Thursday, December 07, 2006

Charge 69: Même Direction (2002)

CHARGE 69, leader of Logo CHARGE 69the french punk-rock scene, was formed in January 1993 with Spirou (MOLODOÏ), Laurent (ex-PKRK and SKAFERLATINE) and Caps (ex-PKRK). HistoryInfluenced by the best of the second english punk wave (U.K. SUBS, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, COCKNEY REJECTS...), they do not hesitate either to add what we call white reggae in their musicPicture CHARGE 69, and it really results in an explosive cocktail.
The first (and only) vinyl recordings of this formation appears on compilation "Le bal des Vauriens" with the song "Seul". Spirou leaves the band a few months later to devote himself more to his other band MOLODOÏ.
Jeremya then takes the guitar and Sandro the vocals. The band practices more often and plays a large number of gigs before releasing its first 4 songs EP "Patchwork" pressed by four different labels: Knock Out (Germany), Pogo Stick (U.S.A.), Bronco Bullfrog (Spain) and Combat Rock in France. Chronics in the alternative press are excellents and the public reception very enthusiastic. More than 4000 copies of "Patchwork" are sold. A record for a vinyl EP.

1. o.g.m.
2. quand je serai mort
3. oh nous a toujours dit
4. les rats
** pw =
** Combat Rock Recors
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Zombs said...

i down this, i have "Charge 69 - Univer$ale" is a nice band


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Oh yes, Universale is a great album too...

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