Monday, January 22, 2007

The Generators : From Rust to Ruin (2003)

The Generators are a punk rock band, formed in Los Angeles in 1997 by members of the defunct Warner Bros. artist, Schleprock. What started out as a side project, ended up becoming a rhythmic monster with 6 full-length releases under their belt along with numerous European & North American tours. In the late nineties the 4th wave of Punk had evolved, “Street Punk”. The Generators became one of the leading forces in this new movement in SoCal and have often been credited to kick starting this new punk scene in Los Angeles.
From Rust To Ruin collects the best of the GENERATORS more obscure, pre-TKO Records material. For the many fans that were introduced to the GENERATORS through the release of Tyranny, their 2001 TKO full length, From Rust To Ruin will be the first time they will get a chance to hear these great songs. Spanning 1997-2000 and drawing from the GENERATORS' out-of-print first two albums, singles, compilation tracks and non-U.S. releases, this 14-track CD will be a must for anyone looking to catch up on the history of this great and influential L.A. Street Punk band.

Tracks :
1. Hanoi 68
2. Tranquilized
3. Snaketown
4. Voices in the Night
5. City of Angels
6. Freedom
7. Won't Last Forever
8. Nothing to Lose
9. Last Man Standing
10. Get Generated
11. Just a Memory
12. No Feelings
13. I'm an Upstart
14. Matter of Time
** TKO Recs.
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ellanios said...

Hi.did you use any programm to sort in XL your cd colletion or did you manually?
thanx and keep trying

Nagiants40 said...

@ ellanios..

I did it manually.. LOL, 6 months of hard work, and didn't finished yet..

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leopnd said...

The Generators rocks!
Keep on running!
Salute from Croatia!

jebus said...

do you happen to have anymore generators??!?

i'm just starting to get into them now.

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