Friday, December 08, 2006

River City Rebels: Self Titled Promo (ep)

River City Rebels formed out of the unlikely town of Burlington, VT, in late 1997. With the original members of guitarist Dan O'Day and drummer Erik Schmidt and bassist Chris Jukosky, River City Rebels would endure a number of lineup changes before settling down with Ward Aimi (vocals), Brandon Rainier (trombone), Gabe Rich (guitar), and Dan McCool (trumpet). Resulting in a sound of street punk, ska undertones, and a politically inspired lyrical content, Victory Records eventually released River City's debut full-length Racism, Religion and War in 2000. Playin' To Live, Livin' to Play appeared the next summer. by Mike DaRonco

1. small town pride
2. the system
3. what's in a dream
4. thats the way its gotta be
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