Sunday, December 24, 2006

Crass (Conflict): The House That Man Built 7''

The House
This is the house that Jack built. This is the house that man built.
This is the house that you built!
THE HOUSE OF LAW, which governs the masses with its deadly regulations,crushing all forms of rebellion and free speech. The law that condemns the murderer yet glorifies the ritual of war. The law which is based on
democracy, yet ridicules the extremist. The law that is "implemented by the people" to keep the "people at bay."
THE HOUSE OF THE LORD, the sacred commandments handed down by the creator, twisted and turned to suit man's lust for power and control.
The law that divides the population into controllable factions, for the governments across the earth to instigate their God-given authority over the deviants.
THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE, set deep in the back of the mind, and never brought forward into this "civilised" society. The slaughterhouse with its foundations set subconsciously in the public's ignorant cowardly, traditional mind.
THE DERELICT TOWER BLOCK, the piss-ridden squat, the humble abode without the respect either of its inhabitants or its so-called "caring councils." THE PRISON, the concentration camp, to keep their power- they threaten to keep their authority- they kill, to keep their conquests- they intern to keep their respect- they torture, to revel in their glory- they enslave.
Are you a part of the cornerstones.....or the demolition team?

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