Friday, December 08, 2006

Soziedad Alkoholika: Diversiones...? (1996 - Ep)

It has a total of nine versions of different importance, properly introduced to the society. The oldest theme is without any doubt, the version they did of the Canadian hard-rock group of the 70s, Bachman Turner Overdrive, which became “Motxalo”. It is a critic to the national battle of blood, the Bull Fighting. In this song, Juan is the bull and his aim is to wound the bull fighter. The lyrics are also changed following Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Fischer Zand Heitmat-Los, and now it has the title of “Itoiz, ito ez”. It is dedicated to the bloody marsh they want to build in Navarra.
“Come on, Let’s go!”(by Girlschool) becomes “Ladrón”, a direct attack to the exploiter employer. They also take revenge on Ratos de Porao (they play “Ya Guelen” live) playing “Periferia”, “Sorprendente” by the admired Leño, and they close with the Oskorri’s “Furra, Furra” in the key of folk (with banjos, violins, etc.). “Diversiones?” A bit of Fun? Yes, thank you! (Mondo Sonoro)

1. motxalo
2. que tal los examenes?
3. sin barreras
4. itoiz, ito ez
5. sorprendente
6. ladron
7. periferia
8. cuando sales
9. furra, furra
** Label = Mil A Gritos
** pw =
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