Saturday, December 09, 2006

Die Toten Hosen: Warum werde ich nicht Satt (CD-single)

1982 was a black year for this country; some events are impossible to forget, such as the pathetic 1-0 defeat of the national team by Austria in the World Cup, the so-called "Wende" ("Change") in the chancellorship and the arrival of the Toten Hosen's star in the music business firmament. Nobody could possibly have guessed way back in 1982 that for the latter, this was to be the ticket to the world of wrecked hotel rooms and broken hearts.
The debut single "Wir sind bereit" ("We're ready") and "Reisefieber" ("Travelbug") were recorded in an afternoon in "Rudas Studio" in Duesseldorf, " the only place where we didn't have to pay up front and where our word still counted for something". The up-and-coming musicians had devoted themselves beforehand to the study of classic by the likes of Gary Glitter, Slade, Chelsea, Peter and the Test Tube Babies and Motorhead. Lots of study trips to London were a great help too. Thanks to Trini's brilliant business plan "let's charge more, so it will be cheaper", the Hosen were able to shower their friends for years to come with this little gem of a single. Campino remembers: "None of us could play. Andi's bass only had two strings and the drum kit didn't even have any toms!"

1. Warum werde ich nicht satt
2. Babylon's Burning (The Ruts)
3. Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash)
** Year = 2000
** pw =
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