Sunday, December 10, 2006

Crime: Hot Wire My Heart (7-inches - 1976)

One night in mid-1976, CRIME rolled their equipment into the Blue Bear Recording School, located a few blocks from their rehersal space. Much to the disbelief of the recording engineer, CRIME romped through both tracks and proclaimed that they wanted to record both songs "live" in the studio. With nothing else to do, the engineer turned all the knobs on the sound board up as far as they would go and let the band get on with it. He left the sound booth during the recording of the second track. Although Ricky Tractor screwed up the intro to Hotwire my heart, the band could not afford any more studio time to re-record the track.

Side a: Hot wire my Heart
Side b: Baby You're so Repulsive
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** label = Crime records

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This is impossibly fucking great.

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Awesome, love it!