
6. mommy's wonderful (live)
** alehouse recs.
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the VIBRATORS: Pure Mania (1977) @ 256K

The Vibrators are a long-lived British punk rock band, formed in 1976. Originally, they were comprised of Ian "Knox" Carnochan (born 4 April 1945 in London), bassist Pat Collier, guitarist John Ellis, and a drummer known as "Eddie" (John Edwards).
They first came to public notice at the 100 Club when they backed Chris Spedding in 1976. On Spedding's recommendation, his record company, RAK, signed them. They released their first single, "We Vibrate", produced by Mickie Most, and also backed Spedding on his single "Pogo Dancing". The next year they supported Iggy Pop on his British tour. They signed to Epic Records and released their follow-up single "Baby Baby".
Despite numerous line-up changes, The Vibrators are still touring to this date, as a three-piece: Carnochan & "Eddie" being the only original members. They have also been largely supported by bands from local areas, including The Front.
During the 1980s, John Ellis recorded and toured frequently with Peter Hammill, and subsequently The Stranglers, eventually joining the latter full-time during the 1990s.
The Northern Irish punk / rock band, Stiff Little Fingers, took their name from a Vibrators song.
Their discography is notable for adding a vast haul of live albums, outtakes round-ups, and best-ofs. One of the more recent is Live Near The Seedy Mill Golf Course, released in the UK by Invisible Hands Music in 2003.
1. into the future
2. yeah yeah yeah
3. sweet sweet heart
4. keep it clean
5. baby baby
6. no heart
7. she's bringing you down
8. petrol
9. london girls
10. you broke my heart
11. whips & furs
12. stiff little fingers
13. wrecked on you
14. i need a slave
15. bad time
** CBS
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ELECTRO HIPPIES: Play Fast or Die (1986)

The band was formed back in 1985 by Simon (drums) and Bruno (bass) withe the intention of playing fast/aggressive hardcore punk with a metal influence. Andy (guitar) joined with Phil (guitar) and Kate (vocals). This line up lasted one rehearsal as Kate went back to America and Phil left as well. The remaining members carried on as a 3 piece. The first gig was played during '85 in Liverpool. Then in '86 Phil came back as 2nd guitar and Jeff joined on vocals. But Phil left the band again for his own reasons.
The 'Killing Babies is Tight' Demo *1 was then recorded and the band were asked to record a self financed split 12" with Generic. This was done. Bruno and Jeff departed the band towards the end of '86 and Dom came in on bass. In January 1987 the 'Killing Babies for Profit' Demo *2 was recorded. The band gigged and went to Europe etc. and at the end of '87 the band recorded the LP 'The Only Good Punk' for Peaceville Records. Simon then departed the band. Whitey took his place on drums at the beginning of 1988. The band rehearsed and gigged etc. Then on the 15th April 1989 the band played their final/ultimate/last ever gig at Planet X in Liverpool before splitting.... link >>>

1. intro
2. acid rain
3. run ronald
4. wings of death
5. terror eyes
6. theme toon
7. am i punk yet
8. the reaper
9. next time
10. vivisection song
11. profit from death
12. more armaggedon death
13. the horns of hades
** Necrosis Records
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HUSKER DU: Do You Remmeber (Single)

This is a mistery for me again...if anyone can help will be a blast :-)

1. Celebrated Summer
2. Keep Hanging On
3. Hare Krshna
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HUSKER DU: Cassete Demo (1980)

I don't have any information about this demo tape...if you have please posted here.. THANKS..

1. picture of you
2. can't see you anymore
3. the truth hurts
4. do you remember
5. sore eyes
6. writers cramp
7. let's go die
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HUSKER DU: Northern Lights (Demo Tape) 1979

Studio demo. These tracks, which also appear on the collection circulated as "Savage Young Du," were recorded by Colin Mansfield, who was kind enough to provide the following background info: "I was involved in recording most (probably all -- it's a long time ago) of the recordings made in the basement of Northern lights. Both Greg and I were working there (Greg in the record/head shop, and I was setting up Twin Cities Imports in the basement). My band at the time, Fine Art, had already released an LP and was getting some radio play, and the boys (well, Greg and Grant, I think Bob was satisfied with their choice) asked me if I would record and produce some demos for them. (I owned a 4-track reel-to-reel, a mixer and mics and was more than happy to help out some friends). Anyway, the sets [on the 'Northern Lights' and 'Colin Mansfield' demos] are pretty much the same thing and while it may be of interest to collectors to separate them out, I did record more than the three tunes [listed as 'Colin Mansfield Demos']."

