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BARRACUDAS: Through The Mysts of Time: Rarities 1979-81

This London-based Anglo-American band, whose members include Jeremy Gluck (vocals), Robin Wills (guitar), David Buckley (bass), and Nick Turner (drums), was formed in 1979 and scored a U.K. chart hit in 1980 with the neo-surf song "Summer Fun." Turner and Buckley left after the release of the first album Drop Out Qith the Barracudas (1981) and were replaced by Jim Dickson and Terry Smith. Chris Wilson also joined on guitar. This quintet made the second and third albums, Meantime and Endeavour to Preserve, which were released only in France. The Barracudas disbanded in December 1984, but re-formed in 1989. In the wake of the '70s London punk scene, the Barracudas sought to pick up the pieces. Their punkish attitude comes from a red-hot, enthusiastic amateurism. The band melded together the sounds of pop surfers like Jan & Dean with hip urban post-garage rockers like Flamin' Groovies and song-oriented '60s ensembles like the Byrds. The result of this formula is infectious, unexpected, and raw. This collection comprises demos, outtakes, and alternate versions from the same era as the Drop Out and Meantime LPs. A running commentary on each track by former members Robin Wills and Jeremy Gluck make for entertaining and informative liner notes. --- by Tom Schulte, All Music Guide

1. don't let go
2. neighbourhood girls
3. rendezvous
4. 1965 again
5. his last summer
6. surfers are back
7. little red book
8. i want my woody back
9. subway surfin'
10. tokyo rose
11. summer fun
12. grammar of misery
13. on a sunday
14. ballad of a liar
15. shades of today
16. i can't sleep
17. inside mind
18. his last summer
19. bad news
20. watching the world go bby
21. i need
22. missing track ***
23. love is fun
24. is she cries
25. subway surfin' (alt. take)

** Missing the track 22, problems with ripping process.. If you have this track please share!! Thanks in advance...

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999: The Punk Singles Collection 1977-1980

A 21-track collection highlighting what surely ranks among the most refreshingly pure-sounding catalogs in British punk history, Punk Singles Collection: 1977-1980 rounds up the first four years of 999 history with a survey of every A- and B-side they released during that spell as spread across four different labels: their own Labritian, the majors UA and Polydor, and the post-Stiff maverick Radar. It's an eye-opening gathering. Although 999's reputation (at least at the time) was of a decidedly non-punky R&B band togging up in the latest fashion then cranking up their pub rock to mach ten standards, early 45s "I'm Alive," "Nasty Nasty," "Homicide," and most of all "Emergency" have taken on a classic aura that simply oozes period spit and vinegar. Equally rewarding, the B-sides are all cut from precisely the same cloth, meaning the first two-thirds of Punk Singles Collection: 1977-1980 races by in a blur of bondage pants, safety pins, and whatever other accoutrements you may require. Later 999 efforts lost something of that early adrenalin, but still it's hard not to execute at least a partial pogo as "Found out Too Late" and "Trouble" get underway. Add Captain Oi!'s traditionally excellent packaging and a booklet stuffed with envy-making picture sleeves and even if you already own the band's regular albums, this set is well worth investigating. --- by Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

1. I'm Alive
2. Quite Disappointing
3. Nasty Nasty
4. No Pity
5. Emergency
6. My Street Stinks
7. Me And My Desire
8. Crazy
9. Feelin' Alright With The Crew
10. Titanic (My Over) Reaction
11. You Can't Buy Me
12. Waiting
13. Action
14. Homicide
15. Soldier
16. Found Out Too Late
17. Lie Lie Lie
18. Trouble
19. Made A Fool Of You
20. Boys In The Gang
21. Brent Cross

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BEAT ANGELS: Red Badge of Discourage

Beat Angels hate bios. Beat Angels hate other things too but let's not get into it. Beat Angels also played with other people but who cares?
Beat Angels dig lots of things. Neal & Jack. Jim Thompson & Ann Margaret. Clash 45's & cheap Mexican souvenirs. Women with a past. Johnny Thunders & Dean Martin. The lost weekend & 101 dalmations. Beatle boots & loud guitars. Midnight Cowboy & Bruce Lee. Myrna Loy & cocktail hour & all those Cheap Trick singles...So whatcha gonna do about it?

1. Snot
2. You're a Wreck
3. My Glum Sugar-Plum
4. Glitter Girl
5. Saturday Punks
6. Go Your Way
7. Keep It Up
8. Crashing Back to Her
9. Hey Little Peep Show
10. Cinammon Says

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The second and final studio album done as a full collaboration between Rozz Williams and Valor Kand, Ashes finds Christian Death at what might have been simply the beginning of a long-term partnership of quality rather than a final break. Williams' vocals are now much more controlled and immediately powerful than the overwrought early days, substituting a quieter sense of later, Bowie-inflected drama instead of, say, Ziggy-era Bowie squealing. Kand's lyrics aren't any less laden with images of religion, twisted sex, insanity and mystic rites -- a ritualism well matched throughout by the music -- but the near-adolescent goofiness of earlier times now feels much more considered and focused. Kand, in the meantime, brings a much more consciously artistic edge to his music than Rikk Agnew did on Only Theatre of Pain; here the aggressive power is tempered by a huge theatricality that still works, almost in spite of itself. Not to say that this era of Christian Death can't rage as hard -- the conclusion of the opening track, "Ashes" itself, is a frenetic explosion of sound, where drummer David Glass and singer/keyboardist Gitane Demone also earn their keep. Restraint, though, is a key element to what's going on -- consider the almost psych/frug worthy "Face," or the wonderful "When I Was Bed." The title may be a bit nonsensical, but the shadowy pulse of the music, ratcheting up just a bit on the verses, is attractively paced throughout. Williams and Demone make for a good harmony team on the chorus, and the whole is equal to the post-punk hooks-and-vibe of bands like Echo & the Bunnymen. A great detour from the overall mood is "Lament," an oompah/music hall anthem that sounds like a twisted carnival anthem, where Demone gets to sweetly intone things in German and Williams really exercises his Bowie fetish. --- by Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

1. ashes
2. ashes part. 2
3. when i was bed
4. lament (over the shadows)
5. face
6. the luxury of tears
7. of the world
8. untitled track
9. untitled track

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CHRISTIAN DEATH: Death in Detroit

One of two Christian Death re-mix albums that appeared in the mid-'90s (the other is Death Mix), Death in Detroit filters Rozz Williams' long-running Christian Death project through the sensibilities of other, like-minded goth, industrial types, including Spahn Ranch, Die Krupps, and Leæther Strip. Boasting four equally uninspired mixes of Christian Death's disappointing cover of Bowie's classic "Panic in Detroit," Death in Detroit is far from an essential purchase, but still has enough strong points to merit interest from the band's legion of black-clad fans. Leæther Strip mixes another Christian Death cover, this time the Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs," with far better results that heightens the proto-goth underpinnings of the Velvet's version. The originals, including "Figurative Theater," "Spiritual Cramp," and "Skeleton Kiss," all succeed in updating Christian Death for the '90s goth-club set, but don't improve on other versions. Recommended for completists only. --- by Wade Kergan, All Music Guide

