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Blitkrieg Bop: First Single 7" (1977) - UK - Lightning reissue

Legends in their own lunchtime. They made one single that sold out of its initial release of 500 and then re-released it on Lightning Records. In my copy of Teeside Smells , a local fanzine, their entry is about 30 lines long detailing every gig they ever played and on and on and on and on right down to what colour underpants they had on on what night.....riveting ! Mind you it was written by their vocalist Blank Frank under the pseudonym of Prince Splaff ! As if that isn't enough I have heard that as well as the compilation CD there is a cd about released by the band with a 50 page booklet again by Blank Frank !
Formed in late 1977 in Cleveland UK taking their name from the Ramones song of the same name and it was between them and a band called Dogdirt who was the first punk band. Great first single Let's Go / Life is Just A So So / Bugger Off (1977 Mortonsound & Lightning). Compilation cd - Top Of The Bops - available of odds and sods. At their best they sound like a raw 60's garage punk band and that's a big compliment. More energy than expertise and really that's all you need.
Blank Frank -Voc.
Gloria - Guitar.
Mick Sick - Bass.
Nicky Knox - Drums.
Mickey Dunn - Guitar.
Blank Frank. "Our first penned song was entitled 'Bugger Off', a succinct send up for the rock'n'roll minimalist, it was an example of anti-art...The three lines were written only to rhyme with each other 'You think I'm a bloody fool / You laugh at me you think it's cool / You wanna throw me in a muddy pool / Well Bugger off' " What can you say ....but very dada !!!!!! On 'Lets Go'..."It was well received by the press even though it was a home recording of a song that was written in five minutes." From Teeside Smells 1
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1. Let's Go
2. 9 Till 5 (This version is not included on the original first single)
3. Bugger Off
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Anonymous said...

This is the original Mortonsound single which is a slower version and has different tracks to the Lightening issue. Never heard this version before or the other songs - great, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Blank Frank is a pedophile.