Thursday, December 07, 2006

Charge 69: Region Sacrifié (1998)

We will have to wait until June 95 to find a more stable band with the newcomers of Richard (guitar) and Gilles (vocals). This new group will remain stable until July 2001. Things are now going very fast: a lof of gigs in France, but also in Belgium, in Germany and even in the U.K. Picture CHARGE 69Many songs appear on foreign compilations, a split EP is released with the american BRUISERS. CHARGE 69 is then the only french band to be selected for a tribute to COCKNEY REJECTS (they will later participate in ANGELIC UPSTARTS and BLITZ tributes). The band being ready, it goes to the Black Box studio to record its first album with Ian Burgess. 15 dynamic songs, and at once one licence in Germany on KNOCK OUT, with many excellent reviews in dedicated press.
At the end of '98 is released the 4 songs single CD "Région sacrifiée" on Combat Rock (the vinyl version, wich will be released the next year on KNOCK OUT, will be sold at 1200 copies). The same CD will be released a second time on the same label, but with an unreleased song and 3 'live' tracks.

1. casse toi!
2. region sacrifié
3. heritage
4. charge 69
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