Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Hellacopters: Disappointment Blues (1998)

With their fierce debut, "Supershitty To The Max!" and subsequent follow-up "Payin' The Dues," the Hellacopters have definitely proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. Their sound is equal parts MC5, Stooges, and vintage Black Sabbath. Add the swagger of the Rolling Stones and a whole lot of attitude and you have two of the greatest rock records of all time in this writer's opinion. On "Disappointment Blues," the band releases some hard to find b-sides as well as three new tracks ("Heaven," "Disappointment Blues," and "455 SD"). This collection shows the band adding some more melodic vocals to the mix and even coming up with a, dare I say it, "catchy" little "pop" song in "Heaven". But don't give up on these guys yet, because they haven't lost a bit of their attitude and aggression as evidenced by their rendition of Motorhead's "Speed Freak" and tracks like "Long Gone Losers" and "Ferrytale." The rest of the tracks here will make the listener feel that they are in a time warp, from the 60's garage rock/surf influence of "455 SD" to the 70's styled, anthemic title track. Despite references to the past, they never come off sounding borrowed or regurgitated. On a sad note, this album marks the last recordings with original guitarist Dregen, who left the band last year to concentrate on his Backyard Babies. The three new songs feature the fine guitar work of Chuck Pounder as well as new permanent addition Boba Fett, who up to this point had only appeared on their albums as a session player, on Fender Rhodes and piano. However, Chuck did not accompany the 'Copters on their recent U.S. tour and in his place was the talented Matthias. Despite the recent line-up changes and major label interest following a highly successful CMJ Showcase at CBGB's last year, the Hellacopters remain one of the greatest bands that you've probably never heard. In the words of their frontman Nick Royale, "Respect the Rock!"

1. Long Gone Loosers
2. Oh Yeah Alright
3. Heaven
4. Speedfreak
5. Disappointment Blues
6. Ferrytale
7. 455 sd
** pw =
** Label = White Jazz
** Year = 1998
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gugster said...

"Supershitty to the max" and "Payin´the dues" where excellent albums, but nowadays they´ve just lost it!

To you who likes rough garagepunk... I recommend : Gluecifer (Norway), Puffball (Sweden), Accidents (Sweden)...

Nagiants40 said...

Thanks for the comment gugster and the recommendations.. I have a lot of that stuff..


gugster said...

Nagiants... I am the one who should say thanx! :D