Thursday, December 07, 2006

Johnny Moped: Incendiary Device / Noone 7" (1977) - UK

Some good singles. Check out the single Incendiary Device / Noone (1977) and the album Cycledelic (1978) on Chiswick records.Captain Sensible originally in band and sang as one of the Mopettes on Cycledelic . Chrissie Hinde (aka Sissy Bar) of the Pretenders also in the band for a very short while. Cut Hard Lovin Man on the Live at the Roxy album along with a short monologue on the dubious merits of clubs and maces !!! Among the many high jinx the band got up to was painting Johnny green which was unfortunate as the paint didn't come off and he was not best pleased. Another story concerns Johnny not turning up for a gig and the band eventually finding him queuing for that self same gig to see himself !!!

1. No One
2. Incendiary Device
** Label = Chiswick
** pw =
D** Link >>>>

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