1.Picture Of You
2.Can't See You Any More
3.The Truth Hurts
4.Do You Remember?
5.Sore Eyes
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HUSKER DU: In a Free Land (1982)

Not very many of these were pressed and it is the most collectible Hüsker vinyl release. 2500 copies pressed, some of which were reportedly "lost" in California. Recorded at Blackberry Way, Minneapolis. An unknown number of copies included a lyric insert.
(A) In A Free Land 2:50
(B) What Do I Want? 1:16
M. I. C. 1:07

** New Alliance Records ** Out of Print **
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HUSKER DU: Statues (1980)

Highly collectible and priced accordingly. 2500 copies pressed. Artwork by Grant Hart. An article in the Sep 1992 Record Collector identifies this as "Reflex 38285," asserts that only 1000 were pressed and mentions a lyric sheet insert.

1. Statues
2. Amusement (Live)

**Reflex Records
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HUSKER DU: Eight Miles High & Makes No Sense At All (1984)

Yet another repackaging of the two SST singles.Liner notes mention for the first time that the live "Masochism World" track was recorded at the Royal Albert Arms, Winnipeg MB.

1. Eight Miles High
2. Masochism
3. Makes No Sense At All (MNSAA)
4. Love is All Aorund (MNSAA)
** SST
** Cd-single version
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Saturday, February 17, 2007

the RUTS: The Crack (1979) @ 320kbps

The Ruts... Pretty much one of the best bands ever, and completely underrated. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in the fusion of punk and reggae/dub. The song Jah War perfectly personifies the marvelous hybrid that is punky reggae music (even though the title confuses me). It is a shame that the Owen died before they could record again, but that doesn't stop you from getting the album they did with Mad Professor as the Ruts DC (even though you will have a hard time findin it at a decent price). But back to the review, this album is superb. Jah War is by far my favorite track (think Johnny Was by SLF or White Man (in Hammersmith Palais) by the Clash) and is also politcally charged. Other notably good tracks are Babylons Burning (obvious Clash influences) and SUS, both sharp critiques on British society. Just get this album now, whether you are a punk or a Rasta. I also suggest any album by the Clash, the Slits first album, Forces by the Terrorists, Rhythm Collisoin by the Ruts DC vs. Mad Professor, and Y by the Pop Group (strictly dub influences on this one). Ken Bruce (Columbus, OH)

1. Babylon's Burning
2. Dope For Guns
3. S.U.S.
4. Something That I Said
5. You're Just A...
6. It Was Cold
7. Savage Circle
8. Jah War
9. Criminal Mind
10. Backbiter
11. Out Of Order
12. Human Punk
13. Give Youth A Chance
14. I Ain't Sofisticated
15. The Crack
** EMI Records
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BUZZCOCKS: Modern (1999) @ 320kbps

The Buzzcocks emerged from Manchester in the late 70's with their self released EP "Spiral Scratch". From there they rode the punk wave, releasing a string of brilliant singles (collected in "Singles Going Steady"). But while they wore the punk mantle, they were essentially a pop band that embraced punk's energy and sense of humor. They disbanded in the early 80's, and after various solo outings (Notably Pete Shelley's "Homosapien" and Steve Diggle's "Flag of Convenience"), sank into obscurity.
A complete box set ("Product") appeared in 1989, and in the early 90's the band regrouped for a tour. 1993 saw Shelley and Diggle (with new rhythm section (Phil Barker and Tony Barber) release "Trade Test Transmission", which remarkably picked up right where the band left off in 1980. 1996's "All Set" was also amazingly strong. In an unlikely turn of events, Toyota chose "What Do I Get" for a TV commercial campaign in 2000.
Which leads us to the album at hand, "Modern". I wonder why they chose this title...the last thing I want the Buzzcocks to sound is modern! The album is infused with too many synthesizers and drum machines to sound like classic Buzzcocks, and is spotty through the first six tracks. Then the album abruptly rights itself with "Runaround" and "Doesn't Mean Anything" and doesn't falter again.
If you are new to the band, search out one of the early compilations such as "Operator's Manual". If you were a fan of the early Buzzcocks and have been leery of the 90's version start with "Trade Test Transmission". "Modern" shows the band maturing somewhat, but considering that most of the band's charm was its immaturity, that isn't necessarily a plus.
All that said, this album is far better than you'd have any reason to expect of a 70's punk band that has decided to keep on plugging.

