Sunday, December 10, 2006

D.I. - Surfin' Anarchy (7-inches)

D.I. was formed in 1982 and combined the Orange County punk sound with a decidedly gothic style on their debut self-titled EP. The EP featured five songs including "Richard Hung Himself" (originally recorded by The Adolescents), "Venus De Milo," "Reagan Der Fuhrer," "Purgatory," and "Guns." This EP was later reissued as Team Goon with extra tracks including versions of Gary Glitter's "Rock & Roll Part II" and Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge." Their first proper album Ancient Artifacts was a more straight ahead Orange County sounding album that included new versions of "Guns" and "Purgatory" from the EP. D.I. released two more albums Horse Bites Dog Cries (1985) and What Good Is Grief to a God?What Good Is Grief to a God? commenced, guitarist Rikk Agnew left D.I. in 1987 to pursue his career with Adolescents and released two more albums (Brats in Battalions and Balboa Fun Zone) before splitting up. Rikk was replaced by Stevie DRT. D.I. released their next album Tragedy Again in 1989. After that, the band remained silent. (1988). Before recording sessions for Generally considered their best studio album, 'Horse Bites, Dog Cries' is seen as a continuance of The Adolescents famed Blue Album, with fast punk guitar riffs and vocals that suggest the hopelessness of a punk in Orange County, like the Agnews and of course Casey Royer. Tracks like "Johnny's Got a Problem", "Youth in Asia", "Imminent War" and "Hang Ten in East Berlin" demonstrate the band's real motives on this classic record.
A live album, Live at a Dive, was released in 1993. After Stevie DRT left the band, original drummer John Knight rejoined and their fifth album State of Shock was released in the following year. After touring and promoting it, the band broke up in 1995. To date, State of Shock remains the band's last full-length studio release.
D.I. reunited in 2002 with the current line-up (Royer/Chckn/Clinton/Tater) to promote the compilation album Caseyology. To date, the band has continued touring. There was talk of a new studio album, but it has never surfaced. In March 2006, announced that D.I. had begun writing and is currently looking for a new record label for the album.
The band also recently appeared on Discovery Channel's Monster Garage, and it turns out that D.I. is the shows host's favorite band. Research >>>

1. Surfin' Anarchy
2. Uncontrolable Urge
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mattack said...

I had this on tape (the cassingle!) and lost it in a move. Thanks.
According to the D.I. MySpace page the new studio album is out.

Anonymous said...

do you also have the live at a dive cd.
that would be nice ;-)