1. Panic in Detroit
2. Panic in Detroit (Whatever)
3. figurative theatre
4. panic in detroit (turning his grave)
5. venus in furs
6. skeleton kiss (death mix)
7. panic in detroit
8. spiritual cramp

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One of Christian Death's best latter-day efforts, Sexy Death God is largely Valor's show, finding him handling strings and production chores as well as guitar and vocals. The key to the album is that Valor has toned down the overambitious concepts and concentrated more on songwriting -- and even though there's still some unfocused filler, the results are generally of a higher standard than much of Valor's most recent work without Rozz Williams. Highlights include "Invitation au Suicide," "Temples of Desire," "The Serpent's Tail," and "Kingdom of the Tainted Kiss." --- by Steve Huey, All Music Guide

1. at the threshold
2. kingdom of the tainted kiss
3. heresy act 2
4. damn you
5. into dust
6. eternal love
7. the serpent's tail
8. kingdom of the solemn kiss
9. temples of desire
10. deeply deeply
11. drilling the hole
12. upon the sea of blood
13. eyelids down
14. invitation au suicide

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CHRISTIAN DEATH: The Doll's Theatre

The founding fathers of American goth rock, Christian Death took a relentlessly confrontational stand against organized religion and conventional morality, with an appetite for provocation that made Marilyn Manson look like Stryper. Regardless of who was leading or performing in the group, Christian Death set themselves up to shock, both in their cover art and their lyrics, which wallowed in blasphemy, morbidity, drug use, and sexual perversity. Their self-consciously controversial tactics set them apart from the British goth scene, having more to do with L.A. punk and heavy metal, and thus the band dubbed its sound "death rock" instead; however, their sensibility was ultimately similar enough that the "goth" designation stuck in the end. Their music also relied on slow, doomy, effects-laden guitar riffs and ambient horror-soundtrack synths, and their theatrical performances were strongly influenced by British glam rockers like David Bowie and Roxy Music, as well as industrial provocateurs Throbbing Gristle. The latter was especially true of the band's first incarnation, led by vocalist and founder Rozz Williams, who masterminded much of what many critics consider their best work. --- by Steve Huey, All Music Guide.... more >>>

1. birth death
2. cavity
3. spiritual cramp
4. desperate hell
5. deathwish
6. skeleton kiss
7. dream for mother
8. burnt offerings
9. resurrection
10. figurative theatre
11. romeo's distress
12. dogs

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CROWN HEIGHTS: More Pricks Than Kicks

Crown Heights is probably the best unknown band in New York this side of the also criminally overlooked French. Having signed a deal in 1995 with a major label, American, after only a few months of existence -- yes, they're that killer -- it seemed as if their career was set to fly, especially with the release of this kicking debut LP. But before they were even given a chance to actively promote it nationwide, the label dropped the band, proving once again that young, unproven bands are crazy to ever sign major deals (no matter what they're promised)! But the CD exists for anyone wanting to hear a committed, passionate band with roaring guitars, that at its best (such as the title track and especially "Greed Kicks In") conjures the memory of the harsh, grinding, yet completely hooky and accessible Mission of Burma, Wire, Clash, and Gang of Four. Those were the groups that inspired Crown Heights leader Jon Easley in his early days with Boston band Sorry (over a decade prior), and he and his mates make a committed bid to live up to such a legacy. --- by Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover, All Music Guide

1. greed kicks
2. more pricks than kicks
3. foxy loser
4. learn to breathe
5. unkind
6. margaret
7. dear sir
8. call king sour
9. wired for sound
10. moving train from the small room to the big room
11. out of carolina

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IGGY POP: The Beat of The Living Dead

There's a reason why many consider Iggy Pop the godfather of punk -- every single punk band of the past and present has either knowingly or unknowingly borrowed a thing or two from Pop and his late-'60s/early-'70s band, the Stooges. Born on April 21, 1947, in Muskegon, MI, James Newell Osterberg was raised by his parents (his father was an English teacher) in a trailer park close to Ann Arbor, in nearby Ypsilanti. Intrigued by rock & roll (as well as such non-musical, monotonous, and mechanical sounds as his father's electric razor and the local automobile assembly plants in Detroit), Osterberg began playing drums and formed his first band, the Iguanas, in the early '60s. Via the Rolling Stones, Osterberg discovered the blues, forming a similarly styled outfit, called the Prime Movers, upon graduating from high school in 1965. When a brief stint at the University of Michigan didn't work out, Osterberg moved to Chicago, playing drums alongside bluesmen. --- by Greg Prato, All Music Guide

1 Raw Power
2 The Shadow Of Your Smile
3 TV Eye
4 Hate
5 Real Wild Child
6 Loose
7 I Wanna Be Your Dog
8 No Fun
9 Search And Destroy
10 Passenger
11 Fucking Alone
12 Johanna
13 Lust For Live
14 I'm Sick of You
15 Wild America
16 Home
17 Louie Louie

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IGGY POP: The Best Of - Nude & Rude

Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop is an excellent 17-track overview of Pop's career, from the Stooges into the '90s. With the exception of The Idiot, Lust for Life, and Brick by Brick, Iggy's solo career has been decidedly uneven and many of his albums have been flat-out dull. Nude & Rude does a terrific job of selecting the best moments from these records, as well as many of the best Stooges tracks, thereby providing a nearly flawless introduction to Iggy's music. With "I Wanna Be Your Dog," "No Fun," "Search and Destroy," "Gimme Danger," "I'm Sick of You," and "Kill City" representing the Stooges, a few of the band's essential items are missing, but all the essential solo tracks are here, including "Funtime," "Nightclubbing," "China Girl," "Lust for Life," "Real Wild Child," "Cold Metal," "Candy," and "Home." --- by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

1. I Wanna Be Your Dog
2. No Fun
3. Search & Destroy
4. Gimme Danger
5. I'm Sick Of You
6. Funtime
7. Nightclubbing
8. China Girl
9. Lust For Life
10. The Passenger
11. Kil City
12. Real Wild Child
13. Cry For Love
14. Cold Metal
15. Candy
16. Home
17. Wild America

