Tuesday, January 30, 2007

JERRY's KIDS : This is Boston is not L.A. (First Demo - 82)

Boston hardcore/thrash metallists Jerry's Kids (named after a long-running fund-raising organization that comedian Jerry Lewis formed for children with cerebral palsy) formed originally in 1981, rising out of a local scene that included such bands as SS Decontrol, the F.U.'s, Freeze, Negative FX, and Gang Green (the latter of which would often swap members with Jerry's Kids off and on). Jerry's Kids caught their first break in 1982, when they were featured on a compilation of local talent (This Is Boston, Not L.A.), which created a buzz for the band beyond just Boston. 1983 saw the release of their debut album for X-Claim Records, Is This My World. The group spilt from the label shortly thereafter, leading to the album being shortly out of print, before the Taang! label reissued it. 1989 saw the release of their second and final release, Kill Kill Kill, before splitting up. Although there were plenty of switches in the Jerry's Kids lineup, the best-known included members Rick Jones on vocals and bass, Rockin' Bob Cenci on lead guitar, Dave Aronson on rhythm guitar, and Jack Clark on drums. Allmusic.com

1. straight jacket
2. uncontrollable
3. wired
4. desperate
5. pressure
6. i don't wanna
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Anonymous said...

great Jerry´s Kids.
If is possible to send any N.O.T.A. album?

Anonymous said...

hi, that´s a very good record , jerry´s kids is awesome!