Sunday, December 10, 2006

Daily Terror: Andere Zeiten (1999)

Founded in 1980 by Pedder Teumer, the Oi! Punk band Daily Terror didn't take long to become a hit; only a little after its inception, Daily Terror was offered several slots on the legendary No Fun sampler. However, it took them until 1982 to release their first album, Schmutzige Zeiten ("Dirty Times"). They started out on the famous AGR (Aggressive Rock Productions) label, with which many great German punks worked at that time - legends such as Slime, Neurotic Arseholes, and Toxoplasma. On AGR, Daily Terror released the aforementioned Schmutzige Zeiten, Aufrecht ("Upstanding, Rightous"), Durchbruch ("Breakthrough"), and the mini-LP Gefühl und Härte ("Feeling and Hardness"). Through hits such as "Todesschwadronen" ("Death Squads") and "Hinterlist" ("Cunning"), not to mention their incredible performance at the 1983 Chaostage* in Hannover, Daily Terror quickly became one of Germany's most respected and popular bands.
After the shift from AGR to A.M. Music, the albums Die Abrechnung ("The Reckoning, The Account") and Apocalypse appeared. They didn't seem to be of the same quality that Daily Terror's earlier releases had been, but were nonetheless respectably populated with facet-rich German Oi! Punk. After a new shift to the Impact Records label (Duisburg) in 1994, Daily Terror released the spectacular Gnadenlos Live ("Merciless Live"), re-establishing themselves as one of Germany's finest acts. Later that year, a split 7" record with Dödelhaie, another German band, was to follow. Also on Impact Records, Daily Terror's sixth studio album "Krawall 2000" (Vandalism and Unruliness 2000) showed up in 1997. Songs such as "Falscher Fuffziger" (lit: Counterfeit Fifty [mark bill] / fig: Real Crook) and "Verstörte Kids" ("Destroyed Youth") proved that they hadn't lost anything. Daily Terror took a pause in 1998 when Pedder became a father, and released Andere Zeiten ("Other Times") in 1999 to make up for the long pause. This compilation featured unreleased and rare tracks from their early years, and made way for a whole new wave of fans that has taken them into the new millenium. After 20-some-odd years, Daily Terror remain among the most famous and well-loved German punk bands of all.

1. Knppeldicke Intoleranz
2. Bundeswehr
3. Popperverklopper
4. Fuhrer
5. Andere Zeiten
6. Schmutzige Ksse
7. Klartext
8. No Fun is No Fun
9. Pseudo Punx
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