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IGGY POP: The Idiot

In 1976, the Stooges had been gone for two years, and Iggy Pop had developed a notorious reputation as one of rock & roll's most spectacular waste cases. After a self-imposed stay in a mental hospital, a significantly more functional Iggy was desperate to prove he could hold down a career in music, and he was given another chance by his longtime ally, David Bowie. Bowie co-wrote a batch of new songs with Iggy, put together a band, and produced The Idiot, which took Iggy in a new direction decidedly different from the guitar-fueled proto-punk of the Stooges. Musically, The Idiot is of a piece with the impressionistic music of Bowie's "Berlin Period" (such as Heroes and Low), with it's fragmented guitar
figures, ominous basslines, and discordant, high-relief keyboard parts. Iggy's new music was cerebral and inward-looking, where his early work had been a glorious call to the id, and Iggy was in more subdued form than with the Stooges, with his voice sinking into a world-weary baritone that was a decided contrast to the harsh, defiant cry heard on "Search and Destroy." Iggy was exploring new territory as a lyricist, and his songs on The Idiot are self-referential and poetic in a way that his work had rarely been in the past; for the most part the results are impressive, especially "Dum Dum Boys," a paean to the glory days of his former band, and "Nightclubbing," a call to the joys of decadence. The Idiot introduced the world to a very different Iggy Pop, and if the results surprised anyone expecting a replay of the assault of Raw Power, it also made it clear that Iggy was older, wiser, and still had plenty to say; it's a flawed but powerful and emotionally absorbing work. --- by Mark Deming, All Music Guide

1. sister midnight
2. nightclubbing
3. funtime
4. baby
5. china girl
6. dum dum boys
7. tiny girls
8. mass production

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TOY DOLLS: Far Out Disc

In 1985 the Toy Dolls followed up the success of their debut, the 100-mph Ferris wheel ride Dig That Groove Baby, with the equally kinetic A Far Out Disc. Having already established themselves as the class clowns of the European punk scene, the band upped the ante by increasing the number of skits and segues and including a frenetic cover of the surf classic "Wipe Out." Guitar hero, pixie-thin British jester, and exhausting frontman Olga leads the listener through a demented working-class Romper Room that begins and ends with the nursery rhyme instrumental "A Far Out Theme Tune." Other highlights include the Ramones-like "She Goes to Finos," which was originally released in 1979 by Olga's previous group, the Showbiz Kids, and the loony-bin anthem "We're Mad," which spent 13 weeks in the indie Top 20. A few of the instrumental segues, like "Chartbuster/Razzmatazz Outro," interfere with the flow of the record as opposed to smoothing it out, and the production is a bit muddier than the band's previous offering. While not as strong as other records in their catalog, even a weak Toy Dolls album harnesses more energy than an entire year of new releases. --- by James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide

1. Far Out Theme Tune
2. She Goes to Finos
3. Razzmatazz Intro
4. Modern Schools of Motoring
5. Carol Dodds Is Pregnant
6. You and a Box of Handkerchiefs
7. Bless You My Son
8. My Girlfriend's Dad's a Vicar
9. Come Back Jackie
10. Do You Want to Finish...or What?!
11. Commercial Break
12. Chartbuster/Razzmatazz Outro
13. We're Mad
14. Wipe Out
15. Florence Is Deaf (But There's No Need to Shout)
16. Far Out Theme Tune

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TOY DOLLS: Dig That Groove Baby

The Toy Dolls are all about fun, and their long-awaited full-length debut, 1982's Dig That Groove Baby, is an absolute punk gem. Bandleader Olga (aka Michael Algar) is capable of jaw-droppingly fast guitar picking, while lending his purposefully effeminate voice to numerous silly characters. Besides containing the definitive version of their classic "Nellie the Elephant," the album finds Olga tackling other comedic ditties such as "Spiders in the Dressing Room," "Glenda and the Test Tube Baby," and the long-winded "Queen Alexandra Road Is Where She Said She'd Be, But Was She There to Meet Me...No Chance." You get the picture. If all this doesn't do it for you, then the band's 100-mph cover of "Blue Suede Shoes" certainly will. --- by Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide

1. Theme Tune
2. Dig That Groove Baby
3. Dougy Giro
4. Spiders in the Dressing Room
5. Glenda and the Test Tube Baby
6. Up the Garden Path
7. Nellie the Elephant
8. Poor Davey
9. Stay Mellow
10. Queen Alexandra Road Is Where She Said She'd Be, But Was She There to M
11. Worse Things Happen at Sea
12. Blue Suede Shoes
13. Firey Jack
14. Theme Tune

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TOY DOLLS: Fat Bob's Feet

1. Gloomy Intro/Toy Doll Tonic
2. Fat Bob's Feet!
3. We Quit The Calvary
4. The Sphinx Stinks
5. Rodney's Memory
6. Olga Crack Corn
7. Bitten By A Bed Bug!
8. Kids In Tyne & Wear
9. Frankie's Got The Blues
10. A Bunch O' Fairies
11. Yellow Burt
12. Back In '79
13. The Coppers Copt Ken's Cash!
14. Toll Doll Tonic/Gloomy Outro
15. Turtle Crazy

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Pure Mania is a terrific relic of the punk era by a London band that owes much more to the Ramones than the Sex Pistols. Light on anger and nihilism but heavy on humor and fun, it's a blitz of twisted love songs ("Sweet Sweet Heart," Wrecked on You," etc.) with an ode to bondage thrown in for good measure. Label it music to shake your brains to. The Vibrators apparently thought they were playing pop music for the end of the decade (the '70s, that is), oblivious to the fact that the masses (especially in America) could never have been expected to catch on. That doesn't mean you shouldn't. --Mike Corrigan

1. Into The Future...
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah
3. Sweet Sweet Heart
4. Keep It Clean
5. Baby Baby
6. No Heart
7. She's Bringing You Down
8. Petrol
9. London Girls
10. You Broke My Heart
11. Whips & Furs
12. Stiff Little Fingers
13. Wrecked On You
14. I Need A Slave
15. Bad Time

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X-RAY SPEX: Germ Free Adolescents

Carving out a niche in the heady early days of the British punk-rock scene wasn't easy. X-Ray Spex prevailed by creating one hell of a ruckus with guitar and sax providing the wall of noise and by focusing attention on irrepressible bandleader and vocalist Poly Styrene. Her songs dealt with teenage boredom and the absurdities of life in the modern world. Alas, Germ Free Adolescents is the only document this wildly unique and entertaining band left us to remember them by. But what a document it is. Included here are such minor classics as "The Day the World Turned Day-Glo" and "Warrior in Woolworths." --Mike Corrigan

1. The Day The World Turned Dayglo
2. Obsessed WithYou
3. Genetic Engineering
4. Identity
5. I Live Off You
6. Germfree Adolescents
7. Art-I-Ficial
8. Let's Submerge
9. Warrior In Woolworths
10. I Am A Poseur
11. I Can't Do Anything
12. Highly Inflammable
13. Age
14. Plastic Bag
15. I Am A Cliche
16. Oh Bondage Up Yours!

