Sunday, January 14, 2007

MY List (70% complete...)

Here you can find my list of punk, rockabilly, alternative, skin, oi!,. ska, etc....
The list is not complete yet, I'll try to update regularly and post here the news..The file is in .xls (Excel) format.
My adventure in the punk rock world began 25 years ago..... mainly 80% of ths list is original CDs and LPs, the rest I get on the net or trade with some friends.
You can downlad the entire catalog here..

Don't be a lazy fat ass, leave your comment here...and keep the spirit of the streets alive...


ozskry said...

Oi mate! Wow, thank your for the great job. I'm very impressed by your list of albums. Can we make some requests? Keep up the fucking good work.

Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job promoting stuff that is almost forgotten by the radiostations! I always run to the stores when I've listened!

Do you remember the famous Splodgenessabounds album (early 80s)?

Nagiants40 said...

Yes anonymous, I have some albums for Splodge... I already uploaded a couple of months ago, but the link is lost..

Thanks for the comments guys...


Anonymous said...

Wow! An amazing collection - loads a stuff I'd love to hear just dunno where to begin, how much is a suitable 'donation' per album would you say? I don't wanna be rude and insult you by offering too little - Like for example is a dollar (60 Pence in the UK ? ) per album too little or OK. Thanks

Anonymous said...

how do you see i have a big fat ass? amazing what you can do on the internet!!!!!!!!!
butt your music's great.
and i have to go to a disco night friday.
anything you post can get me through the night!!



Nagiants40 said...


The donations is up to you guys..
I donate for a lot of good forums and blogs on the internet.. but this is very personal..

I think on this way.. When a guy that I even knowed and probably NEVER will know gave me 20-50 free albums by month..I need to do something for help this guy.. But I repeat, donations are personal, and if you donate something to help me, great if you do not donate no problm at all.. another way to help, is click on the Google links.. this help me too..

Cheers for all..

Nagiants40 said...
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ozskry said...

Oi mate! You did not reply to my question regarding the requests. Can we make some requests? I'm just interested by a few albums (4 in total). Thx.

Anonymous said...


you blog rocks. Keep on with the good job. I've been listening to punk music for 25 years now. If I could make some requests, here they are :
- Adicts, The The Various B-Sides
- Bérurier Noir Transmusicales
- Bérurier Noir Bloody Party ????
- Ruts,The The Peel Sessions Album

I could feed you with some Berurier noir that you are missing (I'm a huge fan - I'm French). You can mail me offline if you want :

Nagiants40 said...

ozskry, ..

sure that you can make requests, but there´s a lot of req up to date, yo know, I LOT.. and everyone must be very patente...


ozskry said...

Oi mate!

Ok, so, here is my list of requests:

1/ Veros - Glory Boys
2/ Veros - The Way I Feel
3/ Dropkick Murphys - Fields Of Athenry
4/ Dropkick Murphys - Back to the Hub
5/ Dropkick Murphys - Tessie


Virgil said...

Great list,
you really should post more psychobilly stuff !!

Sebastian said...

HI i write from uruguay, my english is fuckin bad, but i wanna get some disc of this colection, can you tell me how can i get this?