Saturday, December 09, 2006

Die Toten Hosen: Zehn kleine Jägermeister (CD-single)

Zehn kleine Jaegermeister is a cutting social criticism of modern German society to the tune of "Zehn kleine Jaegermeister" Kind of a cross between "one little, two little, three little indians," and "This little piggy went to the the market". If you are mildly interested in 1)German language and lit, 2)German society, or want some good German punk music to blow off steam, this is the CD for you. First heard this in a German Language class ( wounderful stress relief) the sound historically.. back when Black Flag toured the beer halls of germany.. this band caught the sound.. infused it with the beer hall type revalry to create a truely uniquely german punk sound quite fun to listen to even if the only german u know is der weienerschnizel.

1. Zehn Kleine Jaegermeister
2. We Love You
3. Der Koenig Aus Dem Maerchenland
** Year = 1996
** Label = Wea/East/West
** pw =
D** Link >>>>

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