1. Soul on a Rock
2. Rendezvous
3. Speed of Life
4. Thunder of Hearts
5. Why Compromise?
6. Don't Let the Car Crash
7. Runaround
8. Doesn't Mean Anything
9. Phone
10. Under the Sun
11. Turn of the Screw
12. Sneaky
13. Stranger in Your Town
14. Choices
** Go Kart Records = http://www.gokartrecords.com
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TOY DOLLS: A Far Out Disco (1992) @ 192 kbps

In 1985 the Toy Dolls followed up the success of their debut, the 100 mph Ferris wheel ride Dig That Groove Baby, with the equally kinetic A Far Out Disc. Having already established themselves as the class clowns of the European punk scene, the band upped the ante by increasing the number of skits and segues and including a frenetic cover of the surf classic "Wipe Out." Guitar hero, pixie-thin British jester, and exhausting frontman Olga leads the listener through a demented working-class Romper Room that begins and ends with the nursery rhyme instrumental "A Far Out Theme Tune." Other highlights include the Ramones-like "She Goes to Finos," which was originally released in 1979 by Olga's previous group, the Showbiz Kids, and the loony-bin anthem "We're Mad," which spent 13 weeks in the indie Top 20. A few of the instrumental segues, like "Chartbuster/Razzmatazz Outro," interfere with the flow of the record as opposed to smoothing it out, and the production is a bit muddier than the band's previous offering. While not as strong as other records in their catalog, even a weak Toy Dolls album harnesses more energy than an entire year of new releases. by James Christopher Monger
1. A Far Out Theme Tune
2. She Goes to Finos
3. Razmatazz Intro
4. Modern Schools of Motoring
5. Carol Dodds os Pregnant
6. You & a Box of Handkerchiefs
7. Bless You My Son
8. My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar
9. Come Back Jackie
10. Do You Want to Finish...or What
11. Commercial Break
12. Chartbuster Razzmatazz Outro
13. We're Mad
14. Wipe Out
15. Florence is Deaf
16. A Far Out Theme Tune...
** Receiver Records
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LOST CHERREES: In The Beginning - The Studio Recordings 83-85 @ 160kbps

The first time on CD for this historic girl-fronted punk band. 32 tracks including four bonus tracks, 'No Flag', 'Old Soldiers',
'Pain Relief', & 'Race Of The Test-Tubes'. Includes 12-page booklet with lyrics. Mortarhate. 2003.

1. Blasphemy
2. No Trouble
3. Living in a Coffin
4. Sexism's Sick, Pts. 1 & 2
5. Blind or Dead
6. Nervous Breakdown
7. Escalation
8. F-Plan, G-Plan
9. You're You, I'm Me
10. Nothing New
11. Poem
12. Why Does It Have to Be a Dream
13. Young and Free
14. Yet Still Comes the Rain
15. Wait
16. No Way
17. You Didn't Care
18. But the Rape Goes On
19. Dream of Peace
20. Pleasant Valley Sunday
21. Unwanted Children
22. Consider the Challenge
23. Everyday Choice
24. Who Believes It?
25. No Flag [*]
26. Old Soldiers [*]
27. Pain Relief [*]
28. Race of the Test-Tubes [*]
29. Outro
** Mortarhate Records
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ELVIS HITLER: Supersadomasochisticeexpialidocious (1993) @ 192kbps