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GENERATION X: Generation X

77 type,fast,catchy,poppy,clearly influeced by their contemporaries The Clash and Buzzcocks.I wish I had the remastered edition,I got the old EMI one,the drums are hollow and it has virtually no treble on the right channel,but sounds superb anyway.The last album track is a mamooth 6'+ exercise on the use of the vibrato lever,full of incredibly trebley and exciting (in a primitive PUNK way,course) guitar solos.

1. gimme some truth
2. wild youth
3. from the heart
4. ready steady go
5. kleenex
6. promises promises
7. day by day
8. one hundred punks
9. your generation
10. kiss me deadly
11. wild dub
12. youth youth youth

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VA - Class Pride World Wide

Great SHARP skinhead bands compilation....

1. don't let them win (STREET TROOPERS)
2. dead but not forgiven (STAGE BOTTLES)
3. forse un giorno vincera (REAZIONE)
4. betrayed (WORKER)
5. sota control (REMENCES)
6. substitute (THE OPPRESSED)
7. continente olvidado (BRIGADA FLORES MAGON)
8. proletario (FFD)
9. aunty pauline (H-BLOCK 101)
10. i ragazza sono innocenti part. 2 (KLASSE KRIMINALE)
11. still standing (SCRAPY)
12. shining light (BLASTCAPS)
13. propaganda by the dead (PINKERTON THUGS)
14. skinhead only red (OPCIO K-95)
15. s-h-a-r-p (LOS FASTIDIOS)
16. newroz (FERMIN MUGURZA)
17. radio rebelle (LES PARTISANS)
18. 1949 (BLAGGERS I.T.A.)
19. chiapas (YA BASTA)

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GLUECIFER: Head to Head Boredom @192k

Punkrock where the weight of the music are on the rock-part. This is a compilation of Gluecifers two first releases, the "God's Chosen Dealer" 7" and the MiniLp "Dick Disguised As Pussy", originally out on Hit Me! records. On this american version they've also added a few tracks from their first full-length "Ridin' The Tiger". The songs displayed hereon are fast and furious punkrock, like a more rocking Turbonegro, or an out-of-control version of Hellacopters. Much more punkinfested than what they released later and raw as a clear glass of scotch. *Every* song contains riffs that can make me wild every time I hear it. These are simple songs, built upon verse-chorous-verse-chorous, yet they're so full of energy that it has to be something of the finest material I've heard. The band are playing really tight, there's not a sloppy second around here. Biff Malibus vocals are just screamed right in the mix, and I don't think they stayed very long in the studio. Still this is what I look for in music; Kewl music, lotsa attitude and loud guitars. Their best one, and that says a lot!!! Crashed the barometer.
It contains the same material as "Nineteen inches...", except for a few live-tracks added as bonus. Released in the states only.

1 Gods Chosen Dealer
2 1994
3 Monoman
4 Head To Head Boredom
5 Stuck To The Floor
6 Dogburner
7 Dick Disguised As Pussy
8 Under My Hood
9 Phonebooth Creep
10 Suck City
11 Ace Wheels
12 Rock'N'Roll Asshole (Live)
13 Evil Matcher (Live)
14 Rock Throne (Live)

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LES OLIVENSTEINS: Fier de Ne Rien Faire (ep 1978)

Le groupe se forme à Rouen en avril 1978. Leur nom vient du psychanalyste Claude Olievenstein. En juin 1978, le groupe fait son premier concert utilisant dès le début un style provocant (notamment avec les chansons Patrick Henry est innocent ou Pétain, Darlan, c'était le bon temps). A partir de l'automne, le groupe fait plusieurs concerts en Normandie et à Paris, notamment avec les Dogs. Leur unique 45 tours sont en mars 1979, produit par Lionel Herrmani de Mélodies Massacre, producteur des Dogs. Ne trouvant pas de label (les négociations avec Barclay n'ayant rien donné), subissant des pressions des RG et du docteur Olievenstein[1], qui fait annuler l'un de leur concert à Paris en première partie de Stiff Little Fingers au Palace, peu en phase avec le nouveau public keupon, le groupe décide de séparer après un ultime concert en janvier 1980.

1. Fier De Ne Rien Faire
2. Euthanasie
3. Je Suis Negatif

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LES PARTISANS: Sono Mondiale (LP)

Les Partisans sont un groupe de punk-rock cuivré et métissé de Lyon (France). Ils citent volontier dans leurs influences les Redskins, les Jam, Stiff Little fingers, Dexys Midnight Runners, Camera Silens -deuxième période, Nuclear Device et bien sûr les Clash.Formé en novembre 1994, de Fred (guitare-chant), Norb's (batterie-choeurs), Mathieu (basse-choeurs) et Daniel (guitare-choeurs), le groupe pratique au départ un street-punk influencé par leurs ainés anglais période 77/80, avec des paroles en francais. Témoin de cette époque, le split LP sur Mad Butcher Records avec Jack the Ladd, un groupe punk américain, dans la série "Clockwork anthems".
En janvier 1996, le groupe est rejoint par Jeff (trompette-choeurs) et entamme un début d'évolution vers une musique plus chaleureuse, aux accents ska. C'est cette formation qui enregistrera le premier EP "Street Gones", le second EP "L'important c'est d'y croire", ainsi que le premier album "Les Partisans".

* Libre comme l'air
* Rêves d'enfance
* Sono mondiale
* Cavalerie moderne
* Radio rebelle
* Le train de la dernière chance
* Rien à perdre
* Emmène-moi
* Flash-back

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LES PARTISANS: Le Spectre Danse Encore (7-inches single)

1. Rien Ne S'Efface
2. Aurore

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PENETRATORS: Basement Anthology 1976-1984

This is the best album in the world. Even if you are living in poverty, use your money to buy this album. If you can only own 1 cd, this is a very good choice. ALL the songs are strong, and the majority are better than similar bands very best 1 song. High quality, catchy and intense garage rock. Its the best album I've bought for a very long time, and I buy albums frequently. One of my top 5 favorite albums. I tend to like violent/intense catchy rock and roll, and my favorite bands are the stooges, g.g. allin & the jabbers, electric eels, the velvet underground, new york dolls, heartbreakers, the cramps, the damned(1st album), the modern lovers, ramones, MC5, chuck berry, the saints, the pixies, the rolling stones, the beatles, eagles of death metal, and the white stripes. Honestly, its just good songwriting, any rock music fan will love it --- destroy destroy

1. teenage lifestyle
2. baby dontcha tell me
3. no 1 band in town
4. shopping bag
5. rock-n-roll face
6. scandalizer live
7. gotta have her
8. life stinks
9. your so called friends
10. stop action
11. love ya honey
12. warlord
13. intro
14. drive me crazy
15. it's my life
16. sweet soul music live
17. i like brooklyn
18. i call that love too
19. everybody needs lovin'

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CRIME: San Francisco Still Doomed

