Thursday, December 07, 2006

Menace: Screwed Up / Insane Society 7" (1977) - UK

Menace are the best punk band in England today!" enthused Sniffing Glue way back then. Menace were one of the wave of punk bands to explode out of the London scene in the summer of '77. They epitomised everything about that incredible year. they played all the main punk gigs like the Roxy, Hope & Anchor and Vortex, as well as Rock Against Racism festivals, building up a large following which was boosted by regular support slots with Sham 69. They were pure punk!
Initially signing to Illegal Records, their first charting single was 'Screwed Up/Insane Society'. However, their second single 'GLC' was much more controversial. It was a superb rant against the then Tory-run Greater London Council which tried to ban punk gigs in the capital. It was hard hitting with it's take no prisoners 'you're full of shit!' lyrics and was promptly banned my many radio stations. Three more singles followed, but by now, 1979, trouble was brewing. Fascist attendance at Sham 69 gigs, hostile press borne out of ignorance finally led Menace calling it a day. " From Vinyl Japan
With a band this good 5 singles in two years and 3 record labels was not enough. Still if not quantity then quality because every song is classic style punk; catchy, basic and lasting. Play them to death. Everyones a winner. Are there no demos or anything ? !
Screwed Up / Insane Society (1977 Illegal Records). Last Years Youth / Carry No Banners (1979 Small Wonder) GLC / I'm Civilised (1978 Small Wonder). I Need Nothing / Electrocution (1978 Illegal). The Young Ones / Tomorrows World / Live For Today ( 1978 Fresh Records).

1. Insane Society
2. Screwed Up
** Label = Illegal
** pw =
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