Sunday, January 14, 2007

Electric Frankenstein : Listen Up, Baby

The original version of this record featured only 8 songs and went out of print when Man's Ruin Records went out of business.
It also was a split with The Hookers. This version is reissued by the great TKO records label and features extra tracks, not only unreleased songs but also both sides of the Sub Pop single! S. Canzonieri (Whippany, New Jersey United States)
** TKO Recs.
** pw =

1. Listen Up, Baby!
2. Neurotic Pleasures
3. Hostage Situation
4. Social Infections
5. Hammered
6. Takin' It All
7. Rocket In My Veins
8. You're So Fake
9. Perfect Crime
10. Nail It Down
11. Rock N' Roll Is Dead
12. Final Damnation
13. Crank Action
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