White trash + S&M + a little Satan = pure genius. On this album EH put more distortion on the guitars and adds a little heavier riffs giving the sound a thrash-a-Billy type sound. The pace of the music is a little slower which gives the music a solid feel. The lyrics are sadistic in humorous kind of way. If you have a dark sense of humor then you will enjoy this album. "I've got a date with my baby and a shot gun shell. I'm going to take her out and blow her to hell." Also, EH has more of a punk attitude on "Supersado" that the original rockabilly musician probably felt but never expressed. It's kind of like the Misfits early "Static Age" era. EH completely destroys the innocence of 1950's with the cover of "Yummy Yummy Yummy" which may have not been such in the first place if you think about it. "Yummy Yummy Yummy- I've got love in my tummy." Hmmm?
Like all other EH albums, this one has been out of print for a long time, but it's a little easier to find than the previous two. People need to e-mail or write Rykodisc, who owns the rights to Restless Records, and demand the re-release of The EH catalog. Janitor X (The Mountains)

1. Last Sound
2. World Explodes
3. Shotgun Shell
4. Don't Push Me
5. Cathouse
6. Ghoul
7. Bloody Bride
8. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
9. Shove That Sax
10. Dickweed
11. Rebellion
12. Bury the Hatchet
13. Flat Head Boogie
14. Open Road
15. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy [Satan Remix]
** Restless Records
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ELVIS HITLER: Hellbilly (1993) @192kbps

The sound of the music on this album could be described as like a punk crossover mixed with a little straight hard rock/heavy metal. The entire album has a campy white trash theme and there are some weird songs on here. They all sound cool though. The whole album is good.
Anyone who is a Dead Kennedys fan who remembers the version rawhide off of the in god we trust album, just imagine an entire album with that kind of a humoruous theme. Oh, and there are no nazi sentiments contained on this record either so don't be thrown off by the name. A couple of years ago the lead singer (Elvis Hitler) responded to an email I sent him and explained how the band was finished soon after their last album and now they are all working "tried and true day jobs". I wonder what they're doing? But this album. It's a 5 star!! Captain_Blade "-the metal rambo" (Everett, WA)

1. Showdown
2. Hellbilly
3. Ballad Of The Green Berets
4. Teenage Surf Slave
5. Booze Party
6. Gear Jammin' Hero
7. Revolving Blues Of Death
8. Crush, Kill, Destroy
9. Hang `Em High
10. Don't Blame Me If You Die Tonight
11. Black Death On A White Horse
12. Dance Of The Living Dead
13. Misanthropes
** Restless Records
** Original Recording Date = 1989
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ELVIS HITLER: Disgraceland (1993) @ 192kbps

Not only is this album full of hilarious lyrics, but the music is full of energetic fun. The name alone will probably offend most people and scare most them off, not because of the Elvis part but the Hitler part, which is all right. If a person is afraid of a name then they probably won't see the humor in it. While the lyrics are full of humor, some may think the music shouldn't be taken seriously either, which is big mistake. If this music doesn't make you get up and move there is something wrong with you. And if you like things to get a little weird then "Green Haze(Pt. I & II)", the music from "Purple Haze" and the lyrics from "Green Acres", then this song is for you. Fans of the Cramps and the Rev. Horton Heat will love this album and all other Elvis Hitler albums. Songs like "Ten Wheels For Jesus", "Hot Rod To Hell", and "Berlin To Memphis" are just pure rockabilly mayhem.
The only problem is this "Disgraceland" has been out of print for a long time and it is extremely rare on CD. I paid [many]dollars for the CD. Rykodisc owns the rights to Restless Records, which published all of Elvis Hitler's albums. People need to e-mail or write Rykodisc and demand that they re-release the Elvis Hitler catalog. Do it in the name of the Lord!!! Janitor X (The Mountains)

1. Cool Daddy in a Cadillac
2. Live Fast and Die Young
3. Hot Rod to Hell
4. Rocking Over Russia
5. Berlin to Memphis
6. Elvi's Ripoff Theme
7. Battle Cry of 1.000 Men
8. Green Haze Parts 1&2
9. I Love Your Guts
10. Ten Wheels For Jesus
11. Black Babies Dancing On Fire
12. Crush Yuor Skull
13. Disgraceland
** Restless Records
** Original Release Date: 1988
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