So great to have this material compiled on one convenient little "package" -i remember having a cruddy-sounding cassette tape back in the day & treasuring it.even though these recordings are low-fi at best,dont let that scare you off - this is authentic ROCK N ROLL no matter what label you want to place on it, Punk or otherwise. This is timeless stuff & worthy of your attention. This is a flat-out AMAZING collection of studio recordings from "San Fransisco's first and only rock & roll band." Sound quality is pretty fine considering that these are most likely rehearsal room tapes, but then again a sterile studio sound wouldn't have suited these guys anyway. Crime were always outsiders and never really accepted by the so-called "hip" scenesters, and if THAT isn't the ESSENCE of rock and roll I don't know what is! --- Burst' Bucker

1. frustration
2. crime wave
3. i knew this nurse
4. san franciscos doomed
5. rock 'n' roll enemy nº 1
6. piss on your dog
7. feel the beat
8. i stupid anyway
9. twisted
10. murder by guitar
11. instrumental instrumental
12. flyeater
13. rockabilly drugstore
14. dillingers brain
15. flipout
16. emergency music ward
17. monkey on your back
18. yakuza
19. rockin weird
20. samurai
21. hot wire my heart (alt. take)
22. baby you're so repulsive (alt. take)

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D.I.: On the Western Front

Coming out of the streets of Fullerton, California, D.I. was formed in a studio behind a pawn shop back in 1983. D.I. originator, Casey Royer was the co-founder of Social Distortion in 1977 and then later joined the Adolescents before D.I. was born. D.I. was recently featured performing on the popular Discover Channel TV show Monster Garage who's host Jesse James is a big fan of the band.
This new album follows closely their classic sound with an updated twist.

1. on the western front
2. ocs burning
3. disease
4. gutters of paradise
5. prison riot
6. punk rock suicide
7. skater or die
8. voices
9. fatso nero
10. just like you
11. pch
12. it's over

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

SCREAMING TREES: (1991) Change Has Come (ep) @320k

With Clairvoyance in hand, Fisk was able to secure Screaming Trees a contract with Greg Ginn's SST Records, who had already been releasing albums by Fisk. The band's first SST album, Even If and Especially When, was released in 1987 and the Trees began working the American indie circuit, playing shows across the country. The following year, SST reissued the band's demo tape under the title Other Worlds as well as their third album, Invisible Lantern. Following the release of Buzz Factory in 1989, the group's contract with SST expired and they made the Change Has Come EP for Sub Pop early the following year. By that time, tensions in the band had grown somewhat, and the group spent most of 1990 working on side projects. Mark Lanegan recorded a solo album, The Winding Sheet, which featured support from Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic; the album appeared on Sub Pop. Both of the Conners formed new bands and released albums on the SST subsidiary New Alliance. Van's band was called Solomon Grundy; Lee's was Purple Outside.

1.Change Has Come
4.Time Speaks Her Golden Tongue
5.I've Seen You Before

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SCREAMING TREES: (1989) Buzz Factory @320k

Brothers Van Conner and Gary Lee Conner formed Screaming Trees with Mark Lanegan in 1985. Lanegan and the Conners grew up in Ellensburg, Washington, a small college town some 90 miles from Seattle.
The trio believed themselves to be the only people in their high school who listened to punk, garage rock, and independent music, so they gravitated toward each other. After falling out with the Conners before either completed school, Lanegan contacted Van Conner several years later. By that point, Van had a band with a singer named Mark Pickerel; the pair had recently kicked Lee Conner out of the band, so they invited Lanegan to sit in on drums. Eventually, Lee rejoined the group, and they settled on a lineup that featured Lee on guitar, Van on bass, Lanegan on vocals, and Pickerel on drums.
Taking their name from a guitar distortion pedal, Screaming Trees recorded their first demo tape in 1985, just a few months after their formation. Their producer, Steve Fisk, was able to convince the head of Creative Fire Studios to release an album by the band. The result, Clairvoyance, appeared on Velvetone Records in 1986.

1.Where the Twain Shall Meet
3.Black Sun Morning
4.Too Far Away
5.Subtle Poison
6.Yard Trip #7
7.Flower Web
8.Wish Bringer
9.Revelation Revolution
10.The Looking Glass Cracked
11.End of the Universe

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SCREAMING TREES: (1988) Beat Happening/Screaming Trees (EP) @320k

Screaming Trees was a musical group considered part of the grunge music movement of the early 1990s. Founded in Ellensburg, Washington in 1985, their sound was a mixture of arty '60s psychedelia and west-coast punk rock. Though highly regarded among critics, they never achieved the superstardom of other grunge acts such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam. They disbanded after touring for their last record, Dust, released in 1996.
** The orders of the tracks are inverted on the file the correct one are below...

1. Sea Babies
2. Tales of Brave Aphrodite
3. Polly Pereguin
4. I Dig You

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THE STRANGLERS: Live in Zurich 1985 @ 320k

The Stranglers formed as the Guildford Stranglers in the southern England village of Chiddington (near Guildford) in 1974, plowing a heavily Doors-influenced furrow through the local pub rock scene -- such as it was. Of the four founding members, only Hugh Cornwell had any kind of recognizable historical pedigree, having played alongside Richard Thompson in the schoolboy band Emil & the Detectives. According to Thompson, their repertoire stretched from "Smokestack Lightning" and the blues, through to "old Kiki Dee B-sides," while their gigging was largely confined to the Hornsey School of Art, where Thompson's sister was Social Secretary.
The Guildford Stranglers were confined to a similar circuit. It was 1975 before they ventured into even the London suburbs, although once there -- and having shortened their name to the less parochial Stranglers -- things began moving quickly. The established pub rock scene was dying and promoters were willing to give any unknown band a break, simply to try and establish a new hierarchy. Thus it was that as the first stirrings of punk began to make their own presence felt on the same circuit, the Stranglers were on board the bandwagon from the beginning. --- by Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

1. Something Better Change
2. Uptown
3. Dead Ringer
4. No Mercy
5. Souls
6. Nice 'n' Sleazy
7. Skin Deep
8. Let Me Down Easy
9. Midnight Summer Dream
10. European Female
11. Golden Brown
12. Strange Little Girl
13. Peaches
14. Death and Night and Blood
15. She Was Quite Close to Me
16. Punch & Judy
17. I Feel Like a Wog
18. Down in the Sewer

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THE STRANGLERS: Live In London @ 320k

