Thursday, December 07, 2006

Satan's Rats: You Make Me Sick 7" (1977) - UK

Satan's Rats were a an epiphany to me. I somehow had missed them out yet when I heard their first three singles I just thought classic punk. They were never going to be major stars but they sum up the spirit, sound and experiences of a typical UK punk band in 77-78. If I could think of a similar band I would say Art Attacks. 'Louise' (and yes the version recorded by Sylvan that Paul Rencher hates) would feature on any of my top twenty punk toons coz it is just sooooooo fab.
I view it as a privilege to be able to present to you the Satans Rats story as told by their ex lead singer Paul Rencher. Its funny, poignant and the best record of what it was like to be like in a minor punk band in the late seventies out of London. Its long but its brilliant and anyone who was ever in a band would recognise the internal wrangling and changes of band members !!! Ironically when Paul left the Rats they became The Photos, recruited Wendy Wu on vocals and became a chart success but who gives a shit about that. This is the real stuff.

1. You Make Me Sick
2. Louise
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Anonymous said...

Again, thank you very much. I love your website.

PS: I'm from Brazil !

Anonymous said...

Great 77 posts - thanks. I only had these on old cassttes from the 80's when I sold my collection for peanuts! At 128kbps they blow my old D90s away! Have you got Year of the Rats? (which has one of my favourite punk solos).