Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Eddie & The Hot Rods: Curse of The Hot Rods (1990)

Arriving during the waning days of pub rock, Eddie & the Hot Rods helped usher in punk rock in the United Kingdom. Working from the same bluesy, Stonesy three-chord foundation as contemporaries like Dr. Feelgood, the Hot Rods were faster, tougher, wilder and louder than any other pub-rock band. They also celebrated adolescent abandon, unlike their peers, who usually concentrated on working-class subjects. Developing a substantial cult following by touring the pub circuit relentlessly, Eddie & the Hot Rods, with their fast, tough rock & roll, made the pub-rock taverns more willing to book wilder acts like the Damned and the Sex Pistols, thereby firing the first shot in the U.K. punk revolution. They also made some inroads on the pop charts with their 1976 debut EP Live at the Marquee and the singles "Teenage Depression" and "Do Anything You Wanna Do," but by the time the latter reached the Top Ten in the summer of 1977, Eddie & the Hot Rods and their bar-band demeanor had already begun to appear outdated. The group's following declined sharply over the next two years, and they disbanded in 1980. Although they never wound up as stars, the band undeniably made an impact in the birth of punk rock. by Stephen Thomas (Allmusic)

1. at night
2. i see the light
3. wild eyed kids
4. i got mine
5. romance in a used car lot
6. you better run
7. making the body respond to the brain
8. obesrvations of the 2nd time around
9. hit or miss
10. lookinga round
11. red light blue light
12. act sharper
13. boxes
14. pompeii lovers
15. ties that bind

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