Their early songs, too, radiated the same ugly alienation that was the proto-punk movement's strongest calling card. Material like "Peasant in the Big Shitty," "I Feel Like a Wog," "Down in the Sewer," and "Ugly" itself were harsh, uncompromising, and grotesque, a muddy blurge of sound cut through with Dave Greenfield's hypnotically Doors-like keyboards that was possessed of as much attitude as it was detectable musical competence. One uses the word guardedly, but "highlights" of this period were included on the 1994 archive release Live, Rare & Unreleased 1974-1976.
By mid-1976 the Stranglers already had enough force behind them to be booked as opening act at the Ramones' first London show, and Mark P., editor of the newly launched punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue, conferred further punk approval on the band when he wrote, "their sound is 1976...the Stranglers are a pleasure to boogie to -- sometimes they sound like the Doors, other times like Television, but they've got an ID of their own." Further prestige accompanied the band's opening slot for Patti Smith in October -- and that despite most of the audience walking out, long before the band left the stage; by the time the band set out on their own first U.K. tour, they had signed with UA (A&M in America) and were preparing to record their debut album with producer Martin Rushent. --- by Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

1. Something Better Change
2. No Mercy
3. London Day
4. Uptown
5. Midnight Summer Dream
6. Golden Brown
7. Nice 'n' Sleazy
8. Let Me Down Easy
9. She Was Quite Close to Me
10. Dead Ringer
11. Strange Little Girl
12. Burning Up Time
13. Punch and Judy
14. Straighten Out
15. European Female
16. Peaches

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THE STRANGLERS: Coup De Grace @320k

"(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)," the Stranglers' debut single, made the lower reaches of the Top 50; Rattus Norvegicus, their first album, confirmed the group as one of the fastest developing groups on the entire scene -- even as the scene itself still puzzled over whether the Stranglers even belonged on board. "Old hairy misogynists" was a common accusation to fling in their direction, and it was one which the Stranglers themselves delighted in encouraging. In a more PC climate, their first U.K. Top Ten hit, summer 1977's "Peaches," would never even have been written, let alone recorded, while the bandmembers' reputation as sexual bad boys was only exacerbated by other songs in their repertoire: "London Lady," "Bring on the Nubiles," "Choosy Susie."
The fact that much of their lyrical prowess was built around the darkest hued of black humors never entered many people's minds at the time, but listen again to their finest moments -- "Hangin' Around," "Down in the Sewer," the mindless boogie of "Go Buddy Go," and the sheer vile joys of "Ugly" -- and try to keep an even halfway straight face. --- by Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

1. God is Good
2. You Don't Think That What You've Done is Wrong
3. Tonight
4. Jump Over My Shadow
5. Miss You
6. Coup De Grace
7. In the End
8. No Reason
9. Known Only Unto God
10. The Light

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ULTRAVOX: Slow Motion @ 320k

Rejecting the abrasive guitars of their punk-era contemporaries in favor of lushly romantic synthesizers, Ultravox emerged as one of the primary influences on the British electro-pop movement of the early '80s. Formed in London in 1974, the group -- originally dubbed Ultravox! -- was led by vocalist and keyboardist John Foxx (born Dennis Leigh), whose interest in synths and cutting-edge technology began during his school years; with an initial line-up consisting of bassist Chris Cross, keyboardist/violinist Billy Currie, guitarist Steve Shears and drummer Warren Cann, their obvious affection for the glam rock sound of David Bowie and Roxy Music brought them little respect from audiences caught up in the growing fervor of punk, but in 1977 Island Records signed the quintet anyway, with Brian Eno agreeing to produce their self-titled debut LP.
After scoring a minor UK hit with the single "My Sex," Ultravox returned later that year with Ha! Ha! Ha!; sales were minimal, however, and Shears soon exited, replaced by guitarist Robin Simon. A third LP, 1978's Systems of Romance, was recorded in Germany with renowned producer Conrad Plank, but it too failed commercially; Island soon dropped the band, at which time both Foxx and Simon quit, the former mounting a solo career and the latter joining Magazine. At that point the remaining members of Ultravox tapped singer/guitarist Midge Ure, an alumnus of Silk as well as Glen Matlock's Rich Kids; upon signing to Chrysalis, the new line-up recorded Vienna, scoring a surprise smash hit with the single "Sleepwalk," which reached the number two spot on the UK pop charts in 1981 and pushed the LP into the Top Five. After 1981's Rage in Eden, Ultravox teamed with legendary producer George Martin for 1983's Quartet; their most successful LP in the otherwise impenetrable American market, it launched the minor hit "Reap the Wild Wind." Upon completing 1984's Lament, Warren Cann left Ultravox to forge a solo career. The remaining members, adding Big Country's Mark Brzezicki, resurfaced with U-Vox in 1986 before going their separate ways. Currie and Simon reformed the band as U-Vox in 1993, adding vocalist Marcus O'Higgins; three years later, they released the lackluster Ingenuity. --- by Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

1. Young Savage
2. RockWrock
3. Cross Fade
4. I Want to be a Machine
5. Life at Rainbows End
6. Slip Away
7. Just For a Moment
8. Slow Motion
9. Dangerous Rhythm
10. Quiet Men
11. Distant Smile
12. While I'm Still Alive
13. My Sex
14. The Wild the Beautiful and the Damned

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THE DICKIES: Locked 'n' Loaded Greatest Hits Live @320k

Featuring the late-'80 lineup of the group at a London 1990 show, the well-recorded Locked 'n' Loaded is no more or no less what it is -- and why not? If We Aren't the World! is the better live album thanks to its career retrospective feel and many highlights from the first version of the group, Locked 'n' Loaded is still a fine enough aural document of the demi-legends having a blast in the land of its greatest successes. A few then-recent cuts surface -- "Cross-Eyed Tammy" and "Goin' Homo," from Second Coming, and the theme song from the Killer Klowns EP, which makes for a fine start. One then hard to find track also surfaced: "Just Say Yes," the group's nutty indulgence anthem, which wouldn't get a proper studio release in America for a few more years. Otherwise it's nostalgia galore from the band's early days, with a merry inclusion of various Stukas Over Disneyland highlights as well, like the glorious pop fun of "Pretty Please Me" and "She's a Hunch Back." "If Stewart Could Talk" always works best if one actually sees Leonard Graves Phillips talking to his sock-puppet penis, admittedly, but such points are quibbling. The hilarious, bizarro cover versions with which the band helped make its name all surface -- "Eve of Destruction," "Paranoid," "Gigantor," "Banana Splits" -- but it's the originals that really showcase the band's continuing appeal. The Dawn of the Dickies classics "(Stuck in a Pagoda) With Tricia Toyota" and "Manny, Moe & Jack" still are godly power pop punk of the best kind, and who could resist other winners like "Curb Job" and "Give It Back"? Add in Phillips' between-song patter and jokes, and the Dickies yet rule their roost. --- by Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

1. Dickies Intro
2. Killer Clowns from Outer Space
3. Eve of Destruction
4. Nights in White Satin
5. Pretty Please Me
6. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
7. Just Say Yes
8. I'm Stuck in a Pagoda (with Tricia Toyota)
9. Curb Job (Doggy Do)
10. Cross-Eyed Tammy
11. Going Homo
12. She's a Hunch Back
13. I Stuart Could Talk (See Me Feel Me)
14. Manny, Moe & Jack
15. Paranoid
16. Gigantor
17. Communication Breakdown
18. Banana Splits
19. Give It Back

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SAFARI HAMBURGUERS: Who is Your Enemy Anyway? @128k

After 14 years one of the best and most important hardcore bands from Brazil are back!! ''Who's Your Enemy Anyway?'' is the new album from the band, with 7 new track and a bonus, the classic album from 1993 ''Good Times'', this is the first time that this LP appears on CD format... Strong guitars, in your face old school hardcore linked with Fugazi, Dag Nasty, Minor Threat etc...

