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The Maniacs: Chelsea 1977 / Ain't No Legend 7" (1978) - UK

As we left the boys they had just ousted Twink from the band and mutated into The Maniacs. With already a full set of material they were ready to go with Alan Lee Shaw taking over vocals. Their first gig was replacing The Rings at The Mont Marsan Punk Festival so imagine their suprise when they play and find Twink & The Rings still going and higher on the bill than them! C'est la vie !
They were joined onstage by guitarist Henry Paul a friend of Johnny Thunders. This must have appealed to the guys because back in blighty they auditioned for a bass player so Robert Crash could move onto second guitar. This never happened & they remained a 3 piece.
One good single Chelsea 1977 / Ain't No Legend (1978 United Artists). Hard driving with a stooges kind of guitar. Two tracks on the Live At the Vortex album . You Don't Break My Heart and I Ain't Gonna Be History. For me You Don't Break My Heart is The Maniacs defining moment: fantastic riff and catchy chorus. It would have made a great single. As It happened that was it for them.
Ian Dickson, Sounds photographer, became their manager and secured a deal with United Artists (home of The Stranglers, 999 & Buzzcocks) on the strength of a five track demo produced by Dave Goodman (early Sex Pistols & Eater producer) which should have led to bigger things but if they were honest I don't think they had strong enough material. The Maniacs split in January 1978. Alan Lee Shaw went onto The Physicals & Bryan James and the Brains among others. Robert Crash became a producer working with among others, The Eurythmics.

1. Chelsea 77
2. Ain't No Legend
** Label = United Artists
** pw =
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