1. Screaming for Peace
2. Day By Day
3. World Without Direction
4. No Way Back
5. Revolution
6. Shelter of a Fool
7. Green Card
8. Leadershit
9. Full Effect
10. Synthetic Affraid
11. Build and Rearranged
12. Completely Blind
13. Lost Fun
14. Good Times
15. Utopia
16. Respect
17. Rise Up
18. Only Exercise
19. Blindfold Eyes
20. Spoken Words
21. Small

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CRUMMY STUFF: Fuck Europe @128k

The band was born in may, 1994; in october of the same year they put out the Non Duri Molto demotape. Stupid Man, one of its 11 track, gets included in the Flower Punk Rock compilation, a fundamental step for the italian punk rock scene of the 90's, put together by Senzabenza with McGuffin records and which came out in march, 95. On the following month 6 tracks are recorded on the self produced 7" El Coche Loco. In january 1996 the band contributes with a song in italian to the No Time To Panic compilation (with such bands as NoFx, Gigantor, etc) and in march of the same year, following several gigs and excellent reviews, they put out their first full lenght lp Punk's Not Sad, this time as a coproduction with Fridge records. During 1996 many dates take the band around Italy and also in Spain, where a first Basques countries- only tour is followed by another tour that in april 1997 touches Alicante, Madrid, Caceres, Bilbao and Bakio. This experience also gives birth to a small book called Gira Crummy Stuff. No Cocco Oil, a new track, appears on a CD Rom called 'L'antologia illimitata', a tribute to the great comics artist Andrea Pazienza. In october, 1997 the band films a video in which 101 punk rockers from all over Italy simultaneously play the title track of the new album Never Trust a Punk that comes out at the beginning of 98. Some appearances on TV shows like Il muro and Com'è (on Odeon TV and Tele+) are the opportunity to promote the video that gets showed on some private channels. In the meantime C.S. take part to some other compilations like Extreme Pulp, Casio Promo cd, the Rock Sound magazine CD sampler, Rumore di Fondo. On february, 99 they take part to a TV show about punk on Tele+ with guests like Fatur, Helena Velena and Krisma; Crummy Stuff play a live set. In july Non Duri Molto is the chosen track for the french compilation Tout A Fond. On march, 2001 the latest album Fuck Europe is out for Ammonia records; it's been recorded at Jungle Sound Studios in Milan by Livio Magnini, it contains 17 new tracks. In april of the same year they appear again on the Rock Sound CD sampler, and in may the official site is finally active at the address From then on they take part to some important concerts like the Deconstruction Tour with NoFx, Good Riddance and others, the Beach Bum festival with Joe Strummer and Shelter, until they open for Bad Religion's only italian date at the end of august. Other compilations like the International Punk Rock Box Set from Canada, United Kids (put together by Vitaminic) and 2001: A Punk Odissey (Ammonia records) increase the list of participations. At the end of july, 2001 they release the Fuck €urope/We'll Be As One video, produced by Ghoul records and directed by Simone de'Rosa. At the end of october their 7" El Coche Loco is reprinted on a CD that also includes Senza Risposte (previously available on the No Time To Panic compilation) and the whole remastered demotape Non Duri Molto.

1. We'll Be as One
2. Fuck Europe
3. Not So Quiet on My Front
4. I Can't Satisfy Myself
5. Don't Want no More
6. Envy (A Sad Story)
7. Not Too Late to Fight
8. Problem Guy
9. Memory
10. Grow Up Stoned
11. What a Crappy World
12. Amsterdam
13. I'm Nothing
14. Take It Lightly
15. Marry Dean
16. Playboy
17. Moog Arrotolators
18. Ghost Track

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

CONDEMNED 84: The Boots Go Marching In

Pure British Oi! Hard-drving skinhead rock with a little right-wing political commentary thrown in there. Gotta love this CD. A must for any true skin or Oi! punk. Predecessor to the now classic "Face the Aggression" album. This is boot stomping music at it's best. A must for all skins and soccer fans.

1. The Boots Go Marching In
2. Up Yours
3. We Will Never Die
4. Kick Down The Doors
5. Follow The Leader
6. Nutter
7. Oi Ain't Dead
8. Under Her Thumb II
9. Riot Squad
10. Under Her Thumb I
11. Lies
12. Jimmy Davey
13. Teenage Slag

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While The Angelic Upstarts' position as oi! godfathers has earned the band a mistaken affiliation with far-right-wing skinheads -- a position the act has always spoken out against -- its lyrical focus has tended to be one of the most humanistic and sympathetic ones of its genre. An outspoken critic of the government -- the band once glorified an IRA attempt to bomb government officials -- the act speaks out in favor of working-class struggles. Formed in the mid-'70s, the Upstarts rose up alongside bands like Sham 69 during the oi! insurgance of 1979. The band's popularity would make it one of the most watched bands of its kind, as its music quickly moved out of the street-rock confines to explore ska, rocksteady and folk forms, all infused with punk energy and insolence. The Upstarts splintered in 1986, though have had several short-lived reunions since.

1. Red Till Dead
2. Albert's Gotta Gun
3. Victim of Deceit
4. Open Your Eyes
5. Still Fighting
6. Writing on the Wall
7. Real Rain
8. Let's Build a Bomb
9. Proud and Loud
10. Stone Faced Killer

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Cosa Nostra was formed sometime at the end of 1990/beginning of 1991, when Bonni joined the band in which Bjurre, Svein and Nicke played. This turned out to be a rather explosive formula and the band started producing song after song. They took the name Cosa Nostra, a name that Bonni had thought of years before, when he was playing with Asta Kask, and saved for some future project. After a couple of months the band signed with the record company Pink Honey, and the first single, "Rock Mot Tiden" ("Rock Against Time"), was recorded and released. The single was received well and Cosa Nostra started writing songs for their first album, "Under Ytan" ("Under The Surface", and the 12" picture disc, 1000 dB. At this time, the bad luck, that has followed the band ever since, began to show its ugly face. When "Under Ytan" had been recorded and the tunes were about to be carved into vinyl, the company that was going to print the album cover went bankrupt, without informing Pink Honey or Cosa Nostra. The result was a nine month delay of the release of the album.
Due to various circumstances, Cosa Nostra decided to take some time off during the last half of 1993. In the beginning of 1994 they started writing songs again and later the same year they recorded and released their first CD, "Eldar" ("Fires"). Shortly after the release of "Eldar" Nicke broke a bone in his hand, so the band had to take a short brake (again).

1. parasit
2. lever du?
3. under kontroll
4. stryptag
5. dö!
6. eldar
7. av samma blod
8. skuggor
9. laura palmer
10. tro pa allt
11. drömmar av guld
12. vägen ut

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COSA NOSTRA: Broderskap

When Nicke's hand was back to normal, Cosa Nostra started planning a small tour of Sweden, in order to follow up the new album. Then, one week before the first date on the tour, Bjurre cut off his fingers in a machine. This (of course) resulted in the cancellation of the tour.Luckily (and very much thanks to fantastic surgery at Sahlgrenska in Gothenburg) they were able to sew Bjurre's fingers back on, and after just a few days, Bjurre was back behind the drums, playing with his one good hand.
Taking all this into consideration, it is not surprising that is took the band some time to release their second CD. However, Bjurre was soon back to his normal (?) self, and Cosa were able to enter the studio during the summer of 1996.
The result of three weeks in the Marianne studio in Skara was the single "Förlåt mor och far" ("Forgive me Mum and Dad"), which was released in July -96, and the album "Broderskap" ("Brotherhood"), which was released in the Autumn of 1996.
Before Broderskap ever had time to hit the shelves of the record stores, Svein found a job in the UK and left the band. The band had been aware of this for sometime and had already decided who they wanted as a replacement. The unanimous vote fell on Peter Andersson, who at the time was playing with another local band and who already knew all the guys in the band as well as the songs.

1. Regn
2. Du och jag
3. Sökaren
4. När hjärtat slutar sla
5. Europa
6. Dra fram dom i ljuset
7. Midnatt
8. Med kniven mot strupen
9. De är död
10. Förlat mor och far
11. Demokrati
12. Like inför lagen

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SONNY VINCENT: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

If I didn't have a bias toward the fact this album features some of my favorite players, and the fact that Vincent's track record in Punk Rock circles reads like an eight page rap sheet for America's Most Wanted's latest lead story, I'd still say it blows the doors off most the mainstream shit in Punk guise. Vincent's history is legendary and impressive enough in its own right, but are there really enough people that know who, what, where and when, when it comes to Sonny Vincent? Rocket From The Crypt did when they offered their instrumental support on their latest tour together. And luckily here's an album that says it all, through the kick ass and dirty Detroit-born sound, and the no less than nineteen contributing guitarists representing middle aged and modern day outcasts like MC5, The Damned, Black Flag, Sonic Youth and The Offspring. Impressed? Wait until you hear the record. The sound is pure Motor City trash, ranking back to the best Garage Punk had to offer in the day and updating the sound to a notch below barely audible - or Zeke, as many might suggest - and would true Punks have it any other way? Vincent's story began back in the mid-'70s and the New York-reared Testors, which short-lived though it was, was one of the few street acts to get their gig at the legendary LES hangs with the likes of The Ramones, Dead Boys, Suicide, and so forth.
Followed by countless solo jaunts and forged friendships along the way, two decades plus later, Vincent remains among the scene's most revered performers. "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" is an audio highlight reel of new material consisting of fourteen fast moving fret-blazing tracks. With a trusty "FTW" for guidance, he lets it hang loose and his guest stars are only too happy to lend a hand(s) to get the riff, fill, or closing run done. While Vincent's featured "band" for the album includes The Stooges' Scott Asheton and The Damned's Captain Sensible, a super-trio in their own right, the songs are boosted by the extra finger work by the individual players - I'll go on a limb to call "Down The Drain" the unlikely standout with Richard Lloyd's (Television) and Jimmy James' (The Hangmen) dirty Blues style for one of the few downshifts. At the onset the disc breaks into a blistering pace - "My Guitar," "Trans-Love," and "That Sound," with Vincent finding freedom and friendship through his own and the many others who've shared the scene and likely photo session for the slickly done cover pages here.
Definitely on the louder side of living dangerously, this disc takes no prisoners, follows no rules, fucks the world more than a few times, and has "all my favorite guys to play on the album." What more could you ask for? They even got Brian James and Greg Ginn to play here - "Trans-Love" and "Yesterday's News," both great tunes, incidentally! It's an ol' schooler's dream and new schooler's blueprint for cool. Riding Heavy Rock and Classic era Punk with plenty o' hooks, heart, soul, and skin-shredding sacrifice, "GBU" is singularly Sonny when the smoke clears but meaty enough at its core to come off like twenty bands in one down this endless line of anything goes anthems for a new generation of degenerates. ---- Vinnie Apicella

1. My Guitar
2. Trans-Love
3. That Sound
4. Tired of The Telephone
5. Skag
6. Funny Now (She Blew It)
7. Busted
8. Scratchin' On the 8 Ball
9. Crazy Ride
10. Yesterday's News
11. Flower
12. Down the Drain
13. Animal Farmers
14. South Beach

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This is an amazing bootleg unofficial and never released officially.... Sonny Vincent (ex-Testors vocalist) fronting the great Rocket From the Crypt band... is good enough for you ??

1. Bad Additude
2. Primative
3. Let's Get Zooed Out
4. Sick on Yesterday
5. Don't Tell Me
6. Stahl
7. City Streets
8. Together
9. Greedy Fuckers
10. Firehouse
11. Surfin' in MF
12. Don't Break My Heart
13. I See
14. MK Ultra
15. Do What I Want
16. Crazy Nights

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GUNDOG: A Dogs Eye View

Great oi! street punk with strong lyrics and vocals....

1. Done and Dust
2. Memories
3. Stand Strong
4. Son of Mine
5. My Life
6. Our Jury
7. Streets of London
8. Loyalty
9. Week End
10. Sex Case
11. Smelly Cunt
12. Our Mates

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CIRCLE JERKS: Group Sex @ 320 (Re-upped!)

By far the best album to come out of the 80s HC punk scene that was taking place in L.A. Fourteen songs in sixteen minutes, each one more powerful and blistering than the last. Everyone remarks about how this album is so short. Few have commented on how beautiful the flow is. The transition between the songs is amazing, and not one of the fourteen is bad. If you haven't gotten the message yet - buy this! It's even better than "Damaged". Too bad the Jerks never came up with another album this good.

1. Deny Everything
2. I Just Want Some Skank
3. Beverly Hills
4. Operation
5. Back Against The Wall
6. Wasted
7. Behind The Door
8. World Up My Ass
9. Paid Vacation
10. Don't Care
11. Live Fast Die Young
12. What's Your Problem
13. Group Sex
14. Red Tape

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